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Britney: The Last Straw

8/10/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They still haven't found the recipe for coffee at Ranchita Popwreck, so Britney Spears dragged her booboos to the local Starbucks to get a cup. Buckle up, kiddos! Mama's drivin' over yonder!

With the brothers Federline strapped in back, the straw hatted former singer unwrapped a straw, while Jayden James had his nap. Shush, y'all! The more curious Sean Preston watched as mama got her coffee on, although it's been reported that he prefers sodey pop.

This appearance of the former sex kitten turned Crazytown stray cat marked the debut of her Charles Nelson Reilly Memorial sunglasses.


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Karolina, you are a judgemental idiot. He is lifting himself with his arm! Can't you see his hand in the armrest of his car seat? And who are you?....Mother of the year in the trailer park!? Get a better computer monitor if you can't see the pic very well. Loser....get a man.

2595 days ago


OK, Brit, your kids are just too cute. If you can't pay attention or do not want them, please give them to me. Oh, BTW, "LC" - a bad, bad thing to say. Regardless of what Britney is, those poor kids should not lose their mother. There are plenty of moms and dads around who are not model parents - but their kids still love them. That was just mean...

2595 days ago


will someone please get her a stylist! take away her hats.............
and her children....give them a break............

2595 days ago


#5 that B wanted to be famous and know she has to deal with it. Stay in the house if you don't want to be harassed. She can get anything she wants brought to her, so F her. I use to like her and now she is just a tramp who got lucky.

2595 days ago


There must be a major shortage of The celebrity mishaps in order to turn news out of the fact that Britney Spears is getting a coffee ....C'mon!!

2595 days ago


With a last name like Federline, I guess that would make them born losers!

2595 days ago


at least she had them in car seats, too bad she has not learned to turn the damn things around...goodness woman.

2595 days ago


Question, who attended the kids while she went inside for her coffee? You cannot leave children unattended in car. Someone needs to call Child Services on her trashy ass!!

2595 days ago

Just my opinion    

OK-TMZ enough is enough, leave her alone.

2595 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

I have a soft spot for Britney, so I say this fondly:

What this girl needs is a staff of really good, college educated nannies and an excellent four year liberal arts college in Vermont or Oregon.

She's too dumb and trashy to fit in Hollywood. Her fan base is gone, and she certainly isn't good girlfriend material. She completely lacks charm; she's actually rather disgusting. Even the way she eats and drinks latte is gross, somehow.

She needs charm school, but with readin' and writin'. You know, like college!

2595 days ago


Further proof that this moron doesn't know how to take care of children:
Jayden is less than a year old and BY LAW is supposed to be in a REAR FACING car seat!!

2595 days ago


Funny - everyone complains when she's not with her kids. And yet, here she is ... WITH HER KIDS - and still everyone complains!! Maybe instead of worrying how Britney is taking care of them - everyone should tell the paparazzi to BACK OFF and give her some space. All those people and cameras in front of 2 little kids has got to wear thin real quick.

2595 days ago


I agree thatJayden is probably over 20 lbs but statistics show that it's 4 times safer to have them rear facing regardless of weight. They are sure cute though!

2595 days ago


Yes...why is the baby forward facing? Geezz....I can understand her making the mistake with her first but you (or ya'll) would think she would get a clue by the second kid. Actually, she probably can't understand the written word on car seat safety. Then again she let one of her kids ride on her lap so I guess we should be happy they are in a carseat at all. I feel really sad for these kids....I really do. I know there are worse situations but she is such a lame ass mother. Can you imagine your Mom doing the crap she does (crotch shots, shaving head, etc?) Can't take the trailer park out of the girl no matter what. Shame.

2595 days ago


the previous poster is right he should be a year old before the front facing seat.
as a side note, you are also supposed to put the car seat clasp (the buckle that is chest level, not crotch level) at ARMPIT level. I wonder if it's at armpit level. if it's not you run the rist of baby breaking neck if not strapped in properly with clasp at armpit level.
you can't tell int his pic, this is just an observation.

2595 days ago
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