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Britney Still Sucks

8/8/2007 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oral fixation -- defined as "a desire to have or put something in one's mouth." Not necessarily a bad thing.

TMZ cameras caught the ever-classy Britster rockin' a Fedora-style domepiece as she left Winston's last night, once again taking out her "desire" on a poor, defenseless lollipop. At least she kept it in her own mouth this time!

Brit hit up the Hollywood club after her video shoot earlier in the day, which Spears didn't leave until after 9:00 PM last night. In case you haven't seen enough of Britney lately, the mother of two was dressed in yet another trashily elegant see through getup as she was escorted from the set.


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# 13 "Just an Observation "

I agree with your post and have not figured it out either other then it is a habit the Media has picked up on and cannot break.
Last night I struggled through an hour of Nancy Grace discussing the removal of Brits two kids because......she put soda pop in their bottles!OMFG!!!!!!!
Not the best thing to do, but not cause to remove children.
I still have seen noting with my own eyes that would cause Children's Services to open a case against her and win.
All I see & hear is media hype & gossip.

2599 days ago


As soon as I saw the pix last week of her 'passing the pop' I knew it was laced.
Could be cannabis, they are readily available here in LA...and will get you super loaded!
Or as posted by others it could be a multitude of other substances.
NO WAY it is just a lollipop!!

2599 days ago

tuna marie    

is this dumb pig really 25? she is vile, gutter trash.

she makes parasite look classy, moral and stable. go away nit brit, your act is old now.

2599 days ago


Isn't it true that people who are on ecstasy are always sucking on tootsie pops, etc. to keep from clinching their teeth? Time to shave your head again Britney so they can't test your hair for drugs!!!

2599 days ago


BRIT needs to give up the limelight for a few years, and focus on her kids. Doesn't she see that everything is getting recorded for her viewing embarresing pleasure later in life? Take care of those boys! SHe has enough money to survive rather than making a mockery of her life! What a joke! FOR GOD'S sake ifyou are going to do drugs do them at home, not in public!

2599 days ago


Post # 54 Concerned in are so right.........I hope this girl can find some peace in her life for the sake of the babies.........I hope Brittany finds that higher power so she may finally be content in her life

2599 days ago


Just a thought.....she seems to have been photographed several times lately, really workin' a lollipop. Recently, there was even video footage of her leaving a club, accompanied by two others ,who each eagerly awaited a voracious turn with the very same lollipop. Call me cynical, but don't "the kids" nowadays often use lollipops and other candies as a vehicle for drugs?

2599 days ago


Let's just say it now....the female version of micheal jackson! Name not capitolized for a reason.

2599 days ago


This is so SAD. So many people don't know the true story. None of us have walked in her shoes. I've had people take things out of context in my life. No star here. Makes me sad that she is judged. These things COULD be very harmless. Then again...maybe not. Brit, take care of yourself and those babies. That's all that matters. Screw the rest.

2599 days ago


Grow up bitch!! Who runs around at 25 years old sucking on lollipops. You are not a teen idol anymore, infact incase you weren't are not a teen anymore. Stop acting like one, you look foolish already. Your day has come and gone. A new generation has hit the waves. Move it!

2599 days ago


suckin on chili dog...oh yeh

2599 days ago


where is her dog? did she eat it?

2598 days ago


My friend works in a pharmacy and says that the lollipops Britney's been seen sucking all over town are prescription pain killer lollipops. I think they are mostly used for cancer patients. But if you are not in pain and you eat them you just get HIGH! That would explain a lot.

2598 days ago


Nancy grace will see to it that she loses her kids.

2598 days ago


Actually, these are HEALTHY lollipops. Has anyone noticed she has lost weight lately? The new diet of the stars is POWER POPS. A lollipop you can suck on 3 times a day and lose weight! They are made of natural ingredients, no illegal drugs at all. They are also guaranteed by the company that makes them. If you are interested check out Also, they make a vitamin in a lollipop form for her children that everyone seems so worried about..... so she is doing something healthy!

2583 days ago
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