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Baby Mama To NFL Star: Keep Paris & Brit Away!

8/13/2007 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Arizona Cardinal's QB Matt Leinart has settled his custody dispute with Brynn Cameron, but it's still war!

Sources say under the terms of the confidential agreement, the former couple will share joint legal and physical custody. Brynn will have primary custody, but Matt will have substantial contact with his 10-month-old son, Cole. We're told under the temporary agreement, which lasts through football season, Matt will fly to L.A. every Monday and spend 24 hours with Cole. On alternate weekends, Brynn will fly with Cole to Arizona the night before Matt's games -- Matt will spend the evening before the game and the day of with his son.

In the courtroom hallway today, a TMZ staffer heard Brynn say, "Britney and Paris aren't allowed to be around the baby!" We're told that's not part of the custody settlement. As far as we know, Leinart has had no recent contact with either woman, but we do know he sucked face with both of them in the past.

Several people familiar with the former couple say Brynn has been jealous and upset because Matt refused to marry her. Brynn's peeps say that's ridiculous. For her part, Brynn has questioned Matt's commitment to his son. Matt is the one who petitioned for more custody.

Under the settlement, while one parent has the child, the other can't visit Cole uninvited. We're told the first time Matt had the baby overnight, Brynn stayed outside his door the entire evening.

Under the deal, Brynn, a basketball player for USC, can travel with Cole during her season. As for moolah, the temporary order locks the amount of child support she receives at $12,500 a month.

Both Brynn's lawyer, Ron Rale and Matt's attorney, Laura Wasser refused comment.


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talk about insecure... you should just be concerned with your kids and not who your sperm donor may or may not be with in the future.

2566 days ago


You people act as if this guy is the only athlete that puts his sport first!!! Give me a break. He is no different than other sports people or for that matter, CEO's, celebrities, workaholics, etc.
The way some of you people respond on this site, you would think that EVERY parent spends an enormous amount of time with their children. know that is not true. Many children go to day care at 6am, come home at 6am and have maybe an hour with their parents. The older kids are chauffered to every activity that money can buy and then MAYBE eat dinner together and then all go their seperate ways.
In regard to him using a condom - what about her efforts at birth control????

2566 days ago

tuna marie    

britney probably shouldn't be around her own children, much less someone else's.

2566 days ago


Brynn--Here is some advice: Concentrate on your child's wellbeing. Not trying to cash in on him or get pissed at his father for not marrying you. Um...did you really think he was going to settle down with you just because you so happen to "accidentally" get pregnant? Wise up. Get your butt back in school & make your own $.

Women like you make me sick. Thinking you're going to get the gravy train cause you got knocked up...

2566 days ago


Wow, Matt has a lot going on. He's been playing real well off the field!!!

2566 days ago


What kills me is these idiot people whoring around all over the place and they don't use protection! Brynn, of course, was trying to snag some child support money but what was Matt's excuse for not using condoms? He messes around with Herpes Hilton and Britney, and probably a few dozen other skanks, then Brynn's Big Plan pays off and she "accidentally" gets pregnant, but NOW what halfway intelligent guy would want to pork her when she was used AFTER Herpes Hilton and Britney? So, Brynn, you got the child support, but you now have a rep for being a diseased skank. AND a whore.

2566 days ago


What an enormous waste of fossil fuel! All that flying? How irresponsible!

2566 days ago


I don't understand how Matt could be interested in the likes of ex-con, Hilton and crazy, unstable Britney - to say nothing of how DUMB they each are - duh!. At least Brynn is getting an advanced education and she puts the other two to SHAME in the looks department as well. Frankly, she is just as well WITHOUT him, don't pin your hopes on a LOSER!

2566 days ago


I can understand her not wanting those 2 airheads around her baby. But she needs to move on with her life. Hey Brynn, Matt is not going to marry you so go back to school and get an education and stop waiting for him to rescue you. It's sad for the kid , but this is what happens when 2 people have a baby without any committment.

2566 days ago


Thats nice that you can jump on him. He is the one who petitioned for more custody. She is probably a gold digger who saw an open. Just because she carried his kid doesnt mean he is obligated to marry her. What if it had been a one night stand. who would abort a football players kid when they are clearly worth 12,500 a month.

2566 days ago


$12,500 a month? I would fight that if I was Matt. We all know that is not all going to the baby, but to pay for mommy's toys.

2566 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Ruel 1- Always use condoms. If you are a man in a long term relationship, wear a condom. Wear a condom. It is the only means of birth control a man has. It takes some time, but those 1-2 mins. is well worth the hassel later in court.

Rule # 2- Women, please stop trying to trap men into marrying you. The oldest trick in the book never worked and still hundreds of years later ,it still does not work. It will never work. If he loves you and wants you and wants to marry you , he will whether there is a baby or not ...if you are supermodel beautiful or not, whatever. If a man wants to marry you, he will . If he does not want to marry you, baby trap or not, your beauty or not, he will not marry you. Many guys, I know some drop dead good looking ones, married less than stellar looking women in the beauty dept. of course , the women had many other wonderful qualities like a sense of righteousness, inner beauty, smarts, class...Why marry these girls??? Because they wanted to marry these women. Plain and simple period.
Rule #3 Ladies,think about bringing a child , your child, in to this world who will not be recognized by the father even if he pays child support--EX. Mel B. with Eddie Murphy.
Think about doing the bulk of the parenting work solo ,even if he pays dearly in child support, adn yo uwatchonthe sidleines as he goes of fan dmarries and has kids all inthe mags,and your child is part of that famil yand adore sthe father. Bittter are we.

I personally think the male birth control pill is long overdue. It is still being developed. Viagra is not as impt. as a male birth control pill.
I am a woman ,but men really are at a lost or on th emercy and word of their partner, even a partner in a long term relationship like this Bryn Bitch and Matt Leinhart.
He relied on her word and she tried to trap him.

This BrynBitch is pissed to the max that MATT LEINHART will not marry her!!!!
People, she is getting $12, 500 a month for now for the child but you know that money is also used by her for her spa treatments, travel, designer handbags, etc.

As the child gets older, Bryn will ask for more money and will get more money. It doe sfromhis bank accts. to her hands. I think the money in child support cases should go from the guy's bank accts. directly to the school, insurance medical/dental companies, etc. Why does the woman need to have the check in her hands.
-------------- -----------------------------------

Why are you guys ragging on Matt? He is paying. He has acknowledged his child.
He wants to spend time with his child. the scehdule is ridiculous. A pro ball player does not have much time during the season to see his wife and kids who live with him in the same house. The nights after practice. Onweekends for home and away games , NFL players have to check into the local team hotel(home games for Sat. and Sunday) and away games, they leave town on Fri. or Sat. and return on Sunday late night / early Monday AM hours.

2566 days ago


Quit football to be a full time dad? Uh, then I guess the thousands of athletes should all be child less.

2566 days ago


TMZ is so obviously in Wasser's pocket. Slant the story in Leinart's favor and they feed you the lopsided scoop, eh? Leinart'sparenting is all about P.R. and tryng to get more endorsement deals... which aren't flowing to an absentee, hard-partying father. Doubtful that Cameron spends two seconds worrying about Paris or Britney. She has more class in her little finger than the two of them together have in their whole bodies. And, today's hearing had nothing to do with $$$. That was decided last month, and TMZ still has the figures way wrong.

2566 days ago
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