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Gummi Bear Sticks to the Sand

8/12/2007 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis horrified onlookers at Paris Hilton's Malibu beach house when he drew a smiley face on his plump chest in in suntan lotion -- or was it mustard?

Then Davis, clad in the inexplicable/inexcusable combo of a dress shirt and sarong, took off running down the beach, his man jugs a-jiggling as he ran.


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2626 days ago


lose some weight fat-ass!!!!

2626 days ago


OMG, LOL, not this guy again. He is about as interesting as baked, chocolate covered ants. But he's also like watching a freak show strolling down the don't want to look, but your head turns anyway. LOL

"his man jugs a-jiggling"...give him a man-bra with a couple of extra stitched in cups for his drinks.

2626 days ago


That fatso can RUN?!??!! Get out!!!

2626 days ago


Is this guy blowing Harvey for the coverage, or what? who the hell is he?

(rhetorical question, I really don't want to know).

2626 days ago

The Marian Movement    

Gummi thanks for that - you made my day.

I love to run on the beach are smarter, funnier, cooler,tuffer, healthier and better looking than the average bear. That's why they are jealous. You are the total bear package.

All these beach pics - I want summer! That's it - taking my little snow board and heading for the slopes...

2626 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

He is so fat and looks like he doesn't care who see's him, looks lik somebody threw
up on him and some of it slid off or dried up. BEACHED WHALE!

2626 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Hey Moe # 11, go easy with Bunny, probably did not care enough to try and thanks
for giving us all the useless information, who cares? Oh that' right, YOU DO!

2626 days ago

The Marian Movement    

He's taking the piss as KiKi said. He's doing a Bo Derek "10".

That's the difference between Gummi and Perez -

Perez has low self respect/esteem and an over inflated ego. In other words he's got his head up his a#@e. Gummi has high self respect and is humble. Ego Vs Humility. The first is weak the latter strong. The first annoying as hell the latter funny.


2626 days ago

Sick of Her    

I think he and Britney would make a great couple - two slobs of a kind.

2625 days ago


It took some time (I MUST be bored tonight...), but apparently Jason Davis, is a 'socialite' heir to a billion dollar fortune of father Marvin Davis' oil drilling business. He's the brother of Brandon Davis, the one who originally coined the term 'fire crotch.' Why the hell TMZ thinks we're remotely interested in "Gummi" and brother "Greasy" Bear's life, bodily defects, gross behavior, or stupid nicknames is completely beyond me.

Just makes me think that TMZ doesn't always do a good job at paparazzi'ing.

2625 days ago

in da know    

And I did that.... Love you Gummi!

2625 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

That is true about googling his name, but I guess some people are just too busy to that and that shows how unimportant this guy is.
I agree with you.

Anyhow to those who ask, this guy is a big name, Hollywood /Beverly Hills etc. heir to the Davis fortune...OIL money. Marvin Davis ,the late grandfather , I think had some movie /Hollywood investments.

Gummi Bear and his Greasly Bear seem to live off of their inheritance and are in the group of the wasteful, directionless, trust fund babies.

Sad. Very sad. Waste of life in my opinion. They could have gone to college , FREE. major in anything. Work at funding charhites nad having charity fundraisers for inmportant things like L.A. public schools to cancer. Their grandmother ,Barbara Davis , has a charitable ball everyyear, but that is hers project ,not theirs. What dothey do?
Much of nothing it seems.

2625 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Maybe he could be a summo wrestler.

2625 days ago


So this is what happen to RICKY MARTIN.

2625 days ago
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