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The Devil and Billy Graham

8/10/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rev. Billy Graham's cover photo for Time magazine is innocent enough in and of itself -- but when you look at it superimposed over the Time logo, it looks like someone drew devil's horns on him. Say your prayers!
Billy Graham
The cover article, headlined "The Pastor In Chief," focuses on his "intense private and public relationships with every President going back to Harry Truman." The article does not mention, however, how Graham once said he thinks AIDS is a judgment of God.

Perhaps this cover is someone's judgment of him?


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In 1993, Graham said in Columbus, Ohio "Is AIDS a judgment of God? I could not say for sure, but I think so." After seeing letters criticizing that comment, Graham later said "I remember saying it, and I immediately regretted it and almost went back and clarified the statement," and "To say God has judged people with AIDS would be very wrong and very cruel."

2609 days ago


Hopefully he dies soon.. the devil is waiting for him

2609 days ago


#53 goike.. who are you refering too, "former used car salesman"... because its not Rev Graham.....He graduated from college and the seminary.....hes never claimed to be a "prophet".....thats the Mormons who believe there is prophets on earth........
Its sad the uneducated hate mongers are so afraid of what is ahead for them, they have to say disgusting comments about Rev. Graham.....JUST because he's a christain...
sad, truly sad..........

2609 days ago


He IS being revealed as Satan! At a time when our world is crashing down around us, ever hear the saying "only TIME will tell" ........................... ?!?!

2609 days ago


Children are innocent; however, they can be casualties of war. It specifically tells you in the Bible that a man should not lay with another man. I know that everyone has a right to their opinion, which includes me. I had rather be prepared for Heaven than be surprised by Hell. I would hate to go one day through life thinking that I was in this world alone without God to watch over me. Maybe children would not have to suffer if there were not selfish immoral adults in this world to bring it upon them.

2609 days ago


Okay Kim... Tell that an Anti war activist next time a child dies in Iraq from a US bomb..

Your bible thumpers are brain washed fools the bible isnt suppose to be taken literally

2609 days ago


Ok, this article is about one man and his impact on how he's lived his life and how its affected those around him to include some of the most influential men and women the world has known over the past half century. Sure the cover may be for a laugh, it may be an accident, who knows? People perceive what they want to when they look at something and they'll pretty much stick with their first choice once they've made it.

All i know is right now at this moment I have a 25% chance to choose a religion that's gonna get me cool stuff in the afterlife, all determined on whether I choose correctly or not.

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism (forgive me if I didnt mention your religion, but it prolly doesnt have over 100 million followers)

so a 1 in 4 chance to get it right. I sure each one has their own version of Billy too, and each of these Billy's could make a pretty good argument on why their religon and beliefs are best, break out a powerpoint presentation, a free pen set, maybe even a no-pressure Time share condo pitch to me so that I could join their Troop and do good in the name of their religion.

Just so hard to decide. I think i'll just read the article like I do with all Time articles, I'll read more TMZ and just move on with my life.

2609 days ago


I would tell that to an anti war activist. I believe the word of God is to be taken literally. Sorry that you believe we Bible thumpers, as you call us, are stupid. But I had rather be stupid and prepared than "smart" and spend eternity in HELL. I will pray for your soul.

2609 days ago


To "Get Real"......what about all the americans that have died, to defend your freedom and stop the psycho murdering evil spawns from getting here to kill more of us??
Does that bother you?? for an american child to be killed, here or there, from one of "their" roadside bombs?? All the soldiers are american children...
We either stop those crazyies there, or they'll be MORE in force here than they already are...
I feel so sorry for you.......Life must be miserable for you to be so upset that there are "US".....out here, that love America and Americans MORE than we love murdering psychos and want them DEAD before they kill anothere American, child or otherwise..
Yep, "US" "BIBLE THUMPERS" are really to be hated and and despised by those of you, that are afraid deep down, because you know you'll be held accountable for your statements of hate one day.......about a good a loving man ...and his beliefs.....which are mine too......

2609 days ago


How Sad. A man who has dedicated and lived his life for Christ is being judged for the Aids comment he made by a man who dedicates and lives his life for TMZ. Don't get me wrong I enjoy reading TMZ, but come on, what is this world coming to. All you have to do is read the reader's comments and we can see.

2609 days ago



TMZ, stick to what you know best. making fun of the immoral attention whores-the britney spearses and lindsay lohans of the world. and leave the good people that are trying to do things for mankind alone. u can disagree with him and his stance on AIDS, but to call him the devil!! then what would u call lindsay lohan and britney spears? angels?? that is so outrageous, it's almost sick.

billy graham is an upright man, who has moral conviction...for all of you who don't know otherwise, it's because you are ignorant to know what billy graham has's a far cry more than all of you and me and tmz have done for the world! so please leave this man alone.

2609 days ago


To be truthful.......This isnt really about Rev Graham.......Its about the hate mongering Liberal Press and who runs it.....Folks so scared of whats coming to them, they have to even do such as this; put a cover of Rev Graham out that purposely trys to make him look as if he has horns...........
THESE are the same folks, that are behind the "clintons, kerrys, obamas, etc etc"
now THATS scarey... to me......

2609 days ago


Gamehound wanted proof, here it is.

Leviticus 18:22

2609 days ago


oooh okay so now god wrote the bible.. Funny it was my understanding that men wrote the bible.... Your even more brain washed than I first thought LOL its people like you that make Satanic bastards like Graham rich. Keep sending him your money and support.

2609 days ago


And no one at Time caught that? Bwahahahaha!

2609 days ago
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