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Baby Mama To NFL Star: Keep Paris & Brit Away!

8/13/2007 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Arizona Cardinal's QB Matt Leinart has settled his custody dispute with Brynn Cameron, but it's still war!

Sources say under the terms of the confidential agreement, the former couple will share joint legal and physical custody. Brynn will have primary custody, but Matt will have substantial contact with his 10-month-old son, Cole. We're told under the temporary agreement, which lasts through football season, Matt will fly to L.A. every Monday and spend 24 hours with Cole. On alternate weekends, Brynn will fly with Cole to Arizona the night before Matt's games -- Matt will spend the evening before the game and the day of with his son.

In the courtroom hallway today, a TMZ staffer heard Brynn say, "Britney and Paris aren't allowed to be around the baby!" We're told that's not part of the custody settlement. As far as we know, Leinart has had no recent contact with either woman, but we do know he sucked face with both of them in the past.

Several people familiar with the former couple say Brynn has been jealous and upset because Matt refused to marry her. Brynn's peeps say that's ridiculous. For her part, Brynn has questioned Matt's commitment to his son. Matt is the one who petitioned for more custody.

Under the settlement, while one parent has the child, the other can't visit Cole uninvited. We're told the first time Matt had the baby overnight, Brynn stayed outside his door the entire evening.

Under the deal, Brynn, a basketball player for USC, can travel with Cole during her season. As for moolah, the temporary order locks the amount of child support she receives at $12,500 a month.

Both Brynn's lawyer, Ron Rale and Matt's attorney, Laura Wasser refused comment.


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This TEN MONTH OLD child is too damn young to be flown here and there by his stupid immature parents for ANY reason!

The baby should be removed from both parents' custody ASAP and not returned until the child is age 21!

2626 days ago


X17 has spoken exclusively with a source we've witnessed to be very close to Britney -- we grabbed him as he left Winston's Friday night with Brit and Alli (he snuck out the back door, but X17 was there!). "Jeff" as he called himself (not Jeff Kwatinetz who was rumored to be Brit's new manager), has been close to Britney and/or Britney's family since before all of her recent troubles began. And here’s what he told us ...

“Britney does NOT do drugs!,” says "Jeff" who tells us he’s strictly against any type of drug use and against anyone involved in any type of drug use. She might enjoy a drink or two when she goes out but that’s it. And the lollipops? -- "They're Tootsie Roll pops, not suckers laced with drugs or whatever Kevin's camp is claiming -- I've never even heard of that!" She doesn't even go out on nights when she has the kids and she becomes very sad immediately after they leave. Her world revolves around her children -- 98% of her energy is spent on her children and at this point her career takes a distant second.

Britney never hated Kevin. He was "hardly even present during most of their marriage" but for the sake of being with her children 24/7, "Jeff" says, she would have considered staying with him. However, in order to be a happier mom, she felt it would be best to part ways with him. Jeff says: “Staying with a liar just to make life easier for your children -- if that's not pure devotion for your kids, then what is?? Britney can get any guy she wants, it's just hard to weed out the good ones from the bad ones"

Britney is NOT worried about Kevin's battle for custody of Sean and Jayden because she knows no one around her has evidence or proof of her doing anything negative that would make her an unfit mother because she has been nothing but a responsible, loving mom. According to Jeff: "Anyone close to Britney knows that she's an angel when it comes to being a mom and a friend."

Everyday life for Britney with her kids consists of 23.9 hours/day focused on the boys, "mom, mom, mom constantly," NO soda in their bottles -- in fact hardly any soda in the house, claims "Jeff." Britney spends all day playing with the boys while they're there and allows no strangers in the house and conducts very little work-related business when they're around. “Her kids are everything to her, there's no doubt about it,” he says.

The negative? -- our source says, "You mean besides the fact she's never made me those potatoes au gratin like she promised? -- haha!" There's nothing normal about her life right now." With the media focused on her like they are and the constant legal battles arising from her family, Britney is anxious over the constant pressure and threats. “She's a young girl, who's finally attempting to be totally independent and that's just something that the people around her -- business people -- do not want to see happen. When someone gets fired, they immediately decide to hop on board with all the haters. However you never see them report anything negative when they're employed, they just run to the tabloids and try to sell their bogus stories after she's canned them. Any celebrity of her magnitude will tell you how hard it is to have your life scrutinized every second of the day, however she remains as polite as possible to the press. She doesn’t feel as if she needs to defend herself in the media and I agree. Just don't get in the way of her kids; she is a mother and she is very protective of her sons, as she should be.”

On Britney's family -- our source says, "They have issues of their own that they need to work on. They need to quit blaming Britney.” He's totally "turned off by Britney's family at the moment" He's also somewhat disappointed in her mom for being so naive and trusting the people that Britney fired rather than trusting her own daughter. It was due to the influence of Larry Rudolph on her family that Britney was forced in to rehab and while she was there, according to "Jeff." He also claims Promises staff administered medication on Britney despite a record of constantly clean drug tests that showed no traces of anything in her body. He says Promises quickly backed off from the accusations of drug and alcohol abuse and then claimed postpartum depression after the drug results were clean, but either way ... Britney was FORCED to stay in rehab because her family, her manager and officials at Promises were all threatening to take away her children unless she completed the treatment program. “I think Lynne does love her daughter, however I also believe Britney's anger towards her is justified. But come on, all moms and daughters have their arguments. Britney is just upset right now, her family needs to just be there when she's ready to call upon them."

So why'd Britney shave her head? -- Kevin taunted Britney that even

2626 days ago


So do you think the infamous Ron Rale will make certain this client has a better "Will of Last Testament" drawn-up on behalf of her son than his last client - Anna Nicole?

She must have a slightly twisted way of thinking to have hired this guy out of all the good attorneys in Los Angeles.

2626 days ago


According to that article dated last year, they both dated while both were in college and SHE is the one that didn't want to get married. Stop blaming this woman who is at least in college and has a sports career unlike the trash out there like Paris and Britney who whore themselves to anyone and also drink and do drugs. Leinart is a piece of trash that didn't want anything to do with her child only until she rightfully so asked for child support. He probably wanted full custody so he wouldn't have to pay child support. The child of a millionaire should live in the same lifestyle as that parent and what she's getting in child support is pennies to Leinart. And what kind of a man lets the mother of his child sleep outside of a door while he had the baby inside his home?? She loves that child more so than he does and doesn't want the likes of Paris and Britney and that circle of trash around her child.

2626 days ago


LOL! He's available to take his son every Monday night.

Of course, he is. He plays for the DISMAL Arizona Cardinals!!!! They never play on Monday night :-)

2626 days ago


She seems such a bitter person. Very angry because she couldn't change him into what she wanted and needed him to be for her.
I hope she allows the visit's to go smooth, she had stated he didn't spend enough time with the child, then sits outside his door when he dose.
Using Brittney & Paris was another attempt to manipulate and control, How child like.
She has a baby now, time to stop being one.

2626 days ago


Yes, it's all Matt's fault for not putting on a condom while Brynn laid there with her legs over her head screaming nothing but net!!!.

2626 days ago


im sorry i said britney was a drug addict

im such a loser, i spend most of my time just judging other peoples lives behind a computer screen, to actually not care about anything else.

you see. the only thing that makes me happy is believing all the crap the media says, because GODFORBID that they are wrong.

its not like they tell lies...

anyway back to looking at my kiddie porn

2626 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

29. Ruel 1- Always use condoms. If you are a man in a long term relationship, wear a condom. Wear a condom. It is the only means of birth control a man has.

Sorry - seems to me another form of birth control for a man is a vasectomy!

10mins of passion = 18yrs of child support.

Yep - sometimes mens balls are bigger than their brains.

Too many gold diggers and diseases out there to have unprotected sex.

Every man in Hollyweird must know Paris Hilton has Herpes - that's the charity she donates to, one time donation of the gift that keeps on giving.

2626 days ago


i meant Britney.

sorry i dont know how to spell correctly.

2626 days ago


Boo hoo. Another chick who miscalculated her ability to entrap her sperm donor and decided to take out her frsutration on the baby's father. Grow up!

2626 days ago


I meant to say, sorry for misspelling Ms. Spears name.

But instead, I was drawn into sounding like a skanky crackhead and said...

"sorry i dont know how to spell correctly"

My bad.

2626 days ago


Paris has herpes? Classic.

2626 days ago

chadhe makes    

she way better looking than paris or fat brittney

2626 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Well, well, well - the whack job who posts under other peoples screen names, argues with herself under different screen names, is at it again.

The rambling posts, copied articles from google, insulting other posters are her trademark.

Check the posts and the time intervals between posts - every 2-3mins - this whack job posts over and over under many screen names, then will go into tirades on religion, abortion, anything that comes into that mentally deranged brain.

The postings in all CAPS will start soon and I haven't seen her starting a race war yet, those fall in line with her trademarks.

Haven't seen a PEACE, PEACE OUT, I LOVE YOU or XOXOXO from Ms. Whacko yet tonight either, but she only gets really rockin stoned around 2:30am.

Posters on X17online really insult her - that or it's her imaginary friends again.

2626 days ago
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