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Train Wrecks Collide on Hollywood Blvd.

8/9/2007 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood leaves a never-ending supply of wannabes and crazies, and it's time to thank the slimy gods of reality TV for cranking out a few more!

"Rock of Love" "stars" Brandi C. and Kristia, "I Love New York" "hunk" Heat, and Schliz from TV Guide's "America's Next Producer" caused quite the train wreck last night on Hollywood Boulevard -- with the foursome so desperate for attention, they were willing to do practically anything to get in front of a camera.

Shouting over each other with such elegant phrases as, "We're not makin' love, we're doing the dirty thing," and "We're wild!" -- the group was like a grinding orgy of "drunk girl" impersonators -- each plugging their respective and unrespectable shows. Not content without having the last word, Heat ripped open his shirt to show off his muscle-bound bod and tattoos -- while breaking into a memorably horrible rap.


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ahhhh, Skank patrol on the loose. How nice

2630 days ago


OMG... has TMZ sunk so low as to give these SKANK WHORES and DISEASE RIDDEN WANNABE'S FACE TIME???

2630 days ago

dumb asses    

could they be anymore W.T . what a bunch of idiots. see the examples that todays youth has to look up to people need to stop showing these jerkoffs in the media.

2630 days ago


Two uneducated, attention wanting, STD infected whores.

2630 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

and theirs is long over. Go back to the burbs nad get a real life. Be a big fish in a small town in the burbs instead of a nonexistent fish in the big ocean of Hollyweird.

Hillary Swank is as ugly as ugly can come. Add Rumer Willis in that ugly crowd too.
BUT Hillary can get into all of the hot clubs if if she wants to. Rumer, as ugly as she is, with her cute pals like Danilee Presly (Lisa Maries's ) canget int.
What does that tell you?

2630 days ago


TTYL, I think its that her head has expanded from her little bit of reality whore fame, but unfortunately, its all air, no brain. What a shame.

2630 days ago


(with the foursome so desperate for attention, they were willing to do practically anything to get in front of a camera. )

LMAO, by 'practically anything' I think you mean 'the TMZ cameraman'.

2630 days ago


The taller blonde to the left looks like she is embarrassed by her Stupid Friend....Heat and Brandi ( who looks like she is on crank) are two nobodies with bad accents...

2630 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Drinking alcohol and taking drugs kills brain cells. If you’re already in short supply why make matters worse.

2630 days ago


its funny that no one knows who these people are and we're still commenting on them...hmmm.

2630 days ago


Yes "ct", but if we see someone fall down , we laugh whether we know who they are or not, so....its just natural to laugh at morons.

2630 days ago



You're so right.

2630 days ago


These people are so embarrasing! I felt so sorry for them as I watched the video. Did you see the people in the background just staring at them like they were idiots! I hate, hate, HATE the youth on television today. There is no one for young women to look up to. When you finally see someone that seems like they have something going on upstairs, they come out with a home sex tape or something. I watch Rock of Love and I couldn't wait for Brandi C to get booted. Her voice annoyed me as much as her meth face!

2630 days ago


Okay well... I CAN say that that chick Brandi C looks a hell of a lot better than she did on that crappy "Rock of Love" show. I seriously thought she had a slight case of the downs. Now, I still belive she may have a slight case of the downs, but these cameras caught her "better angles". Although shes more made for cheap porno than real midget porno. Yeah.

I have no idea who the other douches are, and Im proud to say that. Typical Hollywood wannabes. Nice carbon copy looks boys.

2630 days ago


I couldn't agree more with the majority of the above comments. TMZ, what were you thinking by putting these drunk, retarded (my apologies to the mentally challenged), nobodys on your page. They should get the face time they Some videos are humorous to watch, but this one was actually painful to watch. The casting agents that put these jokers on television in the first place should be fired.

2630 days ago
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