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Brody's Birthday Bash

8/7/2007 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood hocialite Brody Jenner is getting an early start to his b-day bonanza. Time to party like a Malibu trust fund baby! *$Ka-ching!$*
The B-list boy toy doesn't turn 24 until August 21, but he's ready to get this celebration started this Saturday, Miami style! Muy caliente!

From the looks of the Cameo Club flyer, the pouty-faced, shirtless Zoolander wannabe gives new meaning to the term cheese and cracker!


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Great idea for birthday party invitations! I mean, THIS is ridiculously funny! So, I'm thinking for my upcoming birthday I'll make invites to my own party with my own picture on it and my own signature on it. Thank you, Brody Jenner, who ever the hell you are! We'll be laughing for years to come!

2599 days ago


ok i was thinking he was Bruce Jenners's but goodness i figure his kids would be more stable than this. not cool at all! sounds llike he is totally loost and doesn't have it. Other than money he isn't going anywhere hast or does anyone know of anything he is doing?

2599 days ago


Have you ever wondered why the celeb news and other crap is so predominant over the tv, internet, etc., instead of real news? Example: Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, etc.

I don't think that it's just because people want to feed off the junk news:
I really don't want to sound paranoid, but I strongly suspect that the powers that be like the corrupt corporations, politicians, individuals and maybe even the terrorists are sidelining the public and making us focus on irrelevant, trashy, superficial subjects, while they go ahead and do whatever corrupt thing they want.
I feel as if we are becoming cattle driven to certain fields to do what they want to do, mainly become quiet worker drones and consumers, while they do whatever they want to to without being bothered by the media attention.

People, let's unite and analyze all the current important issues (by reading/ listening to unbiased media such as KCRW), lobby for important reforms, rock the vote, and let's petition and rally against corrupt individuals or entities.

Start focusing on important issues such as (1) the man-made threats to our environment, (2) corporate misdeeds (which often threaten the environment and our financial stability), (3) the mounting potential holocaust of the middle east, (4) corrupt politicians (who care more for getting voted in and further these corrupt corporations), (5) neglect and/ or abuse of children, (6) homeless, (7) the poor, (8) violence against minorities, etc. etc.

I feel respect for the generations before us who seemed to care and rallied against corruption.

I'm ashamed to admit that I am of today's generation who seem to care more about whether or not some starlet went to a night out without panties on then the current world problems that threaten to endanger the human civilization as we know it.
If only Ben Franklin and our founding fathers saw what we became today, on the one hand maybe proud of our achievements, especially in the scientific field, but ashamed of our ennui, sense of entitlement, superficiality, and general lack of passion for justice.
It seems that most of us have become what Albert Camus has described in "The Stranger". Let us all wake up and start today fresh.

2599 days ago


Why is it in all the Jenner famliy write ups they never include Brody as one of the kids.. only kris's kids from her previous marriage? how many jenner kids are there anyway?

2598 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

What has he done? Other than get an ugly tattoo? What a waste of space.

2598 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Like someone said earlier, best part of him ran down his daddy's leg. Waste of sperm

2598 days ago


Is this a coming out party? And did he get that tattoo so he can point to it when he says, "do you know who my daddy is?"

2598 days ago


I love how just because a guy is gorgeous, people assume he is gay. Men posting these comments are clearly jealous as they sit on their fat arses in front of their computers and the women saying it just wish they could have him instead of the slob sitting in front of the TV in the other room. You people should get lives, oh and maybe hit the gym so you could try and look half that good.

2598 days ago


Jealous of what exactly? What has he ever accomplished in life that wasn't a result of his daddy's money? And most people would feel embarrassed to be on that flier, regardless of how they looked, because it just looks plain stupid. And what's this talk about going to the gym? His arms are just flabby skin. There's no muscle tone at all.

2598 days ago


Frankie Delgado is Spencer Pratt's step father. The Hills is a fake!! Spencer's step dad is sponsoring Brody's party.

2598 days ago
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