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The Devil and Billy Graham

8/10/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rev. Billy Graham's cover photo for Time magazine is innocent enough in and of itself -- but when you look at it superimposed over the Time logo, it looks like someone drew devil's horns on him. Say your prayers!
Billy Graham
The cover article, headlined "The Pastor In Chief," focuses on his "intense private and public relationships with every President going back to Harry Truman." The article does not mention, however, how Graham once said he thinks AIDS is a judgment of God.

Perhaps this cover is someone's judgment of him?


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Those of you that are so quick to judge have no clue about this man or about what he stands for or what he has done. I know personally that his organization has donated to an organization in Africa that is called Seeds of Hope. This orphanage is for children that are dying from aids and will die in that orphanage. This is wonderful orphanage that shows love, Gods endless love to each and every child there. They may not know their birth mother, but they know that God loves them and they will not die alone. Their peace, their hope is in God and they know that He loves and that they will have a wonderful life in Heaven instead of the hardships that they had to endure on earth.

2600 days ago


You can find excellent articles about the truth, goodness, justice, and mercy of the Christian faith at and There are also some excellent articles about truth, morality and science by Dr. J. P. Moreland and Dr. William Lane Craig easily available on the Internet.

2600 days ago


I am appalled by the total lack of taste a publication as large as
Time Magazine has displayed with their underhanded way of portraying
the Rev. Graham in a Satan-like stance. A mere editing accident?
Not likely, considering how strongly the cover of a magazine can
affect its sales, thereby increasing revenue, I find it hard to
believe that this was anything but a carefully planned slam against
the beloved man of God who had proven himself through a lifetime of
nearly NINE DECADES with no humilating scandals to tarnish the
reputation of him or his family and followers. He is the one man who
has helped me maintain my faith in God at times when it seemed as if
the world itself hads turned into hell. It breaks my heart to see
him slighted in such a way at this point in his life. He is a good
man...period. My greatest hope at this point is that Time Magazine will issue a swift and sincere apology and explanation for how such a travesty could occur on the cover of one of the most read magazines in the USA. In the likely even that this doesn't happen, I hope the backlash against Time Magazine from this injustice far exceeds the boycotts against television, radio and other media due to the offensive behavior of their actors/hosts/personalities, etc.

2600 days ago


Some people just like to follow blindly. They are too lazy to think for themselves and don't question authority. Politicians and organized religious leaders count on those people for their wealth and power. Not all of us are followers. We like to think and solve for ourselves. That doesn't make us sinners or evil it makes us smart and in control.

2600 days ago

johann dohmann    

Graham,is rich malti millionaire and has 4, million dollar homes big fancy cars homes are filled with lavish furnishings....he has bank accounts all over the world,and could'nt tell you the price of a loaf of bread or a quart
of milk..if his life depended on it ,he's a liar and as phoney as a 3 dollar bill.
The only time you see him on tv news is when he's having a meeting with higher up's in Washington,or the white house,I have never seen him walk with the poor or sit on the ground and eat off a paper plate or have a photo with any of the worlds poor....only when its posed , not the real poor,the man's 'pathetic',he's pulled the wool over people's eyes for 50 years.

If I never hear of Graham it'll be too soon!!!!!!!!!!


2600 days ago

Marianne In Florida    

To: johann dohmann

I beg to differ. Mr. and Mrs. Graham have lived in their same home in NC for decades. It is modest and humble. How in the world could you possibly know about his bank accounts??

To those who have put him in the same category as other fallen evangelists, they are not all the same. Billy Graham has never been accused of adulty or being involved in any financial scandal that I am aware of.

Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker (to name 2) have been caught in adultry and Baker and many others I'm sure have had financial issues. But -- I have never heard these things about Graham. He has never preached hatred to the homosexual community (AIDS) that I have heard about either.

Grouping all TV evangelists and Christians is as offensive as grouping any other ethnic or racial group.

2600 days ago


Of course AIDS is a judgment upon sexual immorality - God has clearly told us that He does this. (Romans 1:20-28)

However, that doesn't make a homosexual any worse of a sinner than myself or anyone else walking the planet. Christ's gift of Himself is open and available to anyone - He did the work, He grants repentance, and He provides the necessary faith. All we have to do is be willing to repent (stop sinning) and accept His gift and ask Him to make us what He wants us to be. It's about surrendering ourselves to Him.

This is Billy's message, and it is mine. But of course not ours, but God's.

Look at the world around you. Do you not realize that time is short?

2600 days ago

lori all talk    


2600 days ago

h. richards    

Sorry, just not seeing it like you guys. Not even close. Does not look like the devils horns to me ...if he really even has horns. Who says he has horns anyway??? You guys seem too just have too much time on your hands. It's truly amazing what tickles out fancy these days in the news.

2600 days ago


"The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love." -- Psalms 145:8

"Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed." -- John 3:19-20

If you are not a Christian but are still curious; if you think there's a chance that Jesus might be real, just ask God to show himself to you and He will. :)

You dont' have to be perfect to be forgiven. Jesus didn't come to save the perfect, but rather the sinner; i.e., all of us. :)

2600 days ago

midwest gal    

It would be nice if some of the haters would actually do research on the man before they start their Christian bashing frenzy.

Here is a quote from Billy Graham about this topic that you all hold so dear.

"I find it is emotional, with strong arguments on both sides of the issue. I intend to stay out of national and local politics while here. God loves all people whatever their ethnic or political background or their social orientation.”

The man is all about love. If your a Christian that is what it is all about.

2600 days ago

stop the madness    

oh I get it the m behind him looks like devil horns

2600 days ago


TMZ, verify that Billy Graham made these comments, when and where! It is my understanding that he did not!

He does not drive luxury cars or live in mansions - his home is a log cabin in the Carolinas.

2600 days ago


do you idiots really think God is ok with you poking you peniiiiiiiiiiiiis in anyone U damn well please? Do you really think God is ok with men marrying men and women marrying women? U got to know this is wrong. If you don't care what God thinks or what the Bible says, then that's fine but to say or believe God's ok with it is just plain stupid. If a person walks into traffic and get hit by a car and dies, it's not God's fault. If u people believe you can just do whatever you want and God's ok with it u are stupid as hell and u know it. And this goes for christians too. U can't have affairs or sleep with as many people as u want, have kids w/o being married is so against the teachings of God as we all damn well know it. And if u r ok with it, u are only fooling yourselves.

2599 days ago

Go Sarah!    

Is there anyone you do not pick on? Go to town on the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or Mel Gibson. Leave Billy Graham out of it.

2598 days ago
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