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Britney's Wild Ride

8/12/2007 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bizarro Brit has one more thing to wig out about, y'all. Last night, as she was at Wakano with a new man when wacky Brit-Brit had an unfortunate run-in with a paparazzo's foot. As Britney half-heartedly attempted to hide behind a beige trench coat in the passenger seat, her manly driver companion accidentally ran over the paw of one of the paps.

"My foot, my foot dude," said the perturbed pap before Brit's driver eventually backed up. Not cool, bro!


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Maybe next time the pap won't get so damn close!

2631 days ago

sara penney    

This is so stupid~
Time and time again these idiot photographers crowd
against the cars of people who have OBVIOUSLY gotten
in their cars to start them and LEAVE...hellooooo???????

My advice to them? GET OUT OF THE WAY!~
You did it to yourself ditwad!!

No sympathy here. Look out for your own a**
because nobody else will. You put your own
foot down on the ground precisely where the
person's car had to roll over with its tire to leave.

You had more than enough time to get out of the
way once you heard the car start. DUH~

Get real!

2631 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

If you see Britney in a car, whether she's a driver or a passenger, you should be AT LEAST 10 feet away! No sympathy there!

2631 days ago

Heather Dawn    

If they were THAT close to me, I would have run over alot more than their toe : )

2631 days ago


Maybe if the Pap didnt have his foot near the tire, um...this wouldnt have happend.... not a Brit Fan, I think she is draging herself through hell, and she needs a really good shrink... or a hug.... not sure which...

But another post to fill in the blanks,,,,

who cares about a Pap getting his foot run over when he puts his foot infront of the tire ????!!!! There should be laws for how close they can get to their victims. And there should be Major Fines for the paps and their rags for not adhering to those laws.!!! ahhh... Dreams..... :-)

2631 days ago


it was an accident and if you are going to stand on top of someone's care when they are trying to leave you deserve to get run over, idiot.

2631 days ago


Somebody needs to just bust this ho in the face. Keep your fat a** home, skank. Your ugly, can't sing, and a rotten mother. She is so damn stupid. People that dumb need to be beaten.

2631 days ago


he's just doing his job, lay off people. that skank HOWEVER, has no business being out at all times of the night when she should be home with her kids. if she wasn't whoring herself out for every possible picture the paps could get, this wouldn't happen.

2631 days ago


No comment on Brit. But sorry, TMZ, not sympathy for the paps who hover over celebrity cars. Getting a foot run over is an occupational hazard.

2631 days ago


Uh--this is completely the pap's fault for being in the way!!!! Idiot!!!

2631 days ago


#s 8 and 9 are nutjobs.

2631 days ago



Another big headline: A photog stepped out in front of a car and got his foot run over by a car that Brittney was a passenger in. Yea tmz, that makes her bizarre again. Its becoming more apparent to me that the staff at tmz is nuts!

2631 days ago


Yes, #11 is absolutely correct -- those two are nutjobs. We need a law that prevents ANYBODY from getting in your face. I would suggest 6 feet. I don't care who it is. Use your telephoto lens for God's sake. Heck, we've seen photos from 200 yards away, the paps don't need to be so close. Back off! They are just trying to provoke an incident
so "they" can cash in on some of these celebrities.

2631 days ago

Easily Bored    

I have zero sympathy for any of these fans or photographers who get their toes run over by celebrities' cars. If someone is sitting behind the wheel of a car and you're getting all up in the windshield trying to make a buck, then you're risking the chance that your toes will get smashed. Back off for crying out loud. It's a picture of Britney Spears riding shotgun. Was it worth it?

2631 days ago


Only an idiot would walk so close to a car that was moving as to have it's foot run over. Stupidity is a sin. This thing deserved to get ran over.

2631 days ago
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