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Shimizu: Angie's Hooked on Lady Lovin'

8/12/2007 11:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obsessive child adopter Angelina Jolie says that "I've never hidden my bisexuality, but since I've been with Brad, there's no longer a place for that or S&M in my life."

But Jolie's former lady lover, model/actress/mechanic Jenny Shimizu doesn't buy it. Shimizu and Jolie met in 1996, while working on the craptastic teen film "Foxfire." The Sapphic pair were involved on and off for several years.

"She loves danger and dabbling in the dark side," Shimizu recently told UK tabloid News of the World. "Angelina is an unbelievable lesbian lover. That's where she gets her kicks -- not playing happy family with one man," she added.

Shimizu doesn't buy Angie's story of monogamous heterosexual lovin'. "She loves women too much. It's like a drug and she was hooked."


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He's Boring now    

#107 Injun Mike.

I doubt Jenny needed her mother there as an "interpreter" as you claim. She is Japanese American, born in Southern California. Nice elaborate story, but your details gave it away, especially the one at the end.

2592 days ago

That poor court monitor!    

I'll tell you, if my former lover was blabbing publicly to the WORLD PRESS! about the intimate details of my life, I would have a very BIG problem with that person, male or female. Does this creature, Jenny Shimizu, have no discretion, maturity nor class? What kind of confident is she? I can see why Jolie is done with her. BTW, Jenny, four innocent children, ages 1-6 years old, are involved in your inappropriate and thoughtless global public remarks. Did you ever stop to think about THAT? Who are YOU?

2592 days ago


Jenny, Jenny, Jenny: From what I can read, it clearly seems that everybody is on to you dear. Leave it alone Shumitzu! It is just getting as old as your relationship with Angelilna. Forget it!

2591 days ago


IF Angelina were heterosexual - lol lol lol - do you really think she would be with fem pretty Brad Pitt?

2591 days ago


LOTS of gay men have relationships with women for convenience.- MOC = mariages of convenience. It gives fans an appearance that SELLS their movies, etc. CAN you think of ANY GAY MAN who fans run to see in a straight role in movies - think think and think lol.

Society and fans pressure gay men to get in relationships for APPEARANCE - except for the sex part - they have a grand friendship that works in society's eyes.

2591 days ago


To me - Brad Pitt would be USELESS as a bed mate lol lol

Brad is pretty and a CONVENIENCE relationship with Angie works for both! That is my opinion !!!!!!!!!! Have fun all - remember Jolie recently INVITED her lesbian lover to be the godparent of all her kids - even tho pretty Brad whined lol - Anglie is a hero to ALL women !!!!!!!!

2591 days ago

Gary B    

That's a girl?

2591 days ago


Angie is probably laughing at all this sillyness to believe pretty Brad is her bed mate lol lol lol

Leave the gurl alone - she told the world she was "in love" with her brother - She invited her lesbian lover to be god parent to her kids - BRAD helps with the photo opp - leave her alone - I would think pretty Brad is more fem in bed than her lesbian lovers - all of em lol lol lol

2591 days ago


I see pretty BRAD PITT more GIRLY than the lesbian lover lol lol lol ^5

2591 days ago


She is only making a comment, calm down.. PEOPLE ON HERE ARE SUCH HATERS.. it is so funny... especially Akbari Ali-Ajca, who says wierdo... LOOK AT YOUR NAME YOU FREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed my azz off when I read your name... now that is wierd.. AHAHAHHA

Anyway all of us men are suffering.. ALL THE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN NOW are lesbians.. what the hell??? AND THEY LIKE THE MASCULINE ONES !!! It is just how it is..

2591 days ago


One word for Jenny: "Hater!" --- she needs to move on...obviously Angelina has...doesn't she have anything else she's famous for???? Get a life!

2591 days ago


Hey Angie...if you want lady lovin, I am here for you.

2591 days ago


"AND THEY LIKE THE MASCULINE ONES !!! " Not all lesbians are into masculine, butch or androgynous women. Nothing wrong with it, but to each their own choice.

2591 days ago


This chick is pathetic! OK, to start off with, Angelina Jolie is a mother now, she is older (only 32) and she has prioritized her life and her family comes first. I am completely sure that all of us in that situation have crazy stories from our past, as well as habits and activities we no longer take part in because of our new responsibilities. This chick needs to move on, get a life, she is obviously so jealous that Angelina has done just that. Geez, I would be sad as well to have to scratch Angelina Jolie off my Bootie Call list, but get a grip lady!!

2591 days ago


Whether these are recent comments by Jenny S or not, she is out of line. Angelina has moved on and has clearly stated many times that she loves Brad Pitt, and she is devoted to their children. Jenny S. needs to shut up.

2591 days ago
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