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Charlie to Denise -- You're a Nanny Goat!

8/7/2007 9:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a declaration filed by Charlie Sheen in his ongoing custody fight, in which the actor grumbles that the nanny situation just ain't working.
Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards

In the documents, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Sheen explains he's now engaged to Brook Mueller, whom Sheen says "has a strong relationship with my children and she and I provide them with a structured and safe environment." Sheen wants more time with the kids, without the intrusion of nannies approved by the court who must be present when he has the kids.

Charlie says "I am capable of selecting my own child care provider and I request an order permitting me to make that decision."

Click to launch!Sheen alleges recently, Richards "has repeatedly made unnecessary telephone calls to me and to my home. These calls have resulted in disputes between us." Sheen wants the court to 86 all non-emergency calls. He's also asking for extended visitation -- he'd like to pick the two kids Saturday morning and return them on Monday every third and fifth weekend of each month.


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Not Surpised    

I just don't believe him at all. I mean, come on, the guy is an eff-ing drug addict nutjob (Heidi Fleiss, rehab, jail, anyone?) and is obviously dragging Brooke Mueller onto the seen to make himself look more respectable. This "engagement" was rather convenient considering that their divorce isn't even settled yet. Got custody issues? Get a live-in fiancee!

As for the phone calls, unless Mr. Sheen can unequivocally prove (via subpoenaed phone records or recorded calls in which they are arguing), that she calls him "20 times a day" and that it causes "disputes," she - as the primary custodial parent - has the right to call her daughters every day that they visit their father. He cannot deny her access.

As for the nannies, he has supervised visitation because of his poor behavior in the past. Period. Perhaps he will be allowed to "select his own childcare provider" but the judge may decide that because the children have to go between two households that maybe their nannies provide a consistent presence. If Sheen doesn't like it, then maybe he should have thought of that when he was such a poor excuse of a father during the marriage. I mean, a pregnant woman doesn't walk out unless the guy's a lunatic, which he clearly had some issues that she could prove, or the judge would not have approved the order.

Finally, his marriage to Mueller will not last. A leopard doesn't change his spots. And perhaps he is putting up a good front right now, but he will eventually revert to his old behaviors. If Brooke Mueller is smart, she'll see that she's being used and run because any "smart" woman wouldn't want to get into some twice-married guy's unresolved divorce and custody issues.

2542 days ago



Our courts also found OJ innocent. I know, I know a jury did. But F--K that judicial crap. Noone really knows what goes on behind closed doors between a man and wife. Yeah, he was a partier, but couldn't it be possible he turned his life around??? Dont be so narrowminded, he's their father & he's entitled to see them.

2542 days ago


Prostitutes and online gambling compared to skanky talent-freeDenise Richards........Denise is worse. And she is a leech and a troublemaker. She is deliberately causing trouble because she is jealous. And she is SO over, just another trashyy Hollywood skank looking for a handout and pissed because the ex is happy with someone else.

2542 days ago


They are BOTH creepy,stupid and not fit to watch the munchkins.
In my opinion.
Poor Lola and Sam (aka the next Lindsay and Paris...unfortunately)

2542 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Denise has alot of nerve. Let the man be a father. He wants to do the right thing. What is the reason he can't have private visits with his own kids? Take her Ass back to court Charlie

2542 days ago


I cannot believe that anybody would say that Charlie is a better parent than Denise. When this whole custody battle took place, Charlie agreed to having a nanny present. Now all of a sudden it's not good for him because it makes him look bad in front of his newest woman. There is an obvious reason that a Judge agreed to have a nanny present on visitation. It was not for Charlie's safety. It is all in the best interest of the children. Denise is a wonderful mother who loves her daughters very much. She just wants to make sure that they are safe, obviously a Judge feels the same way.

2542 days ago


If he sincerely wants to know his babies I

2542 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

#20 And you know her personally?

2542 days ago


Denise is a low-life slut, that's why people think Charlie is a better parent. Charlie deserves the same time with the children in the same way as Denise, she is not a paragon of virtue herself. Charlie may have his faults, but he is no worse than his mooching slut of an ex-wife and he is the one footing all the bills and child support and allowing Denise to continue living in the lap of luxury in spite of being a worthless slug of a moocher. Yeah, Denise is SO jealous, so now she is going to try to cause a lot of trouble. Just a typical skank trick, and Denise is Queen of the Skanks.

Denise even looks like a goat, those teeth are a sight.

2542 days ago


Maybe she's afraid he'll watch porn or go to a strip club while he has the girls, it was'nt that long ago that he admitted to being a sex addict and porn addict. Only the two of them knows what each other is REALLY like behind closed doors! So many on this post act as if they know these celebs personally, let's not lose touch with reality, people!

2542 days ago


Charlie sheen is a total ass. What type of "father" would require a nanny to facilitate the calling of their mother? He can not accept the fact that since the children are 2 and 3 they cannot dial the phone. What a jerk. All I can say is that she must have been desperate to leave him since she did it when she was pregnant. I can't imagine that there is any way she wants him back.

2542 days ago

Who Cares    

He will get what he wants because the CA courts are very easy going with visitation. Mark my words, just because he doesn't like the kids mom has nothing to do with being their father and having visitation rights.

2542 days ago


My goodness! Some of you are taking this post a little TOO personal!

2542 days ago


#21. And you know him personally??

2542 days ago


Best wishes to Charlie Sheen. There are outrageous limitations on the very tiny, insignificant amount of time he is actually allowed to see his children. That is awful!
I thought it was bad back when men were only allowed to be fathers two weekends a month, but this is worse. I hope Mr Sheen is awarded the right to be an influence in his children's lives. Even the amount he's having to beg for is pitiful. In a good world, he'd be with his children just as often as his ex-wife is. Afterall, he is just as much their parent, and pays the large majority of their support. While I think that both parents have issues, Denise is just as messed up (as is her love life that those innocent kids are exposed to.) I hate how the courts are so biased towards women! It seems like a crime that a man can't be a father to his kids in the US.

2542 days ago
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