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I'm Not a Plastic Bag Either!

8/7/2007 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fed up with fools who waited hours -- in some cases, days -- to pick up one of Anya Hindmarch's snooty "I Am Not a Plastic Bag" totes? has created a cheeky alternative -- "I Am Not a Plastic Bag Either."
"It's our way of saying you don't have to wait on line for hours to find a bag that isn't plastic. We believe any re-usable bag in place of paper or plastic can help support a healthy planet," says Vital Juice's Amanda Freeman. And it certainly takes less time to pick one up! Fans can snatch up their very own -- with a click of the mouse.


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Just about every grocery store sells reusable mesh bags.. buy them. It's cheaper and they last forever.

2632 days ago


This is such huge news!! Thank so much for this breaking story!!

2632 days ago


Can they do that? You can't just steal someones idea and sell it as your own, I hope Hindmarch sues.

I have a Hindmarch bag and it is a really nice tote. Freeman's bag looks like cheap crap.

2632 days ago


No they can't sue, because it's a joke! It's one of those bags that they sell at Giant Eagle; it's not extravagant, but it gets the job done.

I think the Hindmarch bag is ugly (but it may be a bad photo).

2632 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

It should have said; “I’m not a plastic bag either but my boobs are plastic.”

2632 days ago


I made over two hundred dollars selling two of the originals on ebay

2632 days ago


Vitaljuice rips someone else's idea off and TMZ calls fans of the original "snooty".
That's news!
Nike and a few others have already done this "cheeky alternative". If anyone can use any type of re-used bag to slow plastic bag use,then what the point of ripping of the original idea at all? Oh right to expoloit it to make money. Altruistic indeed!
TMZ has gotten mean spirited and lame.

2632 days ago


Looked like Julia Roberts for a few seconds there.

2632 days ago

el polacko    

if you think that using a tote bag is going to "save the planet" you're rather deluded, but that's fine. however, if you feel the need to carry around a billboard announcing your 'moral superiority' then you are an ass and everyone should laugh at you. if you are willing to pay big bucks and wait months for your obnoxious message tote bag then you are a crass, elitist, trendy consumer and the antithesis of what you are supposedly trying to promote.

2632 days ago


Hey, as soon as I saw the "I'm not a plastic bag" and the prices they were getting on ebay I made my own with "I'm not a plastic bag either" on it. ;-) Have given many away to relative and friends as birthday presents. Whatever their favorite color, that's what they got.

DARN, guess I should have gotten a patten.

2632 days ago


Plastic bags kill about 100,000 endangered sea turtles every year, and tons of other animals.

IF YOU DO USE PLASTIC BAGS, CUT THEM UP BEFORE YOU THROW THEM OUT. Animals can get stuck in them and die.

2631 days ago


Wait - if you have plastic in your face, you ARE a plastic bag!! ha hha

2630 days ago

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