Train Wrecks Collide on Hollywood Blvd.

8/9/2007 2:07 PM PDT
Hollywood leaves a never-ending supply of wannabes and crazies, and it's time to thank the slimy gods of reality TV for cranking out a few more!

"Rock of Love" "stars" Brandi C. and Kristia, "I Love New York" "hunk" Heat, and Schliz from TV Guide's "America's Next Producer" caused quite the train wreck last night on Hollywood Boulevard -- with the foursome so desperate for attention, they were willing to do practically anything to get in front of a camera.

Shouting over each other with such elegant phrases as, "We're not makin' love, we're doing the dirty thing," and "We're wild!" -- the group was like a grinding orgy of "drunk girl" impersonators -- each plugging their respective and unrespectable shows. Not content without having the last word, Heat ripped open his shirt to show off his muscle-bound bod and tattoos -- while breaking into a memorably horrible rap.