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Bad Sushi Night -- Brad Garrett Attacks

8/13/2007 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got downright racial last night in Malibu, when a paparazzo taunted Brad Garrett, calling him racist to his face. Garrett then took out his anger on the wrong guy, bitchslapping a TMZ photog.

It happened outside Nobu restaurant around 11:30 PM, after a photog from the FAME photo agency questioned the "Everybody Loves Raymond" star about a joke he made about black people earlier in the week. According to several witnesses and FAME, last month Brad noticed a black photog taking his picture, and in Kramer-esque fashion quipped, "I didn't know there were black people in Malibu. Go back to where you came from."

Fast forward to last night, where the 6'8" behemoth reached his boiling point when the same black photog questioned him about the alleged comment. The photog told Garrett that there were "more black people here this time," to which the actor replied, "Yeah, I know ... when did they let you out?" Furious at the comment, photog told Garrett, "You're racist. You should be ashamed on [sic] yourself."

Obviously frustrated, Garrett then lost his cool completely. Instead of reacting to the snapper making the comments, Garrett approached TMZ's cameraman and unleashed his right hand, smashing the camera into the photog's face.

Calls to Garrett's reps were not immediately returned.


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Johnny SoCal    

Another funny thing: Most of the people posting dumb crap like " I didn't know there were black people in Malibu either." have never walked on a California street and can't afford to eat at any establishment on the PCH! GET TO CALIFORNIA FIRST, DREAMERS!

2626 days ago


how long before Rev. Al & Rev. Jessie will be on the case? I can't wait to see their faces on their march through the streets of Malibu.

2626 days ago


TMZ deserved it. When are they going to learn to stay out of peoples lives. Gees, just leave them alone. Every TMZ person that sticks a camera in someones face deserves it. Keep it up everyone, gang up on them, then maybe finally they'll stop.

2626 days ago


Another Racist outed...

2626 days ago


What's a "maroon"? moron maybe

2626 days ago


good. the paprazzi deserves everything thats coming to them and more, if you want to bother people constantly as your job, expect for some retaliation.

2626 days ago


NO, NO, NO, NO, NO....Garret is ABSOLUTLEY wrong in this instance. It makes no never mind wheather he was angry, he was having a bad day, the cameras were in his face, blah, blah, blah... VIOLENCE IS NEVER EVER EVER EVER TTHE ANSWER!!!! He should be brought up on assault charges, thrown in jail, and then be persoanlly sued by the TMZ photographer. We are living in a civilized society, and we must ALL carry ourselves accordingly. Celebrities do not get a free pass just becuase they "are who they think they are"

Shame on you Brad, your mother must be very proud!

2626 days ago


Every race in this country has gotten more racist over the past 15 years! The "rap" industry brought most of it back, with the language and bigoted lyrics!

2626 days ago


The paparazzi are out of control. These morons harassing Brad deserved a baseball bat across their heads.....not a slap!

2626 days ago

Simply Bohemian    

I think photogs deserve whet ever they get. It's called stalking people! If you can't handle getting slapped once in a while find another career. Or is it all you can do is stalk people?
If anyone emails me I will not read it and it will be reported as junk. So don't waste what brain cells you have left on me.

2626 days ago


I'm glad that I wasn't the cameraman got slap which my camera fell on the ground...I feel that Brad Garrett was friendly to a point until his girlfriend or friend came outside...I think he was wanted to show her that he can tackle the media taking pictures of him and his friend which had no reason to take them without asking him first...
Right on Brad Garrett keep up the good job and don't answer the phone too...
Also his remarks could get him into future trouble too...Watch your mouth Brad...

2626 days ago


all ya all shut the hell up---if anyone gets in my face for ANY reason and says whatever, yeah you're gonna get bitch slapped. freedom of speech bitches-freedom of speech

and by the way-he is talented

2626 days ago


The guys with the cameras are useless pieces of garbage. Where the hell was that accent from that the guy was talkin with in the video? WTF right does he have to come here and start harassing our people. I am glad that Brad bitch slapped the fool with the camera.
I hope more celebs start laying the smack down. They have a right to have some peace from time to time.

And if the guy was asian, he probably would have made a joke about that instead. So don't take it personal black people. It just happened to be that the guy was a brotha.

2626 days ago


Fortunately, no llamas were injured in this incident.

2626 days ago


"It's dirt cheap for women, damn!" Oh no it's not. LOL When was the last time you tried to have expensive dresses dry cleaned, including silk? And if you're lucky, after they clean them, if they didn't shrink them.

2626 days ago
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