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Jermaine Jackson Off the Hook

8/7/2007 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just decided that Jermaine Jackson will not have to pay child or spousal support ... for now.

Jermaine's off the hook because the judge could not verify any income for the Jackson brother, though his ex-wife Alejandra claims he made money off a UK version of "Big Brother" and got $150,000 from Prince Abdul in the Middle East -- which Jermaine called a "loan."

Jackson's mother was ordered to continue paying for the children's expenses and must let Alejandra continue to live in their home for free. The next hearing will take place September 24.

TMZ caught Jermaine on his way into Stanley Mosk Courthouse, where he was none to happy to see our cameras -- even flipping us off to prove it!


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Yah, so where is all the money he made while performing with the Jackson 5? Maybe he should quit being such a loser and pay up. This family is a bunch of idiots.

2570 days ago

simon birch    

The judge couldnt verify his income!!!! what an idiot!!! Got nothing to do with race jerk off...just cause he be black? He is a deadbeat dad and thats it...and getting away with it by a black that looks bad..I dont care what you say..! Had it been a white judge...he would have had to pay up!! If he was a white guy with a black or white judge he would ahve had to tell me whats going on????

2570 days ago


fried chiken and watamelon,

I am white and I find you disgusting. If there were only white people in this country I am sure you would start to pick us apart by either eye color or hair color. Take responsibility for your own life and quit blaming others.

2570 days ago


Seems nothing has changed. Alejandra shouldn't be surprised though. It's not like he paid child support to Hazel or Margaret or either.

Someone tell Halima to run and get out while she can!

2570 days ago


i DESPISE men that doest take responsibility for their childs. If they have "no income" make them clean the side of the roads to earn some money to pay for it! unbelievable...

2570 days ago


i DESPISE men that doest take responsibility for their kids. If he has"no income" make himclean the side of the roads to earn some money to pay for it! unbelievable...

2570 days ago


Ra-ra, yes Michael has often stepped in when his brother's neglect their parental responsibility. He paid the tuition for Tito's sons and he gave Margaret (Jermaine's second wife) help occasionally when Jermaine was refusing to help. Like Margaret said in her book "Michael is the only male Jackson that I trust".

Jermaine is just too much like his father.

2570 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

I think he is some kind of muslim now. Is that finger display islamic?

Who is paying for his children, his mother? I believe Michael Jackson supports his family, meaning parents and others who need money.

2570 days ago


I don't know why people allow the racist comments to aggrivate them. just put your opinion and don't feed into their crap cuz thats all they want is to get a rise out of you and it appears to be working. Think of it like this... It's probably some litttle kid with his moms computer hiding in the closet of their double wide typing things he wouldn't dare say to someones face.

2570 days ago


So many racist idiots. The fact of the matter is is that Jermaine is a deadbeat dad. Trust he's not alone just ask, Elizabeth Hurley's trailor park trash

It's quite clear that fried chicken and watamelon, is jealous of ppl of color...why else would he go through such lengths as to try to dehumanize and steretype them? LOL....but I truely hope that this loser finds peace...

2570 days ago


Not one of the Jackson Brothers has an ounce of humanity/compassions/sense of decency or obligation. Mama and Joe must be so proud. They have taught their boys how to shirk their responsibilities so very well. And apparantly, now at least 2 of the sons know how to beg for change (if you can call $150,000 change.) Now you KNOW, he'll never pay it back.

Castrate him.

2570 days ago

not a fan of either    

paging the ex Mrs Jackson GET A JOB if you need gas!

2570 days ago


Glad to see one of the scammin Jacksons get the bad publicity they deserve. The whole family is a train wreck. The parents "marriage" is a joke that has been over for 30 plus years. I had to laugh when Janet scammed US into thinking she actually lost weight on her own (she's known for lipo after lipo), and then was caught 60 pounds heavier just a few weeks later. They are all scammers, big time.

2570 days ago


Why would Jermaine want the world to know that he has his Mother paying his debt? In my World, we call this type of man, a Punk! Who would ever want to do any business with this man. What a disapointment, I thought one of the Jacksons had respect.............

2570 days ago


And this is the person that has 8 kids. They need to make sure to spay him! He needs kids like I need a hole in my head. What a deadbeat, that his mother (a senior citizen) has to take care of his kids!

2570 days ago
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