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Britney: The Last Straw

8/10/2007 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They still haven't found the recipe for coffee at Ranchita Popwreck, so Britney Spears dragged her booboos to the local Starbucks to get a cup. Buckle up, kiddos! Mama's drivin' over yonder!

With the brothers Federline strapped in back, the straw hatted former singer unwrapped a straw, while Jayden James had his nap. Shush, y'all! The more curious Sean Preston watched as mama got her coffee on, although it's been reported that he prefers sodey pop.

This appearance of the former sex kitten turned Crazytown stray cat marked the debut of her Charles Nelson Reilly Memorial sunglasses.


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Is that you? My computer crashed and I lost your e-mail address. How are you?

2630 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I hope Kevin doesn't get custody of the boys. He has four other children (out of wedlock) that he doesn't want or support. At least Britney is trying to take care of the kids. FedX is in the bars every night. He would be a terrible father. He's after Brit's money as he has been from the beginning. He's such a dead beat creep !!!!!

2630 days ago

alea j    

You dumb asses.....not to defend Britney....because I think she's a scab....but that is actually a breathilizer machine in her car that she has to blow in to get her car to start ! Then she has to stop every 30 minutes to blow again or it will make a loud siren sound until she does....after 15 minutes...the car will stall.

Come on you gotta give Starbucks more credit than that!

2630 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Kevin is a con-man. He is spending Britney's money on his other four illegitimate children. In an interview, Char said that Kevin is paying for their children to go to a costly private school. Obviously, Britney is undergoing a very tough time and TMZ and all the Paps should leave her alone. The $20 thousand a month spousal support will stop in November and sleazy Kevin is already trying to get it extended by making up all the stories about Britney and selling them to the media. After Britney filed for divorce, Kevin was on TV saying he was in it for the long haul and needed more money from Brit. He is truly despicable - a World Class Bum !!!!!!

2630 days ago


Real deal on "lollipops".

2630 days ago


Jo, Jo, Jo,.....who really cares if Federline gets more money or not, it's about the CHILDREN, remember. At this point, all that matters is getting them away from Spears ASAP. And, IF Spears is going through a "tough time", then she is fully capable (and has the public's complete permission) to remove herself from said "tough time". Her ONLY "talent" was as the stereotypical "virginal pop-tart with a great body" (the first of which was due to PR and only real in the minds of her fans, - and the latter (the bod) is gone. No wonder she hasn't been able to find anything else to fall back on, - there never was anything else, to begin with.

2630 days ago

Deb C    

Enough is enough, Good Lord this girl can't even go to the bathroom without it making the front page somewhere. I defy any of you to have the press following you like this child does and be normal. Every single movement she makes is photographed. Most of you have heard the saying "Give them something to talk about", Britt's probably doing this as people are going to talk about her anyway. As for her mistreating her kids, I would venture to say that let the paparazzi follow you around 24/7 and I bet there isn't one Mother who wouldn't make a few mistakes. No one is perfect people. It's evident she does love her kids. If the photographers would leave her alone for a bit, let her live her life normally, you might see a different person.

2629 days ago


I dont see a problem here or that shes doing anything wrong - oh judgmental ones.

wtf shes in the car with her kids, cameras snapped her with a straw in her mouth !!

BIG WHOOP - call the police.!

2629 days ago


IF that were the only infraction, you'd be right, - but, it's not, and neither are you

2629 days ago


. All you commentators, without compassion and full of hatred, need to look deep inside yourself and feel horrible shame for causing pain to another human being who is obviously going through depression issues.

Instead of acting like school yard bullies and ganging up on and beating up someone who is already down, look at yourself and fix all that's wrong with you, and I'm sure that there's plenty to fix. Go a step beyond and volunteer and help others in need instead of hurting others in pain.

I wonder what kind of outrageous posts you will get against you if your life was an open book and the whole whole world knew about your faults.

TMZ, you stoop so low, it's obvious you don't care one bit about any human soul. You and other raggy media like you won't stop at anything until the celeb you hound will be lying cold in a mental asylum or six-feet underground. I guess, as long as you make your money, you don't give a damn.

2629 days ago

Kristen Maze    

So Lets rewind here........... Children under age one should be rear facing in their carseats!!!!!!!! Brit Brit knows this. Correct me if I am wrong!!!!!!! Kevin Get your babies from this wack job!!!!!

2629 days ago



2628 days ago


Give the CrazyTown Stray Cat a break???!!! She CRAVES media attention - why else would you pull off the road, strip your clothes off and take a dip in the ocean with all the paps around you? She can't stand NOT being in the news - it's her only claim to fame now that her career is basically in the toilet because of her bizarro behavior. If she didn't want the paparazzo around, she's stay home or go somewhere she could be out of the spotlight. She's in the news because she wants to be.

2628 days ago
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