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Mel B's New Husband Has Paternity Issues

8/10/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scary Spice's new husband, Stephen Belafonte, has paternity issues of his own! The groom was sued in 2006 to force him to pay child support to his baby mama.

TMZ has obtained a complaint filed against Stephen Belafonte by the County of Los Angeles in 2006, ordering him to pay $254 a month in support for his 3-year-old daughter, Giselle. Sound familiar? Stephen's new Spicewife filed against Eddie Murphy to get him to pony up for their new baby girl, Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

Daddy's got a new Sugar Mama!


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Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

$254 per month! What??? She said he was a movie producer. hmmmm

#4 - I believe it. I heard it from a limo driver two years before the public incident took place. He said he used to drive Eddie and Arsenio around to look for trannies in West Hollywood.

2597 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

I guess I meant #3!!

2597 days ago


Why is that surprising? Apparently this dude's a real grifter with a record that would choke a horse, a scam artist. Like a he would pay support. Check out some other sites! What the HELL is wrong with this woman? What an irresponsible mother! Crying the blues about her kid. What the hells wrong with Gloria Allred miss feminist attorney!!
Earn your coin lady and advise your run! She'll end up losing her cash and probably her kids right after he gets all half her tour money.
This is why you should have to take a test before having a child!

2597 days ago

I Stay SMH    

I am more so bewildered by $254. LOL Where they do that?

2597 days ago


I just read on another site that this guys real name is Stephen Stansbury. I also read that in the past he's tried to pass himself off as Dionne Warwicks Nephew and Harry Belafontes son. It appears that he has criminal history going back the the early 90's..mostly assault and battery charges. Also evictions around LA. WOW! If this is true Melanie needs to check herself into a mental institution. She's just taking anything that comes her way it seems. Her self-esteem must be shot. That's crazy and she's a beautiful woman...what is wrong with her! Chin up girl! Get your act together! You are really starting to look crazy now!

2597 days ago


sigh. my husband pays 630 a month to his son's mother. He probably makes 45k/yr. Can i get Mr belafontes attorney??

2597 days ago


Hope 'ol Mel B has a pre-nup with her new beau because this guy sounds like a real winner. He had to be dragged to court to pay $254/month? Boy can she pick 'em.

2597 days ago


she is a money hungry home wrecker

2597 days ago


ww i hope mel has got a good prenup or u know he will take her to cleaners.

2597 days ago


You're all correct -- especially 10, 11 -- trash, just plain 'ol trash. The whole bunch of
them including Mr. "Funnyman" Murphy. Looks like the Spice Girls' reunion will be
nixed -- thank God for small favors. Ugh...may they all procreate with each other and
stay away from decent people.

By the way, someone brought up Arsenio -- anybody know what he's doing? I thought
he was a nice guy.

2597 days ago


$254 a MONTH??!! That man must have next to no income! So much for him being a movie producer, or at least a producer with a paycheck. No wonder she's going after Eddie for the money. I loved how on Larry King neither she, nor her attorney, denied that Mel had asked Eddie for a 9 million dollar home.

2597 days ago


This guy Steven Belafonte is a real con artist. He changed his name to Belafonte so that people in Hollywood would think he is related to Harry Belafonte. I read Steven also has a criminal record. The guy has done nothing. But payback is a bit*h and this is what "Scary Spice" gets for trying to trap Axel Foley with a baby.

2597 days ago


Wow she basically has a guaranteed pay check for 18 years..... Great Business Head ( no pun intended )!!

2597 days ago


Hey ,

Stop dissing her. she is just hurt and is trying have a family. It is SAD That beuatiful women that is truly good end up with losers for BABY daddies and husband. I feel her I have a loser EX-CFL player baby daddy Troy Saunders and I had to put him on blast myself to get some child support and his dumb wife who is a phamarcies that makes over $200,000 is fight it.

SO my advice to MEL take eddie money and move on but drop your husband I smell user.

2597 days ago


Dear Mel, Snap decisions are soon forgotten and forgiven. Do the right thing and let the beautiful deceiver GO. You have got to be stronger than this! Put your baby first, always and forever. She will lead you into the light.

Love and Peace,
Momv4 xoxoxo
Fairfax, VA

2597 days ago
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