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Does Lumps and a Bump

8/10/2007 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stick figure Nicole Richie was snapped in L.A. yesterday, revealing her baby bump -- and her growing lady lumps ... and her roots! Getting healthy!

Looking better than she has for years, the celebubrat and wrong-way driver seems to have made a U turn in her life, and is preparing for motherhood. She won't have to worry about losing the baby weight! She can keep it!


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She looks really good! Go Nicole!

2626 days ago


She looks great. We wish her luck & good health to her & new family to be. Our prayers are with you.

2626 days ago


I feel so sorry for that kid. Would you wish Nicole on ANYONE as their mother? That kid is just a tragedy waiting to happen.
If it's a girl, I'd give her 3 years before the eating disorders start. If it's a boy, just a matter of time before the drug use begins.
Nicole is a train wreck. She has no business having a kid.
It's just pathetic.

2626 days ago

crazii in love    

i think she looks really good!!!!!!!!!!

2626 days ago


i agree with number 5.

2626 days ago


She looks absolutely glowing!!!! She seems happy and in love, I can't help but be a fan of those who take responsibility. Being a mother is a difficult and challenging task, but I think she'll do great.

2626 days ago

Julie C    

i think she looks good for a change

2626 days ago


Nicole, You look great! Best of luck to you and your family. :) Another Nicole

2626 days ago


She looks like a snake after it swallowed pray.

2626 days ago


She looks very pretty in this pic, love the shirt. Hope you make a great mom!

2626 days ago

Give me a break!!!    

Ahh, she looks sooo cute! WTF????? What makes her more special looking than any other pregnant woman? I'm not knocking her, don't know her, so why would I? But, she has nothing more going on than any other woman who is pregnant. I myself was absolutely glowing whilst pregnant with my girls. This celebrity adoration has really got to stop, people need to get on with their own lives, raise their own children. And as for you naysayers who will think, "Hmmm, why is this woman looking at this article from TMZ?" I"m bored!!!!!!!!!

2626 days ago


She looks ADORABLE pregnant! I can just HOPE she ends up a better parent than some of these othere celebs...I wish her the very BEST of luck!

2626 days ago


how can the baby turn out beautiful, or even cute. she's got a rather ugly face, haven't you people really looked at her? even in makeup, you can't miss the ugly eyes, nose, mouth...they look like they came from three different people. add that to her ugly guy's looks and whatever comes out, it isn't going to be all that pleasant looking. am wondering if she got knocked up on purpose in an attempt to have the judge go easy on her. desperation makes people do dumb things.......her health doesn't appear to be all that good for creating new life inside of it...she's just skin and bones.

2626 days ago


Finally, she gets it. being so skinny is not good for you or the baby. let hope she doesnt go back to that. she should know better. she honestly needed a good smacking from her daddy.

2626 days ago


The first time I have seen her pictures that don't look like death on a corner eating a soda cracker. The smile on her face, the healthy appearence tells me that she is electing sobriety. I respect this since the child she carries will suffer her using if she dosent stop. First rule of recovery, dump your playmates, play grounds and play things. Lindsey and Britany gotta go. First step in guarenting that child a healthy sober momma.

2626 days ago
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