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Spencer and Heidi: Out for Revenge

8/7/2007 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After a six page article popped up in US Weekly bashing Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, courtesy of Lauren Conrad, the two have been showing up everywhere to take LC down with them.
Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag
The terrible twosome were on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" today to string up some more dirty laundry -- saying they were "shocked" by the article and calling it "literally a hate piece." Pratt contends it's the first story the mag has ever done without contacting the other side for comment.

The kvetching duo talked to Ryan about LC's sex tape leaking (they didn't release it), a threatening run-in with Joel Madden and Nicole Richie, and Montag's upcoming album (described as "dance, urban, rhythmical"). The new season of "The Hills" starts next Monday.


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Sorry but............who the F are any of these no name, celebu-NOTs you people keep trying to get us interested in? I am very quickly losing interest in this site! Anybody out there recommend a better site that is full of juice on real celebs?

2600 days ago


I don't ever see the with anyone besides one another.
It really seems like no one likes them & they don't have anything nice to say about anyone except each other. Being nasty is a way for them to get press...LC def has more class than the 2 of them put together.

2600 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

PLEASE id MUCH Rather hear bout Richard Simmons' brazilian waxes than about these good for nothing SPOILED BRATS!

2600 days ago


Any time TMZ, Perez, US Magazine etc. discuss these two they are doing a disservice to their profession and their readers. These two DO NOTHING. They are on a crappy C-rated reality show, and unfortunately for them, by investing in everything superficial (weird circus boobs), they (along with many other Z-list stars) are setting themselves up for a major disappointment. There are about twelve 13-year olds who care about these two and given two more summers, their fan base will be GONE. Go to school, get an education, and for god sakes, please leave the delicious gossip for real celebrities.

2600 days ago


Heidi's nose always looks like it's plugged up. If a plugged up nose could look a certain way, that is. Spencer, totally digging that catapillar you got growing on your chin and upper lip! Douche!

2600 days ago

Jaclyn K    

Hedi was cool before she started dating Spencer! Now i cant stand her or him. Not saying i could stand him in the first place. (Hedi really doesnt look like the singing type)!!! LC, More power to you!!!

2600 days ago


I read the Us magazine article and I don't understand why they are so upset. It was basicly an interveiw with all 3 Hill's girls talking about the show. Spencer & Heidi are making way more out of this so they can get press. I think Spencer is trying to get a Paris & Nicole war going so Heidi can stay in the press. She has nothing else going. They need Lauren! Too bad Lauren doesn't need them. Trash should stay at the curb where it belongs!!!

2600 days ago


I just threw up a little in my mouth

2600 days ago


Just read through all the comments. How sad that there is not even one comment supporting these two ass wipes. Maybe that should be a sign that they need to check themselves. Or, kill themselves, that would be even better.

2600 days ago


Heidi is just one of those girls that finds a boyfriend and dumps all her friends and never talks to them again, it happens everyday. Too bad for all of us the media continues to write about it. NOBODY CARES...STOP WRITING ABOUT THESE FOOLS!

2600 days ago


Isn't it time for these two to go away? I mean come on , these two are so vacant and empty,. they aspire to be shallow. Shallow would be a huge step-up for these two.. Wow are they made for each other. Ken and Barbie, with the same animation and IQ of the plastic dolls.

Lets not even respond to any oh their outbursts, who actually gives a damn what they do, say or want.

If we ignore them maybe them and their type will go away and leave us alone. After all what "talent' do they have excepting being in the tabloids, which I am sure they are paid for...why are we paying any attention to them at all.?

Plus why are we letting MTV decide who we should pay attention too, who might be worthy of any of our attention and time.

Certainly, not these two.

2600 days ago


Who are these no talent idiots and why the hell does anyone care what they have to say or who or what they are doing. God, how pathetic our society has become when you can be famous for absolutely nothing and when you have absolutely no talent.

2600 days ago


I agree#7 -- since when did "nobodies" who don't really do a damn thing except be rich and from Laguna, deserve this ridiculous press they get? Who gives a crap about these people anyway? I read the US Mag articles about them to try and figure out what the deal was, and all it sounds like is a "he said, she said, no she said" High School BS! Waaa I don't want her to date him....waaahhhhh they said there's a sex tape...waaaaaahhhh shut these people the F up already!!

2600 days ago


These two are garbage. They're lucky to even still be shown on Lauren's show. Yes, LAUREN's show, as in, noone wants to see a Heidi and Spencer show.

2600 days ago


UGH why does everyone want to come out with an album? She's dumber than a bag of hammers, cause her man is so. gay. Anyone with eyes can see that.

2600 days ago
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