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Brood de Brangelina

The Most Gorgeous Family

8/8/2007 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Does everything that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do have to look so good?! Well, if you exclude "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

Landing via private jet in Chicago yesterday, the absolutely most beautifulest family ever, made their way to awaiting SUVs. Where's a hybrid when you need one?

Eye candy daddy Brad held onto Maddox and Zahara while picturesque, pouty-lipped Angelina carried Shiloh. Just another working class family ... in Hollywood.


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Loving mom of a former blob    

Will people please GET OVER the blob comment. I have an 18-month-old daughter and I thought she was a blob when she was an infant, too. The truth is that some people love their infants but can't wait for them to grow into their personalities and become more interactive... so to those people, infants can seem like blobs. I would never dream of calling my daughter a blob today, and I'm guessing the same is true of Angelina and Shiloh. It's a damn shame that when a mother talks honestly and openly about the emotions of motherhood (some of which are not all rosy and perfect!) she is crucified as an awful mom. Angelina may be a bad mom for other reasons (carting kids all over creation, etc) but I do not hold the blob comment against her one bit!!!

2444 days ago

Tara Tennent    


2444 days ago


Why do these 2 fly Private Planes everywhere they go. They are suppose to be environmentally conscious . They also drive big gas gusssling cars SUVS). They are too Phony.

2444 days ago


LOL, Calilily, hauling out that old tired "jealousy" crap means you have no argument. iT'S Not hating to point out THE TRUTH about this phony couple who only take the kids away from the nannies when the cameras are rolling, rest of the time they are either with nannies or DAYCARE. These kids should have never been given to them, they cannot provide a stable, happy life for children. Angelina ia never home, always off making a movie that bombs, and Brad is nothing but another nanny that drives the kids back and forth from DAYCARE. These peoole have so much money, they could stay home and raise their kids, like so many parents would lo9ve to do with their money, but instead, DAYCARE is raising their kids, EVEN when they are home on those rare occasions. Angelina calls herself an "at-home mother," oh please, what a lying piece of trash, she doesn't even know what that means apparently, it means she would actually STAY HOME with her family instead of being away ALL YEAR making back to back movies that bomb because people just don't like her!

They are NOT a happy couple, and Angelina has so many mental problems those kids are living in a hell-hole. Look at Angelina, she looks like a skeleton, and her head even looks too big for her body. Her arms are horrible, nothing but bones. She hides the rest of her boney body with baggy clothing, but this woman needs help! Brad will be leaving soon, and then you will look like a fool, Calilily, for being too stupid to see THE TRUTH about the dysfunctional, unhappy, mentally unhinged Angie-thing that collects children like toys but has no idea how to be a MOTHER to them unless the cameras are on her. Angelina is coming apart, and it won't be long before she totally loses it. Hopefully, the children won't be around to be hurt when this happens. And since I have never had a desire to be a creepy, mentally unhinged hag with an eating disorder that makes me look like a nasty skeleton, it would be quite incorrect to accuse me of being jealous of crazy, starving, PHONY Angelina Jolie. And I may not have Angelina's money, but I do have enough to stay home and raise my children myself without needing daycare. I consider this a privelege and a gift from God, that I can stay home with my children and I think Angelina and Brad have enough money to stay home with their children, since they are always bragging about how much they WANT TO. Yeah, they WANT TO stay home and raise their children, but they don't, they are always off making another bomb of a movie to make more money they don't even need - says it all about phony UNHAPPY Brangelina.

2444 days ago



2444 days ago



2444 days ago


They are adorable.

2444 days ago


It is pretty unbelievable and sad that even for a site such as this that they don't remove blatantly racist posts such as those calling the children mutts or mongrels and making statements like they look like monkeys. I think they are a beautiful family in many ways and I appreciate the job that they are trying to do as parents. Not a single one of us are perfect but at least I see them spending a lot of time truly trying to make a difference in the world. I don't believe I have ever seen more pictures of celbs with their kids. It seems that Brad and Angelina are always carrying one child or another (yet people attribute all of these photos so many of them random and obviously taken without their knowledge as photo ops.). I guess people will see what they want to see and think what they want to think. I wonder what the world looks like from such a high horse? I wish the family nothing but the best.

2444 days ago


Why are they always travelling ? Those children must be exhausted, even more than their parents. Give those children stability, a steady life, stop going all over the place with them.

2444 days ago


WOW I see we have a doctor in the house in Missy, this chick is writing long ass post like she knows this family real well, methink that the chick is the one that need some mental help, I can help check you into a mental hospital of you want Missy

2444 days ago


I see the Brangelina PR goons have been alerted, LOL. Brad and demented Angie have no idea how to be parents, let alone good ones. But they do know where every child warehouse center is in every part of the world, I will give them credit for that much. BTW, Brad has his own digs away from his nutcase wife, time to face the truth, it's not so lovey-dovey with them. Angie has no clue how to be a wife or a mother, much too narcissistic to care for anyone but herself, as Brad has discovered. I hope Brad is suffering up a storm, he has it coming. What goes around comes around, and Karma really is a bitch, huh, Brad?

2444 days ago


Guess it's me but I don't find anything beautiful about a old worn out nanny man and a
skinny know it all woman dragging a bunch of kids around the world so they can get
publicity. I really do feel sorry for the kids. The families I most admire are Ben and Jen
and at the top of my list would be Matt Damon and his wife and family. Their kids are
darling and they all respect their privacy. That to me is a wonderful family.

2444 days ago



1# Get a life (Im gonna look for you)
2# If you found them, they would have thier guards bitch blap you!
3# Your not a Chicagoan, real Chicagoans are to sophisticated to go for thier bunk!
Now go back to your soaps and Suzy Q's!

2444 days ago


My God, I have never seen such a bunch of JEALOUS BITCH HAGS!!! What the hell has this family ever done to any of you? You pathetic bunch of fat, ugly, trailer-trash losers can scream to the ocean all you want, but you can bet your last dime the Jolie-Pitts don't give a damn what any of you think about them.

2444 days ago


LOL at #11! Chicago hates them because they're frauds? Chicago is run by frauds. And yes, I live here.

2444 days ago
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