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Spencer and Heidi: Out for Revenge

8/7/2007 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After a six page article popped up in US Weekly bashing Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, courtesy of Lauren Conrad, the two have been showing up everywhere to take LC down with them.
Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag
The terrible twosome were on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" today to string up some more dirty laundry -- saying they were "shocked" by the article and calling it "literally a hate piece." Pratt contends it's the first story the mag has ever done without contacting the other side for comment.

The kvetching duo talked to Ryan about LC's sex tape leaking (they didn't release it), a threatening run-in with Joel Madden and Nicole Richie, and Montag's upcoming album (described as "dance, urban, rhythmical"). The new season of "The Hills" starts next Monday.


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hmm who are these ppl only in blogs do I hear of them... where are they from ??

2643 days ago


Honestly, i feel like a jerk cause I see these kids on here, and in some magazines, and I still don't know who the heck they are! I know they are on the Hills, but I have never watched that show. Are they from anything else????

2643 days ago


I was with a guy like Spencer once.....he got me pregnant......we had the baby, stayed with me for hella long..... verbally abused me, used me as a doormat.....made me believe he loved me, when he didn't know the meaning of the word. Now I have no friends and am embroiled in a freakin custody battle. Turns out he NEVER FREAKIN CARED.
When I watch Heidi on The Hills, it's like watching me 7 years ago.

2643 days ago


Ryan Seacrest is SUPER GAY and that is why he had a SUPER GAY couple on his show. Heidi only got her 5 minutes of fame because of Lauren so therefore she needs to recognize. Heidi is lucky she is even in this season. At least the viewers will get a good laugh a how naive she still is. It’s good they show her being a back stabber last season because it helped LC to see what type of person she was. No one in there right mind would buy her album. Since she’s in the mood for a make over she desperately needs to have those DINOSOUR TEETH SHAVED. Those are the BIGGEST TEETH I have ever seen. For LC to be jealous is clearly an understatement look who had to alter their appearance. LC is truly a down to earth person. Spencer is the tool that kid from season 2 called him. What’s up with him not shaving?

2643 days ago


I didnt really care all that much for Heidi from the beginning, but when I seen the episode of when Heidi told Jen Bunny or whatever that hooker's name was that it was okay for her to make out with Brody, whom LC had a thing for, I despised Heidi even more. The sight of her makes me cringe. And most are right, nobody would even know who Heidi was, if it wasnt for LC and the show. And what is up with Spencers teeth? He needs to get them filed down more, cause he looks like he could chew off his own face with those things.

2643 days ago


What can I say that hasn't already been said. Heidi you are SUCH AN IDIOT. You lied to your best friend, you think your cheating, attention whore, LOSER boyfriend actually loves you and best of all; you AREN'T THAT CUTE. You aren't as pretty as Lauren by a long shot and your a drop out! We don't care about these two and their desperate attempts for attention. THEY SUCK!

2643 days ago


heidi was only "famous" (if u can even say that)because of lauren's show no one had ever heard of heidi until "the hills" and the same with spencer...lauren is at least doing something with her life...she is normal ...heidi on the other hand cant realize that spencer is a PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!shes so stupid she does whatever he tells her too(boob job, nose job) stop writing about them cause they think everyone loves them she is such a slut....and by the way no one will buy her dang cd cause shes gonna suck just like everyone else who thinks they can sing all of a sudden...heidi and spencer have no lives i cant stand them ...they are horrible, antagonizing, brainwashing whores....they should get a freaking life!

2643 days ago


Any votes for their sterilization? Heidi's album is going to be as successful as Lohan's rehab attempts... Thanks MTV (and the parents who let their kids watch this crap) for fostering one of the most self-absorbed and grossly ignorant generations yet!!

2643 days ago

can't fool me    

I think Spencer is a wannabe Jason (from Season 1 of Laguna Beach). Jason was the ladies' man, the love -em and leave -em alpha male. Spencer wants to be this, but he bombed miserably. Most women can see through his pathetic attempt at masculinity, but Heidi, poor thing, has so little self-confidence. She's a beautiful girl who needs to get away from him and work on her self-esteem. Lauren was a true, honest friend for staying honest about her feelings (and the rest of the world's!) about Spencer.

2643 days ago


Sick to death of these two. Still don't know why they think that they are famous, or that anyone cares. Do you think that Heidi knows that she looks like a man with that jaw of hers? Wonder which pitches and which catches?

2643 days ago


These two douchebags were meant one another. They've definitely used up 14 and a half of thier fifteen minutes and are ready to become a pop culture joke like they deserve. I did, however, really enjoy Spencer's rambling jive on his website yesterday. Nothing like a silver spoon wimp who is completely willing to put his lack of a solid education on display.

On a side note, my roomate did an article for US Weekly with LC at the swimwear shop she works at and said she was a raging beotch...oh, and she walked away with a few free suits at her own discretion. Classy.

2643 days ago


she is DISGUSTING! she looks my dog Bizkit when she's taking a dump -- and Spencer looks like Drop Dead Fred when his face gets ran over...They're both douches and boring - at least Lauren didn't have to get a boob job to look half way decent.

2643 days ago


Stop reporting on these morons and they might go away -- they crave attention, positive or negative! NO MORE HEIDI AND SPENCER ARTICLES!

2643 days ago



2643 days ago

Garth fan    

I hate these two morons! Heidi is an ugly 2-faced bitch and all of the surgery in the world will not help her. Spencer is an ugly ass jerk so I guess together they can have ugly ass jerk-off babies. I wish TMZ and the magizines would quit talking about these two altogether- nobody cares! The only reason I am commenting is because I like the Hills and I like Lauren. She is making something of herself and she is the only reason people know who these 2 jerk-offs are. I personally cannot even stand to look at them.

2643 days ago
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