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Britney: The Last Straw

8/10/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They still haven't found the recipe for coffee at Ranchita Popwreck, so Britney Spears dragged her booboos to the local Starbucks to get a cup. Buckle up, kiddos! Mama's drivin' over yonder!

With the brothers Federline strapped in back, the straw hatted former singer unwrapped a straw, while Jayden James had his nap. Shush, y'all! The more curious Sean Preston watched as mama got her coffee on, although it's been reported that he prefers sodey pop.

This appearance of the former sex kitten turned Crazytown stray cat marked the debut of her Charles Nelson Reilly Memorial sunglasses.


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I think Jayden is well over 20 lbs. I have had both my children facing forward before one year.Get over it.if this was me, no one would care. give the girl a break will ya.

2575 days ago


Read the story. Jayden is taking a nap....hence the leaning.

2575 days ago


She is just getting some coffee?? Before you judge someone else, take a look at your own life!

2575 days ago


#57 - You obviously are a brainiac like Brit....your child has to be 20 pounds AND (AND!!!) 1 yr of age you moron! There neck is not strong enough BEFORE ONE YEAR OF AGE. Try re-reading the laws SLOWLY....maybe then your brain can understand it!

Some people should just have more animals...NOT CHILDREN!!!

2575 days ago


Does she go to the drive through or leave the kids in the car unattended while she goes into the store?

2575 days ago


wtf they are reporting that she got COFFEE? how about the fact that the dude whose car she hit last week has FINALLY filed a police report and is sueing her ass? nooooooo lets not report that lets talk about her starbucks trip ... oh by the way why isn't jayden facing the back like he should be?

2575 days ago

sha su    

These comments just keep getting wittier and wittier--Thanks for the laugh

2575 days ago


please god don't let her spawn any more "children" ...she is at the lowest end of the gene pool

2575 days ago

Michigan Mom    

I'd call Protective Services.....Why? I'm sure she should never take those kids out in public...geeezzzz. That child is well over 20lbs..And people ever heard of drive thru? She shouldn't have to stay home all the time just because people follow her around. And she needs a stylist to go get coffee...I've went through the drive thru in my nightie ..BIG DEAL nobody followed me around and tried to take my son away!

2575 days ago


to #59, the person only filed a police report, she is not suing Britney, I watched the report & Brit later called the person & are workign things out (maybe that is why is it's not being reported & want it to be kept private).

That is not Jaden, it is Preston ... he's fine & she is not driving. Big deal, she's with her kids. Maybe she is going somewhere else with them, no one knows where she went afterwards. Geesh, you people bash her when she is nto seen with the kids (when Kev has the kids) & you guys bash her when she is with her kids. She can never get a break.

To the person who said she asks for these ops .. NO she does NOT. Try having them stalk your every move & plant themselves in front of her home. How is she going to get away from them? You should see the papps here in Chicago, after Brad & Jolie, Brad had a fight with one of them because they would not leave the family alone.

Good Lord, this is not news! Just terrible, jsut to make this poor woman look bad. Pathetic.

2575 days ago


Feel bad for poor Brit, but that was a funny article - Thanks, TMZ!!!

2575 days ago


miss meyers you probably aren't a skank like twitney either. your not high profile either get a clue

2575 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

I know its a lot of fun for everyone to make fun of Britney, but really, I wish everyone would leave the kids out of it. They can’t help who their parents are.

2575 days ago


What are you people talking about? Jayden is almost a year old. My kid was in a front facing carseat around that age too..Hello, they don't fit into their infant carriers anymore.. You people freaking out about how he is slumped over in the carseat need to take a chill pill.. That is how babies sleep in a carseat. What should she do? Jump back there and hold his head up! Most of you know nothing about kids and are just listening to the media trying to make a story out of everything she does..

2575 days ago


Since when did it become a crime to take your kids with u when u go out for coffee OMG this poor girl she just can do no right with some of you A Holes. If her kids were not with her youd be saying where are her kids shes a terrible mother. To suggest that she never leave her house is ridiculous , saying that she only goes out for a photo op come please. Im sure she loves having cameras shuved in her face 24/7 it must be fun. I bet Brit would love it if these stalkers left her alone. This photo looks like a cute- mother taking her kids on an errand . Nothing more nothing Less. Leave Britney alone let this poor girl try to be happy.

2575 days ago
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