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8/13/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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cara boo    

Ok am I missing something? Whats all this Amy Sedaris stuff about?

2628 days ago


It is so amazing to me that people actually feel good about themselves to call this lady fat and disgusting. It is so goo to see a person in Hollywood looking like a normal human being. And for all those out there calling her fat and disgusting she has kids and she is over the age of 50!!! Come on people she probaly looks better than your mom and your grandmother!! Look in the mirror you condescending, gossip hungry, no lifes!!!

2628 days ago


I have wondered who the JENNY CRAIG company thinks they are kidding. Even in the commercials with Valerie Bertinelli, Kirstie is as big as a house. They keep saying she lost so much weight. Maybe she did briefly but much of it is back on and they have had to try to hide her body on the commercials with Valerie. - It is obvious to me that she was not able to keep off the weight and is being phased out by Valerie.

2628 days ago

give the dog a bone    

...'ole Ally needs to shove that finger down her throat and toss up a few of those jelly donuts she's been chowin'. There's at least 4 yards of astro turf in that frock she's wearing. I'm thinkin' she's 170 pounds all day long!!!!
Now, Valerie Bertinelli, she's lookin' hot these days! Yummy!

2628 days ago


I think I've seen her on Halloween night.

2628 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

what is it about kirstie alley and leah remini that I can't stand?

2628 days ago


To all the Kirstie Alley defenders out there.

Being a fat disgusting pig is a choice and the sad part of our society is that we have gotten so obese as a culture that you think her weight is normal. She chooses to eat that garbage that's in her hands in that pic and I'm sure she chooses to eat far worse when the cameras aren't on her. As another poster commented, she has all this money and no self-control.

Heart disease is the #1 killer among men and women and it's caused from being a fat disgusting pig your whole life. I mean seriously someone get Kirstie Alley a trough and let's just eliminate the middleman shall we?

2628 days ago


who the hell is Amy Sedaris? Is she suppose to be famous, coz i have never heard of her until i started reading comments on TMZ.

2628 days ago


THAT FINGER was for a BUFFET RESTAURANT that refuse her ENTRY;

guess somethings never change.

2628 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

N0. 39: So your answer is to call people "pigs?" And you are the same person who is so concerned that others may be suffering from heart disease? You're just a mean little weasel. Not to mention a coward. Proudly,

Lillian Gorham
Albuquerque, NM

2628 days ago

baby girl    

Looks like she found the weight she lost.

2628 days ago


The fact that she is holding her purse in front of her stomach shows she is not comfortable with herself. And why is she flipping the bird? I dont get these "stars". They want the fame and the perks...but god forbid they get their picture taken. Can not have your cake and eat it too. Well, maybe she has eaten too much cake

2628 days ago


I really think she is flipping off Jenny Craig - this byeetch is FAT, FAT, FAT!
She needs to join Overeaters, Anon. Her outfit on Ophra - the fat bikini - her thighs looked like they could have fed a pygmy family for a year.

Hey Gurl - YOU ARE A FAT F--K!!!!!!

2628 days ago


As was reported ..THAT FINGER was for a BUFFET RESTAURANT that refuse her ENTRY.

2628 days ago


What a fine example to set for your children, Kirstie. Of course, they already know what a pig you are.

2628 days ago
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