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Designer Im-Posh-ter

8/10/2007 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when you thought Victoria Beckham couldn't get any faker -- along comes something called Chanelle!
Posh Spice and Chanelle
Believe it or not, British "Big Brother" fauxality show bimbo Chanelle Hayes arrived to a London event on Thursday dressed like a trashier, cheaper, chavier version of Posh. She's so "may-jah!"

The 19-year-old Poshtitute wannabe mimicked the little black mess Victoria wore to an award show in June. Imitation of Spice!


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I think the imPoshter should lay off the doughnuts!!

2638 days ago


It's unfortunate that she's put next to posh because it does make her look fat... even though she's definitely not. Posh is just super skinny. She should definitely not wear that outfit though, what posh wears, only posh should wear.

2638 days ago


The woman on the right looks great, just the way the picture was taken that makes her thigs look like that, the camera angle is bad. But she looks SO much better than the Posh thing, I can't imagine any man wanting Posh instead. David keeps Posh around because he can't stand giving up so many of his millions to dump the wretched creature, but I bet if he sees this picture, he will start trying to figure out how to live with a few less millions! I just can't figure out why that woman would want to try to look like nasty Posh!

(Any minute now, Victoria's PR peeps will come galloping in here to post their usual canned BS for their fugly employer)

2638 days ago


I agree with #4!!! Her thighs look horrible in that dress...Posh pulls it off way better...but they both are trashy none the less!


2638 days ago


LOL, Little Sissy, everyone got you just fine, if anyone needs reading comprehension, it's you. Go on, beat it, no reason for you to be here if it makes you SOOOOO unhappy. What a dork.

2638 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

I think they both are ugly but in this Chanelle has really ugly THUNDER THIGHS, Posh
spice is a fake but her legs look better than this other bimbo. If people have legs like
that they should not flaunt it, are they trying to scare away the guys or what? Perhaps
a new kind of birth control, by showing those ugly thighs and making the guys run in the
opposite direction or she is just dumb enough to believe that she has sexy legs.
As for Poshtitute she looks like a cheap bimbo also and I hope she disappears from
the face of this country and goes back to England. UGLY BITCH!

2638 days ago


i loooooooooooooooooooooooove little sissy..........negativity makes me smile.

cheer up!

I know, it's hard accepting the fact that you aren't famous and this is the only way that you can get people to talk about you.

it's ok, i understand.

2638 days ago


This is what you call "The Look for way Less". That girl is an idiot! Her legs are gross!

2638 days ago


Posh insulted young Hollywood for showing thier undies in public yet here she stands showing her undies. Talk about a hypocrite.

2638 days ago

Community Patroller    

Haters! Haters! Haters! That woman looks fine, you **&^TR idiots! Aint nothing wrong with her thighs. All women are shapely, with shapely thighs and hips. It's women in the world right now, looking at her (Chanelle) and saying why can't they be thin and shapely like her. She has the perfect body; and thighs, and hips, and the ones saying she's ugly and fat are the same ones who will allow their men into strip clubs to throw dollar bills at the strippers with the bullet holes and stab wounds. My hips and thighs are meaty and shapely and I weigh barely 140 pounds. I am very fine, just like Miss Chanelle. You go, girl. They just jealous baby. Don't worry about these haters. They can't stand to look at themselves in the mirror that's why they are picking you on, Miss Chanelle.

And what woman doesn't have cellulite on her body? If you're a female with estrogen hormnones in your body, then are you GOING to have cellulite. I don't see any cellulite on Posh, so she must not have any hormones, therefore she must not be human. (Think automaton, retard, robot, artificial intelligence... etc.)

2638 days ago


I luv posh!!!! Not too mention her sexy ass man!!!! They are perfect and I hope they never split!!!!! She knows exactly what shes doing!! Shes playin' it up for al you haters that luv to hate!!!!!

2638 days ago

St. Olof    

In your dreams sister! Posh is one of a kind. I can't believe I am defending her considering I don't even like her. But the wannabe is just wrong. Get your own style fool!

2638 days ago

Desease control    

Posh is an ugly whore.
Yet that is an insult to whores who typicaly dress better than this
peace of trash does.
Her kids must be so embarssed to have a mother that dress s like that.
I wish Posh would take her nasty no class self back to England.

2638 days ago


The imposter has a prettier face than Posh.

2638 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..................Equally TRASHY...............

2638 days ago
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