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A Better Look at the Brad Garrett B*tch-Slap

8/13/2007 6:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He launched his violent attack just out of the range of our camera, but it turns out someone else was rolling when Brad Garrett unleashed a light-shattering uppercut on a TMZ camera in Malibu last night.

In the footage shot by a photog further away from the action, you can clearly see the 6'8" "Everybody Loves Raymond" star reach down and sucker-slap the camera in front of a crowd of paparazzi, knocking the equipment back into the photog's face. Keep your eye on the light attached to the top of the camera -- Brad knocks it clear out of the frame.

A rep for Garrett had no comment.


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I agree with # 13

2523 days ago


I didnt see anything, and I didnt read your story first, because I wanted to judge it clearly.
I wish you would have video taped more. Your camera man called him a angry racist, what did he say?

2523 days ago


That is AWESOME! The pap's deserve it. If it were me, I would make him and Cameron Diaz look like saints! They should get a real job. Buut on the other side, I read this site and 4 others like it every day....go figure! ( :

2523 days ago


This guy can try all he wants. He better save his money from the Raymond reruns because he is going to need it. He is a loser like Kramer Guy..............Thats what I have to say and I sticken to it.................

2523 days ago


I think the paps are the obnoxious losers in high school who have gotten older, but not grown-up. If they did, they would have a real job and wouldn't be trying to provoke a celebrity into doing something they obviously wouldn't do otherwise. That guy is real lucky...I think if Brad Garrett really wanted to hurt him, he could have done a lot worse.

I don't give the TMZ guy any pass here, he has a job where he knows he's going to be around a bunch of rude individuals trying to create a story. You don't want to be lumped in with the rest of them and get retaliated against, then find a different profession.

2523 days ago

just me    

I have always enjoyed Garrett's performances but that was before discovering today that he is a giant jerk. He was angry because one photog was scorning him about his contemptible racist remarks but rather than confront his accuser and unleash his anger on the photog who was scorning him, he assaulted one of the photogs who was silent and saying nothing. It appears Garrett is more a rageful brute than the gentle giant he is perceived to be, the sort of rageful brute who when angered strikes first the one closest to him rather than going after the one who angers him. You know the type, the type who takes his anger at the chef out on the waitress and the type who smacks his wife and children around after he has had a bad day at the office. He is no gentle giant but rather a giant jerk deserving nothing but contempt. No way will I ever again be able to enjoy and laugh at the adorable character he portrays on stage and television sitcoms. He is garbage!

2523 days ago


you guys probably should not have posted this. Brad Garrett is a completely annoying douch bag..... a big yawwwwwwner celeb.

2523 days ago

Must suck to be TMZ!    

MSNBC reported about the "attack" from Brad to the photographer. And TMZ says "No charges have been filed since the camera was not damaged". The CAMERA??? How little value TMZ has for their employees. Gee, the PHOTOGRAPHER got hurt, but hey, as long as the money maker is fine, no need to press charges. (rolling eyes).

Then again, why should I have expected TMZ to care about another human being. Look at the way they remembered Merv Griffin! Tasteless, classless, and very tacky.

Brad, I don't blame you for what you did!

2523 days ago

Give cool a break    

Again, if that pap was a hot girl in bikini, things would be totally different.

Someone take a note already.

2523 days ago


I wonder if Brad Garrett will sue TMZ for defamation of character. Wouldn't that be cool?!?

2523 days ago


Love Brad..

The pap deserved it...I can't beleive how annoying they can be!!... I would have done worse!!...

Good Job Brad!!

2523 days ago

max power    

whats the big deal ...the photog deserves it!...i cant believe TMZ is now gonna be on isnt "real"...its crap

2523 days ago


These camera hounds deserve to be bitch slapped. They're dangerous and pathologically intrusive.

2523 days ago

Steve S    

He should have shoved that camera up his arse like all paparazzi stalkers deserve.

2523 days ago

John Lazear    

I love the fact that TMZ won't press charges because the CAMERA was not hurt...who cares about a cameraman...they are replaceable. Seems to me that TMZ is a top notch company from the top down

2523 days ago
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