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Bad Sushi Night -- Brad Garrett Attacks

8/13/2007 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got downright racial last night in Malibu, when a paparazzo taunted Brad Garrett, calling him racist to his face. Garrett then took out his anger on the wrong guy, bitchslapping a TMZ photog.

It happened outside Nobu restaurant around 11:30 PM, after a photog from the FAME photo agency questioned the "Everybody Loves Raymond" star about a joke he made about black people earlier in the week. According to several witnesses and FAME, last month Brad noticed a black photog taking his picture, and in Kramer-esque fashion quipped, "I didn't know there were black people in Malibu. Go back to where you came from."

Fast forward to last night, where the 6'8" behemoth reached his boiling point when the same black photog questioned him about the alleged comment. The photog told Garrett that there were "more black people here this time," to which the actor replied, "Yeah, I know ... when did they let you out?" Furious at the comment, photog told Garrett, "You're racist. You should be ashamed on [sic] yourself."

Obviously frustrated, Garrett then lost his cool completely. Instead of reacting to the snapper making the comments, Garrett approached TMZ's cameraman and unleashed his right hand, smashing the camera into the photog's face.

Calls to Garrett's reps were not immediately returned.


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Johnny SoCal    

There will never be laws protecting (wannabe) celebs from paps. Celebs need to be seen to get work!

2627 days ago

A concerned citizen    

I can't believe this happened to Brad Garrett. For god sakes, you opened for Frank Sinatra and never came across paprazzi like this when you were 19 years old. You know this is what the paprazzi want you to do, get mad and try to hit them. What were thinking Brad, did you have too much SAKI.

2627 days ago

just me    

I missed very few episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond when it was in production and likewise missed only 2 or 3 episodes of the 2006-2007 first season of Til Death. I enjoyed Garrett's performances. But that was before discovering that this guy is garbage! Garrett looked straight into the camera of the photog with the minority accent who was taunting and scorning him about his contemptible racist remarks and then walked over and assaulted the nonminority photog who was silent and saying nothing. He turned his anger at the annoying mouthy minority photog against the silent nonminority photog. Garrett is freakin' garbage! You can be dadgum sure that I will NOT be watching any more Sunday evening first season reruns of Garrett's Til Death show on FOX and you can be dadgum sure I will NOT be watching the 2007-2008 second season of Garrett's Til Death show on FOX primetime Wednesday night this fall. After seeing what he did to that photog, I won't ever be able to enjoy and laugh at the adorable character he pretends to be in his television sitcoms. I think the only thing I could enjoy and laugh at now is seeing him bashed upside the head by an angry vengeful little man with a baseball bat. Garrett is a piece of garbage, a giant jerk deserving nothing but contempt!

2627 days ago


I was sad to hear about this incident and the comment that Brad Garrett made regarding Black people "going back to where they came from". I 'm Black, and I was a huge fan of his; I liked him better than Ray Romano. I felt the same way about Michael Richards before he made his racists remarks in the comedy store. Now, I can't stand to watch any Sienfeld reruns, and I gotta put Everybody Loves Raymond in the same category. It's never the same when you admire a person for their talent, and then they dissapoint you on so many levels. I guess he has to be himself though.

2627 days ago


brad would make a good herman monster, no make up needed

2627 days ago


Maybe if they got punched everytime they followed someone they would leave the celebs the hell alone. I would be punching folks all day if they were following me everywhere.

2627 days ago

A Tom Jones fan from back in the day    

He's a hack. Not remotely funny at all. I've seen this "Raymond" has been on talk shows and some of the remarks he makes even trying to be "black" which was more insulting than funny. His show sucks too. The photogs granted were egging him on, BUT, the photogs were not rude in any manner that I could hear. They were just asking him why he made that stupid remark. I have alway felt that he was a bigot, racist and hater. If you ever catch him on talk shows, he has nothing to say but racial remarks. Just irks me when he then tries to be a "bro". Brad, we know you read these things, go to comedy school. Obviously the air up there is not reaching the one "stuck in stupid" cell you have.
You ain't funny, never were and your show needs to go to never never land. Hope you get charged with assault and to Mr. photog he hit, GIT ER DONE !

2627 days ago

Joey Chalmas    

AWWW! Did "The Crazed Behemoth" hurt the wrong photographer? Don't worry, that guy will get a WONDERFUL payday out of it, AND "The Crazed Mamalon", with his delightfully quaint and anachronistic racism, should have to spend a few weeks or months with the the "Q"..

2627 days ago


so sad. I really liked him....such a shame, really.

2627 days ago


Funny how someone calling peple "Archie Bunkers" has any opinion worth reading concerning racists. What, exactly, do you call what you have done? Brad Garrett should not have made the original remark. I have no problem saying that. He's obviously an ass. But why put yourself on the same train by lumping everyone into the same group because you think they're all white & racist? I have a bit of information for you. Ther are more black racists than ever. Blacks are fully capable of racism, bigotry, and hate as are any other race. I have yet to meet anyone, of any color, that has NEVER had a racist or bigoted remark to make. Whether they make it out loud, or keep it to themselves, the thought is there. Jokes behind people's backs count, too. Maybe if everyone stopped trying to be "holier than thou" and just went on about their own business...Maybe if you'd stop telling "whitey" and the "crackers" that THEY'RE the racists, more people would have sympathy for your cause, and be more willing to finally put a stop to the kindergarten name-calling. It's too bad our parents get to us, and we can't just act like we did towards one another before the damage is instilled into our brains that we have to act like this towards one another, based on the differences we never cared about until someone told us we had to. One day, we're gonna need each other. And it won't matter what color your skin is. I'll have your back if you got mine.

2627 days ago


You should have dropped kicked the bastard too!!!

2627 days ago


I think all of the paparazzi are a bunch of JERKS! Leave these people alone. I am tired of reading about stupid paparazzi pushing cameras into peoples faces. I think there should be a law passed against them not allowing them closer than 50 yards. After all they do have zoom lenses. I believe the paparazzi are a danger and cause accidents just like Princess Diana's.

2627 days ago


Is there any corroboration he made that comment in the first place... besides the word of the unethical and sleazy photographers who ADMITTEDLY baited him? I agree with one of the previous posts... when there is no star "news" to report, TMZ creates their own.

2627 days ago


personally.....i think it's ridiculous that this man is even being allowed to be on television being so racist....coming from a blk and cuban mother ...........i feel very offended when someone says a racist comment to her....i dont think someone should have to endure racist comments when watching a show or being in public....i wish the camera man would have hit him back....maybe thats what he needs!

2627 days ago


"It is ludicrous that we expect celebrities to just "accept it" as the price of fame." True. And they don't have to accept it. The laws that apply to anyone regarding harassment in public or in private, also apply equally to the paparazzi, who are just people with digital/video cameras. The paparazzi have no more rights then anyone else.

2627 days ago
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