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Spencer and Heidi: Out for Revenge

8/7/2007 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After a six page article popped up in US Weekly bashing Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, courtesy of Lauren Conrad, the two have been showing up everywhere to take LC down with them.
Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag
The terrible twosome were on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" today to string up some more dirty laundry -- saying they were "shocked" by the article and calling it "literally a hate piece." Pratt contends it's the first story the mag has ever done without contacting the other side for comment.

The kvetching duo talked to Ryan about LC's sex tape leaking (they didn't release it), a threatening run-in with Joel Madden and Nicole Richie, and Montag's upcoming album (described as "dance, urban, rhythmical"). The new season of "The Hills" starts next Monday.


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Sarah Payton    

These two are total losers. Her music career? Puhlease. She wouldn't have even been on TV without LC. She is pathetic and he is....DISGUSTING.

2613 days ago



Go back and watch your own show. You were mad when Spencer showed up with Audrina at opening night at the club you were working at. You told everyone including Spencer that you were mad. He then walks away from you and goes back to Audrina and tells her not to worry about it and they go dance. The next day he still calls Audrina asking her out. Audrina blew Spencer off not the other way around. Spencer chose you in the end because Audrina didn't want him.

What about when you said you were going to your parents house? Instead you went to the club and Spenc was already chasing after other girls. WAKE UP!! He is a jack ass and using you.

2613 days ago


You two are fools (Heidi and Spencer)! It is plan to see that Heidi is threatened by LC...What has Heidi done on the show, but date a loser and a pregnancy scare at least Lauren is doing something with her life. Heidi where did you come from anyway? You and LC were not friends in Laguna. Spencer and Heidi are made for each other hard on the eye, and annoying as hell. You two should look at what you have lost since you meet each other. You both have lost best friends and are the butt of jokes and will never be taken seriously. Heidi, go ahead release your album it will be in the bargain bin in no time and played only to prove how utterly ridiculous you sound. Spencer, you are just a fool and believe you me you were an idiot when you were the loser, lemming of the Jenner's on Princes of Malibu...FYI when they referred to "princes' that did not include you....what a loser to mooch of "friends.

2613 days ago


Heide would NOT exist to America if it weren't for Lauren!! I hate these two LOSERS sooooo much, I wish the tabloids would REJECT any story involving them! I know that MTV does their own editing and we do not get the whole story, but anyway you wanna spin it... SPENCER IS AN A**HOLE and HEIDI IS AN ATTENTION WHORE!! They wouldnt even be in any magazine if it weren't for LAURENS SHOW!
I've never wanted two people to take a flying leap, more than i want them to!

2613 days ago


I absolutely dispise these two! They wouldn't even been in the press if it weren't for Lauren Conrad! She has more class than either one of these two in her pinki toe!!!

2613 days ago



2613 days ago


First off, that guy has something on his face. If you are going to call the paps to have them take your picture, make sure to wipe the nacho cheese off your chin and upper lip. Second, I bet her album will sound as good as Paris Hilton's (basically someone beating a rabid cat with a large stick). But considering people know who Paris Hilton is, and no one knows or cares who these people are, it surely won't sell. Third, she's about as "urban" as a soy latte.

2613 days ago


I love LC, and I like Heidi, and I think it's really sad that this guy from NO WHERE has came between them and has totally tooken over Heidi, he like brain washed her to think she can be a singer??? And if you hear her talk, you can totally tell he has told her what to say and how to speak. He's so sad.

2613 days ago


They need to stop drinking the hatarade! LOSERS!!!

2613 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Who are these little children and why don't their parents yank a knot in them for being such freaking idiots?

2613 days ago


Ooh... I, for one, cannot WAIT for Heidi's album to be released! All the more to mock you with, my dear! The both of these bottom-feeders truly deserve one another. Anyone taking odds on whether they'll actually get married before their shallow, superficial relationship collapses from the sheer weight of their wholly unfounded egos?

2613 days ago


Does Heidi even have any female friends anymore, or is she just completely being led around on Spencer's leash? I think the fact that she has no female friends anymore says alot!!! Poor girl is brainwashed by this useless publicity whore. He's her manager? Come on!!!

2613 days ago


Does Heidi have any female friends left? It doesn't appear so, and that says alot about her! What does she see in this attention whore of a boyfriend who's got his own interest so much in mind that he's her bleepin' manager? Again, thinking with dollar signs. It's so sad to see how she's being led along on his tight leash like the little brat she is!!!

2613 days ago


Spencer and Heidi are ridiculous and I think it's awesome when the media mentions them, because it just reinforces how stupid they are and why I hate them. They are made for each other because they are both morons! Someone should tell Heidi to watch the last season of The Hills, maybe then she would realize what a tool her boyfriend is. I'm glad LC is no longer friends with them, at least she has some sense. Wonder what it feels like to have 97% of the world hate you....

2613 days ago


can these two be any more media-hungry?? they only became well-known from leeching off of LC's show. wow... it's so obvious they want to get a buzz going to promote her upcoming piece of trash album. let's try not to give them anymore free press.

2613 days ago
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