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Crouching Britney, Hidden Accident

8/7/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey y'all -- I'm a done with ma gardenin' and just wanted to popwreck over to the vitamin pill store to get some more hair growin' formular! Now what'd I go and do?! How'd that parked car jump up n' hit me in the tire? Goshdarn dang dings! Mah insurance is gonna skyrocker! I think I hafta buy a new dog now. Even littler!

Oh shoot. I done forgot mah Weaveguard! I can see my waffleweave in this here hubscap! Oh lordy! There's mah hoocher too! Oh, well, a girl's gotta breathe. Oh, hell! These wedgies is cuuuuuuute!

I'm exhaustipated, y'all. But I loves purple. Luuvvvvvvvvvvs purple. Huh, is this blue or purples? Mebbe I'll get me two more doggies. Oh hecks. There's the paparoozies. Now I'm gone be on TMZ agin'. I loves me some TMZ! And little dawgies ... they's so cute!

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Note to No. 54 : Dear Wanda Nicholas: You're looking for US History and News on TMZ? LOL. You are on the wrong site for sure girl. Here's a revelation for you? You aint gonna find any on here. Are you kidding? Go to the History Channel website if you want US history & news. This site just covers celebrity trash antics. This either has to be a joke post or you need to get out of the house more.

2604 days ago


I'd eat her for lunch. Yummy!

2604 days ago


Geez! Not only did she hit the persons station wagon, when she got out, she flung her car door hitting the station wagon AGAIN. Someone should sue her for damages! I would!!!! What an absolute IDIOT! No regard for anyones personal property but her own.

2604 days ago


Gee, it's really cool the way TMZ makes fun of Southern accents....I'm sure many of us really appreciate it.....

2604 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Looks like she's laying an egg.

2604 days ago


She could spread her legs little more. I would like to hump her and dump her thats all she is good for.

2604 days ago


Simon Birch,

You hit it right on the head!

2604 days ago


I love this write-up !!!! Whoever wrote this piece must be a very clever character !!!! LMFAO

2604 days ago

Britney is CRAZY!    

I just saw this story on perez hilton - gosh Britney is so stupid. TAKE THE KIDS AWAY FROM HER BEFORE SHE RUNS THEM OVER.

2604 days ago


if this was anyone else, you guys could care less - but if you liked her, it would be a different story., who cares about the accent either, if she lost it i guess she wouldnt be sticking to her roots, so the girl can't win ... although funny, just getting old.

2604 days ago


lmao, what a disgusting skank. she can't even pretend to be a lady. god, i just threw up a little. and for the person who said that it's offensive how TMZ makes it look like all southerners are like her- no its not. TMZ doesn't give people from the south a bad name. SHE does. and honestly, i don't generalize so i DONT think all southerners are like this. i just think she is trash and a constant fail

2604 days ago

J Doe    

christina aguilera is looking BETTER AND BETTER with each passing day...

back in 2003 christina said ' britney is a lost little girl ' .....she was TELLING THE TRUTH !!

2604 days ago

Grace E.    

posting number 40
You have misunderstood the posting where I stated that at least Brit has the insurnace coverage and a legal license. Many of the celebs. recently posted here on TMZ do not have driver's licenses and some attended/ will attend jail for the infraction. Do you get it now?
Never mind the millions of illegals immigrants who are in auto accidents that even if convicted simply return to their country of origin to evade the U.S. Court sentences and remands to victoms.
In major cities through out the U.S. including the Nation's Capitol many drive without insurance not just those who you refer to as TRAILER PARK residents.

2604 days ago

BOEING 787    

NEXT ON SPRINGER. . . But I Luuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvs you (fat chick with skidmarks) lol

I suppose it was a minor accident but CA law says the the party of the efected vehicle
must be notified.

2604 days ago


Hey "simon beautch, errrrrr birch"

You are like the prudish mother who goes to a rock and or roll concert and complains about the lyrics and loud noise.

No one dragged you there, nor did anyone drag you are the dumb a** who stokes the paparrazzi fire by continuing to provide "hits" to websites like this....which drives up revenues, which creates more "need" for the photos...

You are a true dumb a**.....and what is with the "homophobic" slur??

2604 days ago
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