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8/13/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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Tired OfLohan    

Bitch should be grateful that the paps WANT her picture!!

2599 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Kirtie is 5'6 and weighd 220... It must be so hard for her to lose weight at her age. Her body just screams: make me fatter! So much for Jenny///

2599 days ago


why does she always do that?

2599 days ago


ich...she's a chubbette again. and ugly. she's pissed that Valerie is skinnier and prettier

2599 days ago



2599 days ago


I don't care what any of you say.... I love Kristie!! I know I would hate to have the pap waiting around every corner to snap my picture... especially when I am not looking my best. And really, who the hell cares if she is gaining her weight back. It is a struggle, as I am sure most of you know. Lay off, jeez!!! She is a breath of fresh air compared to the nasty skanky likes of Brittany and Lindsey!! I'm in your corner Kristie!!! No matter what you look like!!

2599 days ago


All that money, and no self control.
How sad to waste such a beautiful face.

2599 days ago


I can see where celebs would get tired of everything they do practically, being photographed, but guess it comes with the territory. I think she does have an unfortunate struggle with her weight, but that is a personal struggle that she needs to work through. Even with her weight issues, she would seem to have more class, if she'd choose to handle things in a different way, instead of flipping the finger at someone.
And I do think that many of the comments about her are just thoughtless and cruel. I mean, other than being overweight, I don't recall reading/hearing anything about her doing terrible things. Maybe some are just making negative comments because she is a celebrity and has had more opportunities than most people. But that doesn't warrant such cruelty/hurtful things said towards her. Give her a break!

2599 days ago


YOU FAT DISGUSTING PIG! - and bad actress!

2599 days ago


I think she ate Valerie!

2599 days ago

Francesca, the BlueAqua517 NUTBAG    

The woman gains weight, and people act like she no longer has the right to live in this country. Unbelievable. She still looks beautiful, with a NORMAL size body. Sheesh. Grow up. The woman is--by everyone's account--kind, smart, and funny as hell. Enough already. Let her be.

2599 days ago


She knew the world would be watching & regained the weight anyway. As a person who battles being fat everyday, I know ho hard it is. I am 5' 2, 145 lbs and my butt is not that big! It's a constant battle, but if went on Oprah & Jenny there is no way I would let it get out of control like she has.

2599 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

If she wants to eat…if she wants to be fat…then have at it…just leave us out of it and stop making commercials and stop going on talk shows and talking about your weight….enough!! Doesn't Scientology deal with addiction issues? Hasn’t she reached CLEAR status within the Scientology ranks?

2599 days ago


I threw up in my mouth a little.

Next time have warnings TMZ.

2599 days ago


I've had a problem with this whole lie since she appeared on Oprah with the pantyhose and the wrap around her thighs, saying she lost 75 lbs. She didn't lose 75 lbs. The simple fact is that she lost weight, but not enough for her to appear in time in swimsuit on Oprah losing 75, which is why she had to have the help and cover-ups.

Then they hired Valerie Bertinelli, who had less to lose and was always a cute girl, and now she's losing what she says she's's no lie...and she looks great...and Kirstie is putting on more weight added on to what she never really lost to begin with.

Wouldn't it have been a lot better for Jenny Craig to do the stand-up thing and say, "Look at Kirstie. She's still losing on our plan, but has lost 30 or 40 and we really admire that" rather than lie and now have to cover up MORE lies? Their one spokesperson looks terrific, and their other one looks huge.

2599 days ago
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