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A Better Look at the Brad Garrett B*tch-Slap

8/13/2007 6:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He launched his violent attack just out of the range of our camera, but it turns out someone else was rolling when Brad Garrett unleashed a light-shattering uppercut on a TMZ camera in Malibu last night.

In the footage shot by a photog further away from the action, you can clearly see the 6'8" "Everybody Loves Raymond" star reach down and sucker-slap the camera in front of a crowd of paparazzi, knocking the equipment back into the photog's face. Keep your eye on the light attached to the top of the camera -- Brad knocks it clear out of the frame.

A rep for Garrett had no comment.


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I think stars should be allowed to carry guns and leave the paparazzi on the side of the road like the vermin they are.

2439 days ago


To bad it's illegal to beat the crap out of these leaches that are really stalkers

2439 days ago


This is a perfect example of why there should be laws governing how close photographers can get to you on a public street. Brad Garrett had every right to slap the camera out of his face. These photographers will take their cameras and shove them right in your face, take a picture (flash and all) and not think twice about being completely annoying. Yet when a celeb is annoyed and shows it by slapping probably the 12,000,000,000th camera pushed into his line of sight out of his face..he's looked at as having a bad temper.

2439 days ago

Mark Allen    

Leave the man alone! He did what ANY human would do at an evening out with freaks stalking him!

2439 days ago


I agree with 98% of the people on here. TMZ photog ( and the circus taunter) should have received a beating instead of a shove. TMZ crossed the line and according to the comments here, I am well into the majority.

2439 days ago


That Brad Garrett actually said the racist remarks to which the first photographer refers has not been corroborated by anyone; bear in mind that it is posted by the same website that the photographer who had his camera pushed away works for. This website claims that the photographer was left with a swollen eye but if you look at the 2nd version of the video that they posted the camera goes no where near his face and the photographer shows no sign of being hurt; he doesn't even raise his hand to his face which most people will do if hurt. If they embroider this incident whose to know whether the racist comment even happened. If it did, why didn't the photgrapher who claims Brad said this to him publicise this earlier; surely this would have been news - a 3 time Emmy winner from one of the most popular shows ever making racist comments. Were these accustions purely to provoke a response, which they must have known would; a racist is one of the worst things you can accuse someone of being.I would therefore, personally, view with scepticism everything TMZ have posted about the incident until proved otherwise.

2439 days ago


oh whatever that was not a big deal.. come on.. getting a little too sensitive?

2439 days ago


That's the sound of TMZ crying after they hound a celebrity to their breaking point.
Nobody has any sympathy for your photographers any longer and Garrett should have kicked all your asses.
He's a jerk, but somebody has to do it.

2439 days ago


I like TMZ and go on this site every day. However, there is a fine line between getting the photo and stalking. Many photographers cross that line and provoke these celebs to react in a negitive way in order to make more money on the photo. They can't even get a Big Mac for heaven's sake. I feel for them and wouldn't want to be stalked like that. Just because they are famous doesn't give these photogs the right to invade their personal space. I think there should be much stronger laws to protect these celebs. TMZ and others can still get their photos without being so invasive.

2439 days ago


This big goofy.....must be mad because he's not a star on Raymond anymore!!! If these photographers wouldn't take pix of these losers they would be more upset! I think there should be a black-out of some of these people and then see how much they cooperate to get their pix. Hooray for D-Lister - Kathy - she loves to be photorgraphed.

2439 days ago


Good for Brad! I would go out of my mind if I could not go to dinner, the pharmacy or even take a pee without a bunch of half-crazed men chasing me with cameras hoping to get a photo they could sell--or worse, publish on this site with their "always truthful" commentary.

Further more, Brad Garret is not exactly equated with sensationalism----I mean who is going to give a hoot about a picture of Brad Garret holding the car door for a dinner date--not I, that is for sure!!

2439 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

Looked pretty smooth to me, he removes the offending light and takes care of his lady companion.

I am Todd. Hear Me Roar!

2439 days ago


Good for the paparazzi deserve it!!!! You treat the stars too low and no exceptions. You are the reasons why we have Britney Spears..hope you will stop haunting them for business.

2439 days ago

ON Brads side    

I don't blame Brad one bit! and here we go again with the racist talk.. omg.. why does it always go there? Yeah, anti-paparazzi maybe..

2439 days ago


TMZ I am no longer viewing your website, You make a story out of nothing, actually you create it, by egging someone on and then when you get what you want you then post it as news. You are low, Harry Levine is an ambulance chasing lawyer who has to be the back drop of The People;s Court, He is a lawyer but he has some issues, this site use to be more about real news now they just cut people up and call that news, they don't do any investigating. GOODBYE, I am taking blocking you from my computer.

2439 days ago
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