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Zahara to Play in Chicago

8/10/2007 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebutot Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt debuted an adorable new Minnie Mouse hairstyle today in Chicago, where she was accompanied by her mother, a humanitarian activist.
After a shopping spree at Timeless Toys, the international superstar wiped her nose as she was carried away.


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US/STAR Lies    

Hating on a 2 year old sweetie baby girl and her mom. Zahara's hair is fine. Angelina is not on heroin nor any other drug. Some sick people find joy in repeating lies about others without any proof whatsoever because some people are miserable low lifes projecting their bitterness on any target they can. Well I heard that JenA is heavy into cocaine, but since I have no personal knowledge and possess integrity unlike many who comment here I do not put any credence in such a rumor nor would I comment as if I knew it were true like some of you do regarding Angelina. Brad has been with the woman he loves and their now four children for going on three years. He is a grown man who is exactly where he wants to be. Some of you act as if he was married to and divorced from you. Hello, he was not!! What a bunch of losers to carp on others who are just trying to live their lives the best way they can!

2639 days ago


It's so obvious you want you help Jolie self-promote herself..."A humanitarian activist"-How about "a third world children's collector who is auditioning for Sainthood?
You also said: "The international superstar"-How about-Brad Pitt's mistress who is presently box office poison-NOBODY went to see her last two movies.?

Next time, don't get so ceative regarding Angelina, we know who she really is .

2639 days ago

showers of Blessings    

Please also go to web site. The Jolie/Pitt thread has many educated and informed, and reasonable people.

Another good site is


2639 days ago

showers of Blessings    

credit: Jill

after reading some of the garbage the Jentrash has posted on this blog, I can believe anything.

I’m beginning to get a composite picture of the typical Dogiston fan: a fat, homely, lonely, racist, bitter woman with a high school diploma and a fifth grade reading level who sits drooling in front of the TV in her double-wide while reading L&S or Outa Touch (following the words with her finger and mouthing them out loud) and shedding real tears over the thought of poor X all alone, with no man and no life. One wonders whether to pity or despise people like that. Maybe a little of both?

2639 days ago

showers of Blessings    

credit: truth (from

I just want to back you up by saying that the reason why most of us support her is because of her compassion for people around the world. Her fans are going to love her regardless, so people running up and down to discredit are are just wasting their time. This is not a superficial thing, it is not about whether she’s fat or thin and that’s the same reason why Brad loves her. Check out the pictures of Maddox’s birthday and see how this woman cares for all her children. What man will not care for her in return? Brad is going to be there for her through thick and thin. That’s what love is.

2639 days ago


The little girl has very nice hair and does not need a stylist or a black nanny or anyone to put chemicals and products on it and torture it into some kind of "doo" that makes her hair look straight, when it is not. She does not need to grow up thinking that there is something wrong with her. I wish all those long hair weaves that so many women wear would disappear off the earth. They aren't fooling anybody.

When Halle Berry wore her own hair in a short cut, she was gorgeous. Now she has caught the weave fever, and has not looked right since. Star Jones looks great in her own hair now. There are a few others who have cut off the weaves, and they look great. Zahara is going to be a very pretty young lady. She has the face shape and features that will be very lovely. Anyone who criticizes her looks is just trying to be funny.

2639 days ago


U tell'em Mazzie!

2639 days ago


Has anyone noticed her hands?!?!
Is it just because she is so thin, or are her hands as large as her her head is long?!?!

2639 days ago


anos are always cold, hence the sweater. Zahara needs some oil in her hair, not a new hair style morons. The reason everyone always comments on her hair is because it never ever looks neat or tidy. EVER! It doesn't take much care to put oil on it. OIL YOUR CHILDS HAIR

2639 days ago


"why we love this family," how about some "compassion" for poor abused Shiloh, or does your "compassion" end when it comes to children who weren't purchased from a third world country flea market? Is that why you don't see anything wrong with Angie calling her own REAL child a blob? Is that why you see nothing wrong with a mother allowing one of her children to emotionally abuse a precious little baby who has no idea why she is being screamed at all the time? Where is you "compassion" for Z who is learning now to be a cruel human being and will soon be physically abusing little Shiloh when emotionally abusing her becomes boring.

As for these publicity shots, isn't it amazing how the nannies and bodygurads never make it into these pictures? They used to, every once in awhile, but hypocrite Angie keeps them out now, so everyone will think she is actually not getting help from MULTIPLE sources. HYPOCRITE! Angie won't even stay home with her kids, LOL, but she is always photographed holding them. Of course, she is holding them as they are being drug from one airport to another, from one day care to another, while Angie bobs around the world making movies no one goes to see, one right on top of the other ad nauseam, and then she tells an interviewer she is an "at-home mother when her kids don't even know where their home actually IS! HYPOCRITE!!!

As for the Angie-thing, the box office tells the truth about how the MAJORITY of people feel about this globe-trotting mother who won't stay home. Her movies bomb because she is box-office poison, and you Angie-thing supporters must be SO few in number or her movies wouldn't be bombing so badly time after time ever since she stole another man's husband. Yeah, she hates her own father for what she does herself, what a hypocrite. If Angie was as popular as some of you try to assert, her movies wouldn't be such huge bombs. And THAT is a truth you cannot spin no matter how hard you try to deny THE TRUTH about this hag.

Brad, GET SHILOH AWAY FROM THIS HORRID WOMAN! Even Kevin Federline is trying to get his kids away from a bad situation, and Britney doesn't even abuse her kids!

2639 days ago


JustJared is a wimpy ass web site. They ban anyone that have any negative things to say about this confused woman. It is not a celebrity blog , it is actually a Jolie/Pitt fan site disguised as a celebrity blog for brangeloonies. Yes, visit and look at all the comments on other celebrities. Hardly any at all. Then go to the Brangelina thread. Thousands!All they do is talk about how wonderful she is and comment on what type of cracker Zahara's eating. LAME!
Example comment: Oh, look how Angie's hand is touching Brad's shoulder. Isn't that so sweet. God Bless BAMPZ! Lame ass web site. is where all the actions at.

2639 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Not fair to the child, society is not ready and is still too cruel.

A black person should have adopted her from the child's country,

Oprah should have done it.

Otherwise she might grow up confused on family background.

2639 days ago

Nick La what    

This child is NOT going to grow up confused because she sees a different race in her mother. As long as she feels love she will not care. So that was a dumb comment.

2639 days ago

Nick La what    

You know I would love it if this child had a hat on, just to see what you idiots could then pull out of your asses to talk about. There is nothing to see here but a mother carrying her precious child as they head towards the toy store during her break from the movie set.

Some of you sound so stupid---ALL those picking on this child’s hair. It clearly shows that you have NOTHING else that you could say about them. They have done nothing wrong but act like a loving family out in public.

2639 days ago


This child is not even close to ugly compared to Heidi Klum and Scarface's kids. They are a hidious bunch! Good thing they all have money and can buy their way through life, cuz they ain't going nowhere with looks alone!

2639 days ago
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