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A Little Animated Bush for the Kiddies

8/10/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Bush and First Lady Laura BushMove over Madonna, because First Lady Laura Bush is taking time out of her busy schedule of, er, from, er ... she's taking time out of her schedule to write a children's book with her party girl daughter, Jenna! Drinks to that!

The as yet untitled book
is due in 2008, and tells the story of "a mischievous little boy who likes to do everything but read." Georgie, porgie -- is that you?!

The mother/daughter team is a perfect choice for authoring children's books. At age 17, Laura ran a stop sign and killed a man in another vehicle, while a few years ago, Jenna was caught underage drinking and using a fake ID. Mrs. Bush and Jenna are already role models -- for Brandy and Lindsay!


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To say that Michael would be safer today in a Humvee with his seat belt on, is ridiculous. He doesn't get to do this over again. It happened then. It doesn't matter what safety designs have developed over the years. He's gone. Dead. And if Laura has to catch some flack for going 35, 55 or whatever speed she was going at through a zero an hour stop sign, then that's her problem. She made the decision to not pay attention. He paid the ultimate price.

2630 days ago

to Been There    

You bloggers type faster than a speeding bullet, and such equal hatred for everyone. You can look at a picture of anyone and immediately condemn, criticize and list their deeds, sins, past behaviors, relationships, everything. It is amazing. And to soothsayer, I knew . I don't remember where I read or saw it now. I don't think it was hidden information, it's part of her biography. Bloggers get an A for typing, speed of delivery and history of everybody!

2630 days ago


"From everything I've ever read about it, the Douglas family, although understandably devastated by the death of their loved one, viewed it as an accident and never encouraged any other action on the part of the Welch family or the judicial system." Very lucky for Lauren Bush then they were so forgiving to her. As stated before, if this were one of my loved ones who was killed, i would go after them legally. I would also demand that the police and the prosecutor did something about if they tried to let her off the hook. If the driver knew my family member, and was even close to them, wouldn't change how i felt about it. If that driver's reckless and stupid actions caused my family member's death, then i would expect them to be held just as accountable legally - nothing less.

"members of the community did not push for punishment of Laura Welch. She was seemingly considered by those in Midland to be an exceptionally fine young lady by those who knew her best" What does the view of her being as an exceptionally fine young lady have to do with anything? She also appeared to be sober when she killed Douglas through her driving and that didn't stop nor change her actions. If the info. you have put out regarding Midland comm. is correct during that time, that was their choice, but I certainly wouldn't share it if i lived there at that time. There is a reason why drivers are held accountable for their actions, including involuntary vehicular manslaughter, whether you're a young "lady" or a middle aged man. No one should be given preferential treatment and a free pass from prison because she is considered an exceptionally fine, young lady. But thank you bbh. If your info. is correct, you just showed me part of what I already suspected was going on and what might explain her police report that I have seen.

"On the other hand, if the same accident occurred today, Michael Douglas might not have died. He would most likely have been wearing a seatbelt, but he also would not have been driving a Corvair. Ralph Nadar highlighted the safety issues of the Corvair in his 1965 book "Unsafe at Any Speed" because of its tendencies to spin out of control and roll over. The car was eventually taken out of production, in large part because of those safety issues" I don't know if he would have died today or not, the fact is he was killed due to Laura Bush's actions - that fact will never change. And what kind of car he drove at the time, or whether he was wearing a seatbelt, or how safe it was isn't the issue, outside of his death occurring. The issue is that his death occurred because of her driving. If Laura Bush had chosen to stop at that stop at the intersection when she had the chance, Douglas would not have been hit by her...unless he for some bizarre reason he chose to drive off his lane into her instead, which not make her responsible, nor is that what happened. And if it wasn't for her actions - that she was responsible for, not the victim, Douglas more then likely would not have been killed to begin Laura Bush.

"those with authority saw this as a tragic accident, one with no criminal or negligibly criminal intent." As I mentioned before, i don't think bush had intended to kill anyone, which would have made her actions an even more serious crime if she had. Unfort. those in authority at the time did not treat this as an involuntary vehicular manslaughter charge (which means causing the death of another due to the driver's reckless, etc. actions without intent) as they should've. Btw, how does become a "tragic accident" and not a crime, where she is legally accountable for her actions? Because she knew him, they were possibly engaged, that makes her less legally accountable? Because she was "devastated"? Not as far as I'm concerned. She should be devastated and she should have been charged -- and put in prison to her serve her sentence. But instead, she walked away free of legal charges.

"pound of flesh from Laura Bush have gotten your wish" No, I didn't get what I would like to seen done to her. I would be satisfied if she had been legally accountable for this crime.

"If any of you, like myself, have ever accidentally or purposefully committed a driving offense without tragic results" I have never put anyone else in danger as an adult driver, nor a teenager, nor cited for it. I learned very early that driving is not something to take lightly. I have however, lost a family member due to reckless driver. And I hope that driver feels devastated for it for the rest of his life. And if I (or my teenage children, which i don't have) ever did harm or kill an innocent person because of my/their reckless driving, i would take and expect full responsibility for it legally.

I have no patience for the "I'm sorry" games when it comes to serious things like this. If you cause someone's death due to your stupid, reck

2630 days ago


To Sin City

Our family lost a 16 1/2 young girl due to the reckless driving of another teenager. The 17 year-old girl who was driving the other car was clearly at fault. We did not wish to see this girl go to prison -- we never did; in this case, it wouldn't have resolved anything. She never received a prison sentence. This young girl took full responsibility for her actions, and did not try to assign blame to someone else. What we hoped to see was for her to become involved in community service, to make public service announcements and counsel other teenagers to drive more responsibly, which she continues to do. She has not been the same since that accident, nor will she ever be. Neither is Laura Bush.

It bothers us to watch people like Paris Hilton drive recklessly, repeatedly, and then try to assign the blame for her actions to others by attempting to manipulate the legal system...this woman is 26 years old. Lohan is another example of someone who we dread will undoubtedy kill someone some day if she does give up driving altogether, or face some jail time and serious rehab. Brandy is another example. These women think it's a game. Little do they know.

2630 days ago


I didn't have the chance to finish my last post. To lose a youngster like that...well, the pain is unimaginable. But we don't hate anyone. Nor do we sit in judgment on Laura Bush. One can only hope that the person responsible will grow up to lead good lives, and to reach out to help others, which Mrs. Bush certainly has done. It's the only thing that makes any sense in this crazy world, and the only thing that gives hope.

2630 days ago



I just got back home and very quickly read your posts. I promise I will go back and read them and the links you provided more carefully. (I actually had already read both the freep and articles yesterday before I posted, but I will do it again.) I have a two-year-old in the house, and she lets me have about two minutes a day to myself until she goes to bed!

Please know that I really do understand your feelings on this subject. I respect the time, thought, and research that you have put into your posts. I also believe that honestly we all come to the table (your side AND mine) with our opinions somewhat colored by our politics. You may not believe me, but I have truly thought long and hard how I would feel if this were an issue in Hillary Clinton's past instead of Laura Bush's past. I hope that I would have the same opinions, but honestly...I would probably be somewhat tougher on Senator Clinton. I have never been a Clinton fan (the President or the Senator), but it used to drive me crazy when partisans on the GOP side threw out vicious, outlandish, and factually weak stories on them. I felt those stories were often unfair and intellectually dishonest, and also weakened the credibility of the GOP when they did issue other, more fair criticisms of them. I have been around Mrs. Bush for short periods of time in the past (not in recent years) and liked her very much. I have acquaintances who are actual friends with Mrs. Bush, and they speak very highly of her. I'm certain that all of that plays a part in my opinions. I'm only trying to be honest here.

Having said all of that, I obviously have not presented my views very clearly. First of all, I am not in any way trying to diminish the tragedy of this young man's death. I don't use that word was a tragedy. Michael Douglas's life was unfairly taken away when he had his entire future ahead of him. It was a senseless tragedy.

Secondly, nothing can change the fact that his life ended because of the carelessness of a seventeen year old driver. Laura Welch and no one else was driving that car 44 years ago. She ran the stop sign. You should be proud that you have never done anything so careless. I wish that I could say that. I remember failing to stop at a stop sign one time because I was distracted. Thank goodness there was no wreck and no one was hurt, but I still think about the what-ifs, and it makes me sick.

I do not believe, though, the allegations of some that there was a cover-up or anything verging on a cover-up. There has been nothing reported that convinces me of that. I also have not been convinced that she was speeding, although the highways around Midland, Texas, are seemingly unending, wide-open spaces where speeding is not uncommon. You can go for hundreds of miles and literally not meet another car; that was especially true in the 1960s. I remember that from taking car trips to California as a child with my parents. Maybe she was distracted, maybe (as someone alleged) she was lighting a cigarette...I have no's just speculation. Whatever the case, you're right, only she was responsible. I do take issue with your statement that the burden of proof was on her to prove that she was NOT speeding. The burden of proof in a criminal case is always on the prosecution. Again, the police did not cite her, and the District Attorney did not ask for an indictment from the grand jury.

You and I actually agree on more than you might think. I often favor "common sense" legality over by-the-book actions of the court system as well. The problem is that what makes common sense to you and me might not to someone else. I don't pretend to know why the authorities did not even issue a citation to Laura Welch. They didn't, and that can't be changed now.

Like you, I would also probably be less forgiving than the Douglas family, but the character assassination of Laura Bush by some now will not change things.

Bottom line...I still am sickened by what started this discussion, the cruel, cheap article by TMZ which didn't even make sense. No matter what happened in 1963, how does that make Laura Bush unfit to write a children's book in 2007? IMO, that was not even the reason for the post anyway. It was more cheap, crass sensationalism, which is practically all TMZ engages in. Pile on a little more "I hate Dubya," and it attracts opinions from both sides.

I am also sickened by the cruel and crass remarks and often factless trash that is thrown out there by posters. Some -- not all -- bloggers on BOTH sides highlight the worst of our society... the hate, the depravity, and the courseness. Why can't we express our opinions without all of that? Why can't we discuss, debate, and investigate issues and people without total character assassination? I realize that TMZ is probably not the foremost place for that, but it is

2630 days ago


I agree with those who say that Laura should have been made accountable for the death of the poor, innocent victim, Michael Douglas.

Soon after she became 1st lady in the White House, she hired a PR team (on TAX PAYERS $$$) to "BOOST" her Image.

If memory serves me right, she was on umpteen magazine covers and had stories written about her ad nauseum. All about "LAURA", "Laura", and more "Moi".

All the SPINNING will NOT change some people's opinion about her.

2630 days ago


I looked for your previous comment to which Wes#170 referred , but couldn't find it. Was it removed? I also recall reading articles in magazines about her. It was always "poor Laura". It was as if she was the one that was killed.

2630 days ago


To Alexa...

I checked as well. Tweety's comment was removed. Comment #174 responded to Tweety's comment as well.

2630 days ago


Pay attention crowd ..............TMZ PULLED A LOT OF POSTS FROM THIS SITE. Read and weep. I've kept up with this and noted how posts were pulled. Of course there are many unfavorable ones against TMZ now, but there would have been hundreds more. Many of us have realized TMZ and Harvey Levin is classless and will pimp anyone to make a wave and get publicity .. they are media whores ... BOYCOTT TMZ !!!!

2629 days ago


Hi Alexa!

I am glad that we live in a FREE Country where we can voice our opinions.


Laura Bush is DEFINITELY Not in the SAME Class as Mrs. Barbara Bush.

Mrs. Barbara Bush had (as 1st lady) and always will have CLASS.

She is Not a PHONY like some people who put up a front.

This notion that Laura walks on H2O and
is the "Perfect" can do no wrong "Darling" is total fabrication.

Thank Goodness some of us can see right thru her.

2629 days ago



My posts were NOT PULLED.

Your tactic of scaring people off the site is NOT going to work!!!

2629 days ago


To Val - #269

Sorry to disgree with you, but your post was definitely pulled...I refer to the one that posted before my comment #170, and #174 bbh.

You posted a similar comment again - #246.

What I referred to in my post was your leading statement in your original post where you stated that Larua Bush acted as if nothing happened, didn't care, and all she wanted to do was have fun. That just isnt true.

Although you have posted other comments that appeared to be similar -- it looks like 1-2 of those were pulled as well.

BBH - I thank you for your kind remarks.
Sin - I wish you the best.

2629 days ago


So sorry, I meant to say, to Tweety - not Val

2629 days ago
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