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To Catch A Predator -- Lights, Camera, Entrapment?

8/8/2007 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A high-powered celebrity lawyer representing a doctor accused of being a sexual predator went after "Dateline NBC" yesterday in a California courtroom.

Blair Berk, whose clients include Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson and Halle Berry, is currently representing Dr. Maurice Wolin, a prominent oncologist. The doctor was taken down by cops last year as "Dateline" cameras rolled. Prosecutors say Dr. Wolin made plans to have a sexual encounter with someone on the Internet who he thought was a 13-year-old girl. In fact, the person who was IMing Dr. Wolin was self-proclaimed "evil vigilante" Xavier Von Erck, founder of Perverted Justice.

In yesterday's preliminary hearing in Santa Rosa California, Berk grilled a cop whose department worked with Perverted Justice and "Dateline." Berk maintained that Perverted Justice got money for snagging alleged predators and therefore entrapped her client to make a buck. She claimed Perverted Justice illegally recorded conversations with her client and also said the chat logs could not be authenticated. The logs have not been admitted into evidence.

The cop who testified yesterday called the chat logs "extensive" and "extremely incriminating." In one exchange, the doctor allegedly asked to come over to her house, but added, "But you're under 18 and I'm over. We would have to be soo careful."

NBC rented the house that was used for the doctor's alleged sexual liaison.

Xavier Von Erck will testify when the prelim resumes next month. The judge will then decide whether to admit the critical logs into evidence and then determine if Dr. Wolin will stand trial.


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This was not entrapment! No one told Dr??? to go online and start chatting with anyone he thought was 13 year old girl with a 30 b cup. No one told him to drive how many miles to a house where he thought a child of 13 would be home alone and endulge in illegal sexual activities. He is a pervert (oops.. his actions were perverted! We can only imagine how many times he might have had sex with a minor in his lifetime. I watched the episode. He was acting as if he was on his first date... spilling drinks all over the place. Lock him up!
Good Job Dateline!!!!

2632 days ago


I think it's total entrapment, even though the thought of a grown man having sex with a 13 year old is revolting.

2632 days ago

Barbara Hunter    

Where are the parents of these girls when this goes on for real? Maybe Dateline should do a story on why young girls get involved in these things when they are for real. Do they really go on when Dateline isn't coaching the girl with what to say? Why are they left home alone when they can't be trusted? Are the parents blind to what is going on? Do they ever check the teenages computer?

2632 days ago


I think the show is wonderful and if it helps get one more molester off the street then so be it. Any person who even has thoughts of having sex with an underage person is in great need of help. There is no good excuse that a person can come up with that makes what they did right and saying they just wanted to talk or be friends is a lie. They are sick, sick sick!

2632 days ago



2632 days ago


I just say that these predators need to go to prison with no parole, the reason being is that these people can't help themselves. Is like a sickness, so I say let them rot in jail. I think that Dateline is doing great because children have no voice, and their minds and bodies are twisted by these perverts. Way to go Dateline, I like the show and it sickens me to see these guys trying to get away with it.

2632 days ago


I am for catching all Predators not just the ones who prey on kids ,,but women of all ages and of course boys too, women of all ages are victims not just minors, men who are predatory towards women of age I guarantee you, also will prey on little girls too, if given the chance. Porn addicts, ones with hypersexual behavior.... their is a point where they dont differenciate anymore and no one is safe. I am sick of all the dirty old men staring at women like a piece of meat, even when they know you see them staring they dont have the manners to look away, they dont care if their wife is with them or not. My father never looked at women that way neither did my brother, so I can tell you when these guys act like this they have skelatons in their closet somwhere, and dark fantasies they want to act out or have already and not been caught. Their is a difference in looking at women because you find them attractive and look away and one who stares at you like they would like to have you in a room alone tied up, beaten , and then thrown away.

2632 days ago


Geez!!!!!! He is SOOOO busted! An embarassment to his entire family.

2632 days ago


Perverted Justice borders on vigilante justice and if it continued unchecked, could hamper legitimate efforts by law enforcement to catch child predators.

These are citizens like you and me seemingly taking the law into their own hands, using their own evidence to convict other citizens.

While the cause if noble (and really, pedofiles this stupid should be caught), there should be more police oversite into who operates.

2632 days ago

Tim H    

As much as these Dateline programs horrify me, I watch them quite often just to see the nasty disgusting revolting guys who try to prey on teens, male and female. I LOVE it when they get snagged and arrested. Every single one of those guys that showed up at "the teen's house" had every intent of molesting them and need to PAY!

2632 days ago


There needs to be more of this show. Stick them so far underground none of them dare touch the internet or worry about jail This TV show needs to expand...governments need to hire cops like these and get them all.

2632 days ago


Whatever it takes to get these people off the street & out of the chatrooms...and KEEP them off....go for it! I'm so tired of hearing of children taken from people who love them and brutalized by "repeat offenders". Why give them a chance to repeat?! Either cut off what ails them or keep them behind bars, preferably in the general population.

2632 days ago


put the doc and his lawyer in one cell. The lawyer will see what this pervert is like. Chris needs to go to pogo dominoes or any of thoes games and see how many perverts are there.
Doc ur guilty! guilty!

2632 days ago


PERV? If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck... it may be a ... ?

2632 days ago


chante must be not a pretty girl?

2632 days ago
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