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Does Lumps and a Bump

8/10/2007 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stick figure Nicole Richie was snapped in L.A. yesterday, revealing her baby bump -- and her growing lady lumps ... and her roots! Getting healthy!

Looking better than she has for years, the celebubrat and wrong-way driver seems to have made a U turn in her life, and is preparing for motherhood. She won't have to worry about losing the baby weight! She can keep it!


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I've never seen a baby belly look quite that pointed! Look like an erection!

2597 days ago


Just add one more rich tax free person to the family.

2597 days ago


I think that she is a complete loser....and that Joel is a complete loser for staying with her... yeah if it's his kid then great but how does anyone know who's kid this really is.
Nicole... get some help
Joel....go check your self into a the phsyc. ward

2597 days ago


Well, good for her!! I hope she does well, although she doesn't look like she has the body build for labor. All hopes everything goes well!!!

2597 days ago


Finally! It seems like Nicole Richie gets it! As previously stated, everyone makes mistakes...and she seems to be on the right track with eating healthy and staying away from the Parisite that infects and causes distress to everyone it comes in contact with. Good for you!

2597 days ago


Jessica, everyone with good figures these days get away with wearing sexy Lingerie for day or evening ware. I just hope she finnaly has truly grown up especially for her baby on the way. I am not crazy about her but I wish her well & hope she has a happy life now & continue's to grow to become a respectful woman.

2597 days ago

annie p    

As much as I hate to admit it....she looks great. Honestly, we have all made our own mistakes. The difference is that we are able to sweep them under the carpet because we're not famous. We have no media flowing us and scrutinizing our every last move.
Who are we to judge? Anyone that sais they have never made at least one mistake is full of crap, it's probably more likea half dozen.

2597 days ago


HEY EVERYBODY!!!! I'm pregnant! But who gives a flying rat ball?

2597 days ago


I'm no fan of Nicole's but she does look great!! I've never understood why her face is all over the place to begin with. What the heck does she do??? Can she sing...can she act...she's only the daughter of Lionel Ritchie and she hangs around Paris...this is her biggest accomplishment (WHOOPIE!!!!) In the meantime, she has looked horrid in the a walking skeleton and she finally looks healthy. For the baby's sake, I hope she gets her act together. As far as this baby changing her life??? That's a possibility but motherhood isn't for everyone (i.e. Britney the Skank.) Not that I care one way or the other but I hope Nicole will grow up and be a responsible mother.

2597 days ago


who is she is she a singer or actor? a kid of an singer or actor i dont know who she is

2597 days ago


Holy cats! When did SHE get boobs??? I know they get bigger during pregnancy but sheeesh! Hopefully she keeps the baby weight.

2597 days ago


Nichole is pregnant? I thought she swallowed a grape.Booyahhhh!!!!

2597 days ago

By Lillian    

Who Cares!!! There are other things in the world to be concerned with. Like: What is happening to the poor and homeless in this Country, not whether or not some rich , unmarried broad had sex without a condom and now is pregnant. Big deal, women have been having children since the beginning of time, no one has ever made a big deal out of it before, so why start now, especially with someone who doesn't even deserve recognition. What has she done that was so great, besides bend over and touched her ankles.

2597 days ago

Little Big Man    

Ooooooooooooooooo Laaaaaaaaa Laaaaaaaaaaaa

2597 days ago


She looks great.. !! I loved her in the Simple Life when she seemed fun and carefree.. Maybe a little chucky but looked hot, compared to the last few years.. Pregnancy has done a wonder for you.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2597 days ago
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