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"Brainiac" Brit Drops a Hit, Runs

8/7/2007 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears pulled off a smash and dash in broad daylight yesterday -- bolting after she slammed into a frickin' parked car! Hit me baby one more time!

As the Britster was pulling into a Studio City vitamin store on Monday, she banged her Mercedes into a parked station wagon in a botched attempt at parking. After scraping up her wheels in the crash, Brit screamed, "I'm a brainiac!" Well, there's no denying it now!

Not once seen checking out the other vehicle, a micro-dressed Brit popped a ladylike squat in front of her Mercedes to inspect the damage, giving a few photogs another view of her hoo-hoo-dilly. Will she never learn?

Brit then walked right past the scraped up wagon next to her, and left without leaving a note for the owner.

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed that Miss Spears has not contacted the owner of the station wagon. Damage to the other car was minor. TMZ spoke to the owner of the vehicle, who said that she hopes the former Mrs. Federline will do the right thing.


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My GOD, I feel sorry for her. She has no freakin life. I think we would all act differently and also be seen doing some stupid things if someone was following and taking pictures non stop. It's ridiculous, give her a break!!

2637 days ago


Seems to me it was intentional. She loves the attention of these idiots taking her pic. Not to mention the way she gave them the beaver shot. She is a classless bimbo. Where is her mother..........Why isn't she trying to takes thse poor kids away from this IDIOT ! Couldnt she have used the dog to cover her crotch ? OMY WJat a waste of human skin. Sombebody call CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES.......

2637 days ago


since the "accident" occured in a private parking lot, there's not much the owner of the other car can do. outside of suing the pants off of Britney, which shouldn't be too hard as she doesn't wear pants MOST of the time anymore. but if there is no visable damage, then they don't have much of a case. she didn't (as in her CAR didn't) leave the scene, so there's a pretty good chance when she went inside, she made an effort to try to make it right with the other car's owner.

as for driving with her dog in her lap: TONS of ppl do that everyday. i seriously doubt that it had anything to do with her bumping that other car. some ppl over think, or under think their space when they're parking. so this could have happened to ANYONE. but most ppl don't have 50 photogs around them all the damn time, so they can get away with a whole lot more. and i bet good money, that in her effort to NOT hit a photog, she over thought her parking radius and hit that other car. at least it was a CAR and NOT a HUMAN BEING!

as for her kids: what is with you ppl?! as parents are you all over your kids 24/7?! are they with you 24/7?! i think NOT! she's got a team of ppl to watch her kids so she can take a break when she wants/needs one. that's nice to have! and i recommend that anyone that can pull that off, to do it! kids do need their parents love and attention, BUT mommy and daddy can't give them their best when they're worn out and tired and have other things on their minds like making sure that the bills are paid so the kids have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and clothes and shoes for another day. not to mention trying to figure out how they're gonna pay for school (new clothes and supplies can be a bitch!) and don't even get me started on college! so lay off her and the damn kids! they're fine! i think they're in better hands when she's NOT around!

2637 days ago


For those of you who suggest that Brit went inside and notified someone she had hit their car, that would be hard for her to do, in that, she didn't even look at the other car, much less notice a make, model and license plate number. (Pretty sure this weaved airhead doesn't have a photographic memory.) And to suggest that someone with her might have helped out here - who? The dog? With the top down, it was easy to see there were no hangers-on there - other than than those worthless papz!

2637 days ago


people STOP DEFENDING HER. she is an idiot, an embarrassment to the human race. first of all, she DID hit that car. i don't care what you say. second of all, if you do hit a car the NORMAL thing to do is to leave a note. then again, she isn't normal- she's a pathetic selfish slut who can never do anything right. as far as the whole 'photog' excuse goes, there are plenty of celebrities that are followed as well but don't drive into cars, don't almost drop their kids, don't drive with their infants on their lap, etc. that's ok though; while some of you are hoping for a comeback and i'm hoping she takes her mini and drives off of a cliff. soon

2637 days ago

Mary Ryan Cook    

What totally selfish little girl

2637 days ago


"hoo-hoo-dilly"......LOL.......that word is even funnier than her mishaps!

2637 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

16. First off, her door didn't bang into the other car, watch it again.

Second off, how on earth could she have stopped and inspected the other car with 95 photographers up her nose! For crying out loud, leave the girl alone!! She was trying to park and they are right there, snapping pictures - WTF?!?! That alone could cause someone to wreck. I think photographers have gone way too far - anyone remember Princess Diana???

Posted at 10:03AM on Aug 7th 2007 by leave her alone - DAMN!!
She didn't have time to inspect the other car but had time to see if her car was ok. What are you talking about. For all of you that haven't seen the pictures on x17, she took the paint off that PARKED CAR!

Yeah, I remember Princess Diana. She was killed by a drunk driver, her own!

2637 days ago


Y'all just got played.

2637 days ago



2637 days ago


The paps are all asking her "OH BRITNEY-YOU OK?" like they give a crap, all the while thinking YES!! WE GOT THE FOOTAGE---what low-life crackheads...get outta her freakin face for once!!

2637 days ago

name withheld    

Sueing the pants off? Thousands of dollars? What a joke.......thanks for the laugh. BTW, if it was my car, in either situation, almost everybody lets a little tiny mishap like that slide. That's called uptight.

2637 days ago


Of course it's not Britney's fault....never is never was. It's always somebody else's fault....don't you guys get that?? Britney is a victim here and she should never ever take any responsibilities for her actions EVER....she's human. Since she's a celebrity she has every rights to disobey the law. She's a wonderful role model and a great mother to her kids.....ok I'm going to throw up now.

2637 days ago


You can even hear a lady almost in the end of the video saying "That lady hit your car." I think it is so funny when she goes to look at the damages and you can tell that she wasnt planning on bending down to look at it, yet as if on cue a man yells "no, no bend down and look." Then thats when they all huddled to take pictures of her "foregin country."

2637 days ago


Hee!!!!! I thought my boyfriend and I were the only ones who said "hoo hoo dilly". ROFLMAO!! Good times. That girl needs to be kicked in the head.

2637 days ago
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