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LiLo's Bodyguard Speaks Out

8/9/2007 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Underage sex and drinking, and wild fights with dad -- just a day in the life for Lindsay Lohan, says her former bodyguard. Tony Almeida worked for La Lohan from 2002 to 2005 and says the teen queen suffered from neglectful, abusive parents who saw Lindsay as a cash cow.

Almeida recounts a particularly nasty scene between Lindsay and dad Michael to In Touch. When Lindsay was 16, Michael freaked out while driving, "slammed on the brakes and dragged her out of the car, pushed her up against the hood, screamed at her and called her a slut. This was on the Long Island Expressway! I got in the middle of it and pulled him off."

According to the former guard, Dina would often let her daughter booze it up -- and hang out with boys unsupervised. When she was 15 her mother allowed her to spend the night in a hotel room with then-boyfriend Aaron Carter. "They knew Lindsay was sleeping in Aaron's room. But they seemed happy she had chosen somebody who could benefit her singing career."

J.Lo's Ex Must Pay Up

Jenny from the block won a legal decision against her first husband, Ojani Noa, preventing him from publishing a steamy tell-all book about their marriage, reports Us. Noa, who was married to J.Lo for less than a year -- from October 1997 to March 1998 -- was ordered to pay $544,814.21 for violating their marital settlement confidentiality agreement, according to court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Aug. 6.

Noa had planned on publishing a book called "J.Lo and Me" but Lopez was able to get a restraining order and injunction against the book, claiming it was a violation of their divorce settlement, in which Noa agreed not to make "disparaging or negative statements" about Lopez.

Sexual Assault at Hef's Place?

Police launched an investigation into a possible sexual assault at the Playboy Mansion on Monday. The famous West L.A. mansion, where Playboy founder Hugh Hefner lives with a bevy of Playboy bunnies, and hosts countless wild parties and events each year.

Details of the case were not immediately released. Said L.A.P.D. rep Jason Lee, "for reasons of law and confidentiality that are critical in such investigations, no additional information will be released." Meanwhile, just read the articles.


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Only swim in the Ocean    

Toss Lissner change your name to run on sentence you douchebag.

2629 days ago

Dr. 04102    

I was abused as well. I grew up to be a doctor.

no excuse.

2629 days ago


the girl is so little and cute, much cuter than Paris or Britney, and it looks like she has had a rougher life emotionally,

2629 days ago


the girl is so little and cute, much cuter than Paris or Britney, and it looks like she has had a rougher life emotionally,

2629 days ago



2629 days ago


Her bodyguard's name is Tony Almeida?? That is the name of the CTU agent on 24 that got killed off in season 6! May want to check your "sources" to see if they are for real.

2629 days ago


Marc Anthony has the same restrictions on his EX-Wife, Dayanara Torres (former Miss Universe).
She cant talk about him in a negative way. NOW I KNOW WHERE HE GOT HIS IDEA. He WAS very unfaithful to her with Jennifer Lopez. How they had this hugh wedding in Puerto Rico when he really was already making goo goo eyes with Jennifer. what a waste of money.
How he married Jennifer 4 days from divorcing Dayanara Torres (former Miss Universe).
At a award show he told Jennifer all the songs he has written were all for her..thats way disgusting. because most of his songs are love songs. and VERY married to Dayanara So in other words he been secretly loving Jennifer while married..I guess both wedding to Dayanara were for show. There a thing called KARMA Jennifer n Marc..i guess your seeing it far everything Jennifer touches has been turning bad . Pay backs a bitch aint it

2629 days ago


Well, her parents explain what the hell is so wrong with her. She needs to get out of hollywood for a couple of years. And get strait, get rid of her folks and her so called friends.

I heard on the news this morning that it was a server that was assulted at the Playboy Mansion.

2629 days ago

simon birch    

Everyone is so quick to call lohan names that I would call a dog not bothering to wonder why, having grown up with lowife parents only interested in how much monye she made for THEM, she turned out any other way! You think its easy to live the good life of money and fame and be empty on the inside. Sure money can buy many things except a good nites sleep knowing somebody cares for you and not your money. For those of you laugh.,I feel sorry for you as well. Nobody gets it...

2629 days ago


what the hell is j.lo hiding?? and lindsays parents oughta be ashamed if that stuff's true

2629 days ago


If she keeps messing her career up, she won't be a cash cow. Just a cow. Ready for the slaughter.

it's too bad that she's turned 21 and it's way too late to press abuse charges against her parents. Dina Lohan makes Brook Shields' mother look like a saint.

2629 days ago

just ME    

I think this is all true.. I passed the same thing that she's passing through right now and is just for the same s**t. Yeah I know that she's 21 and she is old enough to mantain herself without the support of her parents and that she don't need them for anything, but you guys dont know what's in her heart. It's hard never had a dad who say to yo that I love you only when he needs your money then call you or a mother who controls you and advice you or even explain to you that the drugs don't make you feel better. that's not fair for a girl in the age most difficult of her life (I know it - i passed it and i do many things like she is doing now- it's hard). Yeah now it's done, she has to go to jail. And i wait that that time there no matter how long makes her change her acttitud and lets her take care of herself. She's a great actress and she is pretty and young so she need to recover herself and keep going forward. She has many people behind her who support and loves her and she is great getting new fans everyday so her career must continue.

2629 days ago


Let me guess what happened at the Playboy Mansion... some DUDE got rolled by three chicks while his pants were around his ankles!
Mmmmm, love me some Playboy!

2629 days ago


I'm starting to feel a little bad for her, it's gone from "Wow, what an idiot" to "Wow, should have seen this coming."

She should divorce herself from her parents...ASAP...

2629 days ago

Joe Tyler    

How much do you think JLo's ex is getting for his book. I hope he sells a lot of books and make a heck of a lot of money off of it.

2629 days ago
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