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Billy Ray Cyrus

Crappy Neighbor?

8/10/2007 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus's neighbors are stinkin' mad over having to deal with all his crap -- literally!

Sources in Cyrus' Toluca Lake, Calif. neighborhood tell TMZ that ever since the 46-year-old moved into his multi-million dollar home two months ago, he's been letting his hound take huge, giant dumps -- on their lawns! We're told this is a continuing problem, since "Hannah Montana's" dad walks his dog every night. Achy breaky fart!

According to Cyrus' rep, Billy Ray is fanatical about curbing his dog and this must have been an isolated incident. When we contacted Billy Ray himself, his only comment was "The more you stomp in sh*t, the more it stinks." Smell that!

And even though the dog may have gone down on the lawn, Cyrus' new album "Home at Last" is going up up up the charts. Bow wow wow.


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To #8 You are an a**hole for not cleaning up after your dog. Trust me, if I'd see you doing that, you'd better be running because I'd pick it up and throw it directly on you.

No more room in the United States for jerks.

2595 days ago


I live in Toluc's, so I'll cruise over there after work today and talk to him about it.

I kid.

2595 days ago

tired of cry baby    

# 8 that sound so stupid. your doing the same amount of work. it's called class. either your born with it or your not. #8 you were born without it! hey tmz, if 1 person calls in and says something to you, does that make it a story? are you sure his neighbor is not the jerk? if this is a problem, then why not just go to his door and ask him to pick it up? whats he going to do? throw a gold record at ya?

2595 days ago

jody spaziani    

After the Michael Vick nightmare, all people, not just celebrities NEED to take proper steps to take the best care of there dogs and the responsibility that comes along with that. Yes, his current choice of music he just put out has fallen far from a country crooner. Maybe he should be as responsible to his music as he needs to be for his animal companions!

2595 days ago

big joe    

fine him some $$$$$. he is a drunk also.

2595 days ago


To 13, 16,and 17, sorry, just don't like the feeling of warm poo on my hands!

2595 days ago


If you don't like the feel of warm poo on your hands, please give your dog to someone who isn't such a baby about things like that. Whine, whine, whine. Please do not procreate.

2595 days ago

tired of cry baby    

trd, oh well why did'nt you say so?

2595 days ago


I don't trust anyone that cleans up after their dog. First of all, you are the master not the dog. If anyone is going to be cleaning up crap it should be the dog for you, not the other way around. Secondly, who touches poo by choice? I mean you would have to be into scat or something else. I also like how many of you think picking up a turd = class when in fact represents how low on the totem pole you actually are.

2595 days ago


Malamutes are self-hunting dogs and need the outdoors. Why is this dog in a neighborhood. If he has millions why not have a weekend home with land surrounding his house so this dog can roam. Poor animal he is doing what nature is telling him to do, but his owner is a jerk.

2595 days ago


Thank you 24 & 25 for your understanding!!

2595 days ago


I guess we can file this as #3,457,365,222 on my list of worst things a celebrity can do. Even if true, it hardly makes him the worst person in the world. Don't we have more important things to worry about?

If your neighbor does something you do not like, have the guts to approach them about it and say something before running to the police or press.

I believe this story about as much as I believe that is the house where he lives.


2595 days ago


He's always been an a-hole - take your dogs and move back to the sticks where you belong!

2595 days ago


Oh...and by the way....the story stops short of saying that BRC did not pick up the poop, it just says the dogs pooped on their lawns. Also, can they PROVE it was his dog?

Call me when he is caught driving drunk, the wrong way down the highway, naked, cuffed to the stearing wheel with his underage mistress yelling racial and anti gay slurs, k?


2595 days ago

John Denver Rules    

That's some funny crap #8!

2595 days ago
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