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Hef Gets Down with the Brown

8/8/2007 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jurassic Playboy Hugh Hefner and nine of his nurses girlfriends hit the early bird special at West Hollywood restaurant Ketchup on Tuesday. Some fries with that little blue pill!?

The 81-year-old childlike zombie bachelor trailed behind, as his bevy of buxom bottle blondes (and two brunettes!) exited the eatery. For insurance purposes, shouldn't he be in a wheelchair?

Hef's 22-year-old "Girls Next Door" love Bunny, Kendra Wilkinson, can be heard commanding her concubine king to "Say hi to TMZ." It's unclear if Hef actually heard her.


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todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

yeah hes lucky viagras not a controlled substance lol,hed proby be considred addicted with how much he probly needs at his age.but maybeee he haz 2 make sure his bank account doesnt dip even more than his pecker because 1 less dollar and those hos would be outta there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2633 days ago


he has to be the most disgusting pig on the face of this earth. wonder how he would feel watching a dirty old man abusing his daughter. he makes me want to vomit. he has no respect for women at all, and in fact, has made a living off exploiting them.

2633 days ago


As much as I love "The Girls Next Door", I have to say that Hef is definitely starting to look aged. If you watch the shows from 2005, you can see the difference. Have to wonder how much longer those girls will hang around.

2633 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Not a whole lot of people admire an elderly man who pays young women to surround themselves around him. To me it just validates his empty and pathetic lifestyle. Looks are great but I just can't stand being around immature and dumb women. This guy does it 24/7. Now that's shallow and superficial.

2633 days ago

Steve T.    

27. annab

I'm not trying to beat you up here, You might want to rethink your position one more time. Those gals are not victims here. They know exactly what they are doing. They also are big girls and have a choice to display their bodies any way they choose. Hef and his organization do not force these ladies to take their clothes off for money. Also Playboy does its utmost to display women who wish to be in their pictorials to look as classy as they can.

2633 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

StevetT- While your compassion for older people sounds sweet…I’m no bleeding heart for ol Hef being bashed for his age. Has he ever had a girlfriend over the age of 25? I’ld say he’s the one that discriminates when it comes to age.

2633 days ago


Are you sure she didn't say "Say hello to your thing?"

2633 days ago


Wow As the girls once said about the ladies on the View. "They're haters"
Lots of haters here. The show is very entertaining. The ghetto wannabe Kendra and the sweet emotional Bridgette and the loyal Holly and the aging Hef make for great TV. They have perfect chemistry. As for the bible thumper haters in the name of God. If their is a God he will probably have Hef arrange all hi parties in heaven. Be a little less judgemental people. I don't think God appointed you to the job.
Finally, If their is kharma then Hef must have been Joan of Arc or someone in his past life and this life his reward

2633 days ago


Whats with this smut peddler he looks like king tuts mummy.He must be 150 years old.Instead of hanging around with those airheads he needs to get ready to hang around with lucifer when the grim reaper comes calling. Those airheads must draw straws to see which one changes his depends.When he goes he needs to take that other piece of animal waste larry flynt with him.

2633 days ago

Steve T.    

Are you high on something? Listen this is a free country the last time I checked.

You are not sin free therefore, you do not get to throw the first stone. Now go and mow the lawn and be a good boy, while we lift your mattress and check and see if you have been a bad boy. Those that scream foul the loudest are usually guilty of something LOL

2633 days ago


Poor steve i am so sorry for saying bad things about a smut peddler lol you idiot.And yes you are right it is a free country thats why i can express my opinion.

2633 days ago


Was it all worth it HEF..? No.. because you're a still a fool screwing everyone but truely finding no pleasure, or love.. fooling no one that your excessive life was a happy success.

2633 days ago


Love the show, go Hef. Life is for living and Hef has lived it well

2633 days ago

Steve T.    

I'm not kicking you for it. Just don't be so quick to judge. Next time you do something dumb or against your better judgment, no one should kick you for it. And no I'm not implying you will sell adult material. Just generally speaking.

There are no rights for hatred when it does not effect us. I could care less that he sells books with lightly clothed women. This is not smut, Larry Flynt on the other hand I agree sells smut as they show women , shall I say displaying their goodies. Not classy at all.

I don't kick other for their choices. They have to live with them.

Hef has to live with his choices. Some hate him and others admire. He is one lucky guy to have built an empire out of the very thing that brought us all into this world. ...desire for the opposite sex. Nothing dirty there I can tell. Thanks Mom and Dad!

2633 days ago


Kendra is soooo stupid...I met her a few times around hollywood, and what you see on the show is totally true, she seriously cant think and talk at the same time...

Hey kendra I know alot of your so called girlfriends, and they all say the same things about you behind your back..LOL You know what Im talking about..Your such a loser.. Your so dumb you think people like you around the mansion...Haha You so got made fun of after you left the fashion show party, about how you make conversation, and your annoying habits...And how you enjoy....yeah you know..ha

Holly your a ditz also, but the smartest because you worked your way into Hefs heart, so you'll be taken care of...

2633 days ago
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