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"Brainiac" Brit Drops a Hit, Runs

8/7/2007 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears pulled off a smash and dash in broad daylight yesterday -- bolting after she slammed into a frickin' parked car! Hit me baby one more time!

As the Britster was pulling into a Studio City vitamin store on Monday, she banged her Mercedes into a parked station wagon in a botched attempt at parking. After scraping up her wheels in the crash, Brit screamed, "I'm a brainiac!" Well, there's no denying it now!

Not once seen checking out the other vehicle, a micro-dressed Brit popped a ladylike squat in front of her Mercedes to inspect the damage, giving a few photogs another view of her hoo-hoo-dilly. Will she never learn?

Brit then walked right past the scraped up wagon next to her, and left without leaving a note for the owner.

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed that Miss Spears has not contacted the owner of the station wagon. Damage to the other car was minor. TMZ spoke to the owner of the vehicle, who said that she hopes the former Mrs. Federline will do the right thing.


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that's called a hit and run! where are the cops!?!?!? arrest her!!!!

2632 days ago


Ok I think it's offical that Brit is seriously screwed. She doesn't even has the responsiblity of contacting the owner.Of the vehicle she hit,but she got caught on camera. She must think "oh i'm a celeb (snort yeah right) I'll get away with it. The girl is so shallow and pathetic,it surprises me.That any man would want to be with her.What did K-Fed ever see in her anyway?

I think she's purposely trying to lose her kids.With the ammount of trouble she's causing.And further more,why do the paps follow her around.She's a wash out now,she hasn't made an album since what 1999? And I seriously doubt she'll ever make one ever again.

2632 days ago


when you look that good you got the right to hit and run!

2632 days ago


I agree with #15 leave her alone. Shes trying to park her damn car and the freakin' flashes from all of the cameras are probably blinding the poor girl. People can give her a hard time and say that shes losing her mind.........well I would to if I had all those photographers up my butt! Give her some space before you really flip her out!

2632 days ago


In NJ that would be a hit and run.

2632 days ago


She's the gift that keeps on giving. :+}

2632 days ago

Again and Again    

Isn't it against the law to drive with a dog in your lap? Does she always need something in her lap when she is driving? Whats with the squatting down showing the world everything - where is the proper upbringing for this girl!!!

Of course the owner of the car can sell it as the car that Britney hit and hit again.

2632 days ago


What an idiot, driving with a dog in her arm.

Ditch the dog, spend time with your kids.

2631 days ago


wow what a bitch! can't believe she didn't even TRY to pay for the damage.

2631 days ago


I used to live in a trailer park years ago in N.west Fla, It was the worst days of my life..for more reasons than one. I can't help but think of that part of my life every time I see Brittney Spears. She was only hot when she had multi million dollar companys controling her every move. Now she's just another trailer park story. I bet the guy's that hit that thease day's don't even brag about it.

2631 days ago


She's only worried about HER car....typical Britney. I hope the owner of the car she hit pursues a "hit and run" case against her. All Brit cares about is herself. I'm beginning to believe that she's not just dumb, but also midly retarded. Noone wants to be around her or work with her, including her family--and with good reason. Kevin should get full custody of the kids. She has proved her negligence and massive disregard for those boys. She has all kinds of hired help to cater to her every need, yet she is still a loser who can't seem to get beyond an 11 year old's mentality.

2631 days ago


I think britney and paris and lindsay should all pitch in and hire a few crips or bloods to off a couple papparazi's......maybe the leechs will think twice about hounding the bejeezuz outta celebs

2630 days ago


OMG you idiot!!! It's amazing that when I was 19 and did the same thing, cops came to my work and I had to go to court, I learned my lesson well. But here, they have video taped proof of her doing it, and KNOWING she did it, and still leaving and nothing happens??? I hate the double standard here in america when it comes to dumb ass stars like this girl.

2625 days ago

Todd da Man    

I do not blame her for this accident. She's got about 20 morons following her around; that would distract me, too! But she still should have contacted the other driver.

2625 days ago


It makes me SICK the way these people HOUND her, and all of the celebs, and you hear them say ARE YOU ALRIGHT? YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL, to her and all the other females etc, they they turn in their tapes and the articles call them STUPID, TRAINWRECKS, MAKE FUN OF HOW THEY LOOK AND WHAT THEY DO. Those people should be put in jail for hounding ANYONE celebrity or not, I think it's very similar to STALKING or worse

2610 days ago
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