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The Devil and Billy Graham

8/10/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rev. Billy Graham's cover photo for Time magazine is innocent enough in and of itself -- but when you look at it superimposed over the Time logo, it looks like someone drew devil's horns on him. Say your prayers!
Billy Graham
The cover article, headlined "The Pastor In Chief," focuses on his "intense private and public relationships with every President going back to Harry Truman." The article does not mention, however, how Graham once said he thinks AIDS is a judgment of God.

Perhaps this cover is someone's judgment of him?


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Go Sarah!    

Why is Billy Graham unpopular on this site? I guess people do not like to be confronted with...

2568 days ago

Steve Johnson    


Like...some "Liberal" ~ "Commie" ~ "Socialist"...At Time Magazine did not "INTEND" to do this on purpose.



2567 days ago


Those who are without sin, cast the first stone!

I didn't think so!!!!

2567 days ago

Donna B.    

Time Magazine will pay for this! Surely they knew what they were doing. Obviously it is headed by some atheist! Go ahead and make fun and call Dr. Graham those horrible names. He is the only preacher that I would ever listen to on TV or the radio. He has lived the Christian life that he preaches ,unlike some of the other yahoos (Joel Osteen for one)that is just out for the money; telling the poeple what they want to hear. They too will burn in HELL one day! I agree with Dr. Graham's stand on AIDS and homosexuality. It is a SIN and God will punish you for your sins! Plain and simple! When all you yahoos are burning in HELL, take a look up into HEAVEN, then you will know how WRONG you are!

2566 days ago


Devil? No.

Batman? Yes

2566 days ago

Jack Ford Jr    

Those making all of these negative remarks about Dr. Graham have never done anything positive or constructive for humanity. When someone like Dr. Graham comes along and not only preaches the truth but lives it in front of the world they get very uncomfortable. Therefore they make these senseless remarks and hope that someone will call them COOL! I have a word for you FOOL! So you go from a "C" to an "F"

2564 days ago


When Jesus walked this Earth, I know he was tempted by the Devil and certainly made mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the human condition. I believe that when Billy Graham's life ends, he will be going straight to heaven. He has been the Lord's faithful servant here on Earth and sure he has made mistakes or misspoke but his heart was always there. I believe in the past decade he was interviewed on 60 minutes and was asked what if your son declared that he was gay. I believe his response was I would love him more.

2562 days ago

Robin Groves McLaughlin    

I am sickened by this. I have always thought that TIME was a respectable magazine with some integrity that would not stoop to such shallow, puerile hate-mongering. Rev. Billy Graham has had the respect of foreign dignitaries and world leaders, whether they were of the same faith or ideology or not. His ministry has retained it's integrity while others have fallen into scandal and hypocrisy. The media has truly gone too far this time. God bless America because she desperately needs it.

2562 days ago

write on    

Dear DirtyBird

Regarding 1 in 3 chance to get it right now.

More like a 75 percent chance to get it wrong.

2560 days ago
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