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To Catch A Predator -- Lights, Camera, Entrapment?

8/8/2007 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A high-powered celebrity lawyer representing a doctor accused of being a sexual predator went after "Dateline NBC" yesterday in a California courtroom.

Blair Berk, whose clients include Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson and Halle Berry, is currently representing Dr. Maurice Wolin, a prominent oncologist. The doctor was taken down by cops last year as "Dateline" cameras rolled. Prosecutors say Dr. Wolin made plans to have a sexual encounter with someone on the Internet who he thought was a 13-year-old girl. In fact, the person who was IMing Dr. Wolin was self-proclaimed "evil vigilante" Xavier Von Erck, founder of Perverted Justice.

In yesterday's preliminary hearing in Santa Rosa California, Berk grilled a cop whose department worked with Perverted Justice and "Dateline." Berk maintained that Perverted Justice got money for snagging alleged predators and therefore entrapped her client to make a buck. She claimed Perverted Justice illegally recorded conversations with her client and also said the chat logs could not be authenticated. The logs have not been admitted into evidence.

The cop who testified yesterday called the chat logs "extensive" and "extremely incriminating." In one exchange, the doctor allegedly asked to come over to her house, but added, "But you're under 18 and I'm over. We would have to be soo careful."

NBC rented the house that was used for the doctor's alleged sexual liaison.

Xavier Von Erck will testify when the prelim resumes next month. The judge will then decide whether to admit the critical logs into evidence and then determine if Dr. Wolin will stand trial.


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Entrapment? No. He contacted the decoy first. He asked the girl about her bra size. He brought up sex first. He showed up at the house. No one forced him. I did not see where any of the Perverted Justice people went to his house and made him get in the car to drive there.

2629 days ago


Dr Wolin is a whiny Pervert and needs to go to Jail. He was so ready to Rape a 13 year old girl and started to cry when he got caught. I admire Mr. Von Erck and the work he does. It takes guts and its about time the public knows the truth by getting to see Dateline. Its shocking! Again he's a DR going to meet a 13 year old, thats RAPE and its all recorded.

2629 days ago


With him being on TV again going forward with a lawsuit I wonder if any other girls will come forward? He is just exposing himself for what he is and letting more parents, friends, and family question him. I am really thinking that there are others out there, he was so quick to call his wife like she had hear it before....

2629 days ago


610. Internet Chat logs are edited, I have looked at some cases in the East. The Logs are not the originals, they are edited for TV. Not for Curse words, but for content incriminating the NBC crew and Perverted Justice. See the chats are started by the PJ person. Plus, think about it. Why would a Child of 12 13 14 be in an ADULT chatroom to begin with? These guys didnt go to Kids rooms to solicit them. The decoys went into adult rooms looking for potential guys. These are Sex rooms, people are drunk, aroused, and so on. If you know today role play and internet chat is that. Tell me one child who wants to go meet a old guy for sex? Look between the lines.

Posted at 9:50PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Internet guy
Internet Guy,
I do not care. When this slug was read that the person he was chatting with was only 13. He should have logged off that site. That would have been the end of the story. Not only did he continue to chat and escalate into asking this CHILD about the size of her breast.....he drove a distance to meet this child.
Now how do you defend that?
He is a predator who likes little girls..........

2629 days ago


well OJ proved to us all the our justice system is blind. we have laws just no justice. Money can buy you freedom obviousley. Lets just hope the Judge say the episode as well. The Bad DR.'S wife should have left him there and pissed on the check. He will get his one day lets just hope it is soon. Hey Perverts guess what? ADAMS LAW IS COMING TO GET YOU WHAT YOU DESERVE.

2629 days ago


internet guy-

chats are NOT started by the PJ person. Have you read any of them?

2629 days ago


and further more, by the time a child molester is finally caught, there are usually many more victims out there that they didn't get caught offending.

2629 days ago


Children and teenagers do need to be protected, however I do think entrapment is going on, and I believe that entrapment is unacceptable. The top priority is safey of children and teenagers, but exposing various degrees of evil is insufficient, and as a sole focus is misleading and short sighted. Although it is argued that sexual predators are untreatable, this contention must not be tolerated. Often sexual predators were themselves preyed upon and/ or experienced arrested development at some point. There needs to be a lot more investment in mental health and the protection of children in this country. It is a tragedy that predators harm, yet it is also a tragedy that many of the children who were harmed and/ or experienced arrested development will go on to be predators. It is a tragedy for the predator also_I'm not excusing anything or denying the evil. The issue of sexual predation should not be addressed as a witch hunt with exposure implying that the problem is eliminated by somehow 'eliminating', incarcerating, or banishing the predators. The real focus needs to be on ensuring that children grow up in an healthy environment so that they do not become predators.

2629 days ago

white trash america    

"#50 - "'s called 'reality tv'... Have they ever "caught" someone who wasn't guilty?? Of course not, because it would suck for ratings!

hey sk, you are apparently a PERV who wants to lessen the credibility of this show. it is not 'REALITY TV' the likes of FLAVA FLAV you moron, it's a news show.

furthermore, NOTHING you say changes the fact that all of these PERVS BELIEVED they were chatting with *MINORS* & WENT TO MEET THEM FOR SEX!! as someone (donna) already stated, "...if they had the chance, an innocent child would be put in harms way..."

additionally, i think emma makes a point when she said "A child cannot defend themselves and are overpowered by these low lives! So these animals should not be able to defend themselves either!"... it ISN'T really fair that these rich pervs can PAY for an expensive adult defense, is it? that lawyer & others like her should be ashamed because they'd literally sold their souls to the devil!

#58 - what happened to innocent until proven guilty... let the man go to trial and let the system work. but for dateline and that other entity to entrap people is wrong. plain and symple - Posted at 3:08PM on Aug 8th 2007 by desiree ganby

uhhhhh, what's plain & "SIMPLE" is that you appear to be 'simple minded'. i honestly have
no patience for stupid people who try to appear 'smart'... the courts & taxpayer dollars shouldn't be spent on ridiculous cut & dry cases as these!!

#60. ..."All the cries of "LOK IM UP FUR EVAR" and "A PERV IZ A PERV" sound like a lynch mob, or worse..."

where did you read this? all of the comments i read were literate & well composed. are
you merely trying to DUMB DOWN the opposition so that you can *APPEAR* to be in the right? you're just another PERV aren't you?

dateline is doing a SERVICE that benefits society unlike other shows presently on tv. i'm glad they are looking out for our kids & the youth of matter what all you CLOSET PERVS say, it's NOT entrapment...

these guys were trolling the net to find easy prey - they just had the bad luck of running into DATELINE instead. as another poster said "perverted justice must be pretty good, I mean
they can make this man,turn on his computer, go into a chat room and write dirty things to a minor and make him drive over there all on his own!!!"

is there anyway to track these 'DEFENDERS OF JUSTICE'..? lol! i bet they are on their pc's looking for victims too.

2629 days ago

white trash america    

#217 - russell walker you're my *HERO*! =)

2629 days ago

Too Judgmental    

You guys are too judgmental. That "13-year-old girl" was talking dirty and intimidating back to the doctor. Any guy can fall for it! If you are parents of a such child, too bad because "she" will find somebody in a corner store if all fails online! What do parents do to protect their children?! He is not a pervert, but a normal curious human being, like most of us. Nabokov was not the first one to talk about "Lolita" phenomenon, look back in the history. 13 year old does not look like a child anymore, she is not 10-which is a big difference.

2629 days ago


it seems to me that this show is all about entrapment. I know that once they hear that the girl is underage they should immediately move away. But these perverted justice people DO in many ways keep the conversations open. every man must be a sexual predator than because this is ridiculous. its not like these weirdos are the ones suggessting all the stuff, if you look at past episode, these "underage girls" are syaing and making slightly suggested sexual comments to persuade these ment to keep going. I can stand Chris Hansen and this to catch a predator show. Let someone be taken agains their consent without suggesting perveted actions and then you have REAL PREDATORS.

2629 days ago


lets put it llike this, if they were to stop doing this for the money, as it has been said many times by posters and readers, lets see how many perverts they will still round up. everything equals to a pay check and I believe that if they werent getting paid or getting media play, they wouldnt be helping to pull in much would they

2629 days ago


I, too, applaude Dateline & PJ for the service they're providing, and I think the show can't be televised enough! What these perverted men don't get is that they never know where Dateline will be next and the young teen girl you're going to meet just could be a decoy. They think it would be impossible for DL & PJ to actually show up wherever they're headed... but it's not, and they do.
These men, and Wolin in particular, deserve everything that's coming to them. They went to the house under their own power and of their own decision. And yes, just showing up is enough to show their intent. It's crazy how many of them traveled hours to get there and never turned around and saved themselves a lifetime of trouble and agony... not to mention the sex offender charge they will carry around for the rest of their lives!
Enjoy your day in court, Wolin. I'm praying hard that justice will prevail.

2629 days ago


For those of you who don't know, Wolin's medical license was suspended last November baring the outcome of his court case. So in addition to the tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars he's paying his attorney/s, he's got zip for income right now. Sad, huh. (not!)

I haven' t been able to find any information on whether he's still married or not. I can only hope that his wife had the common sense to get herself and the two young girls away from him. This is not a time to 'stand by your man'!

2629 days ago
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