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"Brainiac" Brit Drops a Hit, Runs

8/7/2007 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears pulled off a smash and dash in broad daylight yesterday -- bolting after she slammed into a frickin' parked car! Hit me baby one more time!

As the Britster was pulling into a Studio City vitamin store on Monday, she banged her Mercedes into a parked station wagon in a botched attempt at parking. After scraping up her wheels in the crash, Brit screamed, "I'm a brainiac!" Well, there's no denying it now!

Not once seen checking out the other vehicle, a micro-dressed Brit popped a ladylike squat in front of her Mercedes to inspect the damage, giving a few photogs another view of her hoo-hoo-dilly. Will she never learn?

Brit then walked right past the scraped up wagon next to her, and left without leaving a note for the owner.

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed that Miss Spears has not contacted the owner of the station wagon. Damage to the other car was minor. TMZ spoke to the owner of the vehicle, who said that she hopes the former Mrs. Federline will do the right thing.


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Why are you people defending her and enabling her with comments like give her a break, blaming the paps, and other excuses. The fact is if she were anyone else, you all would be up in arms about who does she think she is! She is an idiot and you fans are not helping at all.

2551 days ago


At least she could have shown concern about the the car she hit. That was selfish though.

2551 days ago


TMZ, I watched the video serveral times and your written account is very over-the-top,
I know that we all love to hate Britney, but please lets keep it real. If anything you should be calling out the Paps for putting her in constant danger while she is driving.

2551 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

it waz um,my car brit no hard feelings though!!200,000 dollars and well forget about the whole thing!lol,no im just kidding but seriuosly i support these celebs but they should try 2 be a litle more careful cause the conservtive establishment iz try 2 destory alot of youth culture including celebratiedom and these things r happening so close 2 ecthother i have a feeling its not totally there fault though!!!!!

2551 days ago


First off, her door didn't bang into the other car, watch it again.

Second off, how on earth could she have stopped and inspected the other car with 95 photographers up her nose! For crying out loud, leave the girl alone!! She was trying to park and they are right there, snapping pictures - WTF?!?! That alone could cause someone to wreck. I think photographers have gone way too far - anyone remember Princess Diana???

2551 days ago

name withheld    

um gee, don't care at all. that's why it's funny get off your high horse, maybe use nerd as your moniker next time

2551 days ago


She's driving one handed cuz of the dog. Take that f***in thing home!

2551 days ago

tuna marie    

she doesn't even look at the other car. she is so self centered, the world only revolves around her sick self. no one else matters. stick her butt in a mental institution, she will wind up there sooner or later.

2551 days ago


After seeing the paparazzi swarm all over Britney like bees to honey it is no wonder the poor girl is always flustered and on edge...all those cameras would make anyone a little bonkers. This doesn't excuse her lack of driving etiquitte and common sense but it does explain a lot.

2551 days ago


Having her dog on her lap is almost as bad as having her kid on her lap. She hit that car half cause she's a horrible driver, and half cause she was screwing around with her dog on her lap. There should be a law for it, cause it's a distraction AND an obstacle. I came up on someone who was clearly weaving all over the road, driving erratically, and when I got a chance to pass, I looked over. It was some stupid chick with a friggin dog.

2551 days ago


gotta admit, she is consistent, i luv ms piggy

2551 days ago

Blah blah blah    

#19 big deal, are we PMSing today?

2551 days ago


Where do I begin??? The dog, the wig, the dress, the lack of accomanying children? (not to mention the hoo-hoo-dilly??????) I hope she does go to europe. Fair trade Brit for Posh...

2551 days ago


She had a dog on her lap and she wasn't wearing seatbelt. The paps were not in her way. Stop making excuses for her. It was 100% her fault.

2551 days ago

tuna marie    

why is she always carrying that dog with her everywhere. doesn't she know how to treat any living being? stay home britney, you are such a mess, the dress has stains and she must have sat in something, there are particles all over the seat of her dress, what a pig she is,

2551 days ago
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