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Brad Pitt

Juror #1

8/9/2007 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad PittBrad Pitt showed up for jury duty today. Yes... you have to too.

Pitt postponed his service several times because he was either working or out of the country. Globetrotting with Angelina has its advantages! But sources tell TMZ that this time it was planned-- Brad took a red eye flight to perform his civic duty.

Brad arrived to court in a chauffeured SUV and was allowed to park in the employee lot. He's wearing a white t-shirt, dark jeans and a cool black cap. Pitt brought a book with him -- maybe it's "First Wives Club." He was ushered to a private room, where he waited until he went to the jury assembly room for orientation along with other would-be jurors. Brad was even spotted wearing a juror badge -- yeah, he looks good in that too.

When the potential jurors broke for lunch -- still not knowing their fate -- Brad stayed behind in private room and had someone bring him lunch from Subway. Eat fresh, hunk!

Being convicted of a crime would suck -- but being told you're guilty by Brad Pitt -- that might take the sting off!

As of 1:45 PM PT, Brad's still waiting to be called. Tick tock!


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What an ass. I hope he gets called for jury duty and has to sit with all of us regular folk for days and days and days. I LOVE it!

2611 days ago


If Brad prays REAL HARD, maybe this jury will be locked up for months and he will be free of Crazy Angie. Pray, Brad, PRAY!

2611 days ago


There is no way Brad Pitt will actually serve on the jury. They are just making a point to treat everyone fairly. Think about it, if he were to sit on a jury the media would turn a simple DUI case into a frenzy, which would require the city to pay for extra security. Then you have the other jurors who would just go along with anything he said. C'mon people...think..

2611 days ago


Calling Angelina a "horse-face" is just so wrong. I love horses, and that was a VERY nasty, cruel insult to horses!

2611 days ago


Employee parking lot?! Private room??!!


2611 days ago


Why am I laughing at this? I have no idea.
He crashed from the pedestal that I know I shouldn't have held him on when he left Jen a couple of years ago... but he's still Brad Pitt and I know I would be tripping all over myself if not passing out if that hot hot man were doing jury duty with me.

2611 days ago

White Power    

Jennifer deserved to get dumped because Brad wanted kids and Jennifer is barren. No guy wants a broad with faulty plumbing.

2611 days ago


Ok they order him to act like any other citizen by showing up-which is bad for whoever is on trial cuz u know the focus will be on him-and not on the case at hand-but then treat him like a vip when he gets there??? go figure...

As for putting him a special room and all that other jazz, some people need to get over themselves-I am embarrassed for him-cuz u know those people like u and I were like who does he think he is???

2611 days ago


I am soooooooooo sick and tired of celebrities getting special treatment!! I used to like Brad and his movies, now I can't stand him. I am sure Brad knew Jen didn't want to have children right away when they said "I do". He just couldn't keep it in his pants and Angie has no respect for marriage.

2611 days ago


(In Nelson Munce voice) "Ha-ha!"

I guess cutie Brad doesn't know the secret most of us poor schlubs know, get your doctor to write a note saying that serving on a jury will cause the carbunkle on your big toe to explode or that your sacr will illiac if you have to sit that damn long. It's an easy dodge.

But jury duty can be a hoot. Work it.

2611 days ago

just me    

Brad will NEVER go back to that ugly, vapid, transvestite Maniston! She is certainly one pitiful mess. The only thing she had going for herself was "Friends". Since that ended her career and private life are totally zero. Brad and Angie are so happy and such a wonderful loving family.

2611 days ago


I had Jury Duty today too! Damn, I wouldn't have gotten exempt if Brad Pitt was in my Jury pool. lol me and Brad are just like on the same wave length

2611 days ago


Horses are beautiful creatures and definitely know a thing or two about loyalty - unlike Alien-face Angie.

2611 days ago


Why the heck does he get special treatment? He should have been in the room with the other jurors. If he could mingle with people so much less fortunate then him in the third world countries, he sure as heck could sit with American potential jurors.

2611 days ago


That's so right on, Patty.

It just proves that he is superficial and doesn't truly care about all of the "causes" he stands for. Furthermore, what about the hundreds of thousands orphaned children in the U.S. Why don't they adopt some of them?? I know, becuase they wouldn't get all the "world" press and humanitarian awards (etc.). I am glad they are giving these children a fighting chance but what about the American babies?

2611 days ago
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