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Gummi Bear in Crack Up

8/8/2007 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

*theme song* It's time for Gummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi! *smattering of applause*

America's favorite ursine sensation, Gummi Bear Davis, was in a little car confrontation last night, but the car was unhurt. GumGum bagged on a driver who failed to move on a green light. Do not hold up the bear!

Sporting a dent in his forehead and what appears to be remnants of a jelly donut in his teeth, the waddling bear chatted TMZ cameras outside of Forte restaurant in Beverly Hills, where the waddling bottle blond brought us up to date on his latest forest wanderings.

Gummi's working on something, but he wouldn't say exactly what, but confirmed that he and brother Greasy don't just take up time and space, and that he was "building my own name." Apparently, one sandwich at a time. *theme song* *two people clapping*


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i really thought he'd been at a "fat farm"--we haven't seen him in a while--but no luck there! he's got the money for the very best surgeons to help him--just don't know why he doesn't care!

2600 days ago


Go Gummi!!

2600 days ago

Cat Stevns    

what a fat slob! Yikes! y'all!

2600 days ago

Jack M. Hoff    

Just who is this lardass fat a-hole? Is he someone important? Is he someone at all? What has he done besides use up air and food? I'm sure he is a prodigous pooper just looking at the size of him. Maybe he'll set the record for toilet paper use. Wait, he looks too fat and lazy to ever bother using TP. I bet this H-Mo has a bigger camel toe that Britney and Lohan combined.

2600 days ago

she smiled    

Yo Booboo, Gummi is busier than your average bear!

Where is my baby, Greasy Bear?? Update, please.

2600 days ago

Jack M. Hoff    

Who is this fat gay boy anyway? Has he ever done anything besides pass gas? I'll bet he's a prodigous pooper too. Needs more that two flushes. Bet he's too lazy to even wipe his own lard infested butt. Drips dry and then peels it off for a snack.

2600 days ago


Who IS this loser anyway and why should any of us care what he does?

2600 days ago


I have said it before, and I will say it again, other than about 25 tiny pounds, quit smoking, and floss the gummy bears out of his teeth, this guy is my idea of masculine PERFECTION!!!!! I love him. If I were near him, I would try to get him to fall in love with me!!!! I would give birth to little gummi babies for the rest of my life.......NO LIE.......I think he is intelligent, handsome, strong, brave, funny, likes the finer things in life, he hangs around with great (though unknown) people! To me, I think he is a very eligable bachelor - why has time and space separated us, Mr. Davis? I profess my love to you!!!!

2600 days ago


Gummi is just plain gross! He has money enough for a personal trainer and a stylist. So what gives Gummi?

2600 days ago


Why does TMZ try to make nobodys this guy, Kimberly Stewert,etc?

2600 days ago


I can't believe how insensitive and rude both TMZ is for making fun of this guy, and for the posters who ridicule and laugh at him. He obviously has some issues regarding medicating himself with food, but who doesn't medicate with something? Making fun of someone because they are overweight is shallow and insensitive. My heart goes out to him and I hope he finds the strength to cope with the stinging comments made from
TMZ and you other rude-asses.

2600 days ago


Yeah Yeah we may be rude but it's all in good fun! So what if he is medicating himself with food... the fat slob HAS the money to get help. There is NO excuse for this wanna-be to look this way. He has a family who obviously isn't doing him any favours by not telling him how gross he looks. Maybe he should read our comments!

2600 days ago


This dude is the BEST! WAY better than Perez. Has hella dough and just lives his life. Doesn't care. Has my respect.

2600 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Hey Gummi glad to hear you're OK. Gummi defies the space / time continuum.

He's a bear with brains and one day may just save the world. He's my James Bond.

Please note: BEWARE of Ms Paris Hilton she's like kryptonite to Gummi bears. Or a pork chop to a Rabbi.

2599 days ago
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