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Britney Wigs Out Again

8/13/2007 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In her eternal quest to find a new 'do (and her sanity), the bald-headed debacle formerly known as Britney Spears hit up a Los Angeles wig shop on Friday. A popwreck can't live by one bad weave alone, y'all!

For her latest foray into the outside world, the tragicomical mother of two got decked out in a stunning oversized pale yellow men's oxford, an exquisite pair of pocket-revealing Daisy Duke short-shorts, and her signature chic newsboy cap with matching Weave Guard®. Real purrty!

Too bad there aren't enough bad wigs in the world to disguise Brit's pain!


No Avatar

Hop Off    

Just leave her alone already! You won't be happy until she ends up dead like Anna Nicole. and then you can gleefully post up the video. You and the paps are no better than stalkers.

2596 days ago

Vote this douche out of office    

Will someone please get a pee or blood sample and see what this attention whoring train wreck is on?????

2596 days ago

tuna marie    

she is so messed up it's unbelievable. what a wreck!! why doesn't she buy a nice expensive wig, instead of the ugly ass ones she always wears?

2596 days ago


Yall need to stop with the "yall's" and the "purty's" etc etc....I am getting offended by now.

2596 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Carson Daily is a tool.

2596 days ago

tuna marie    

she is a monstrosity, stop going out and making the rest of us sick with your presence.

2596 days ago

Vote this douche out of office    

Oh please #2 - this chick LOVES the attention. It's all she's known since her mom shamelessly started pimping out her underage daughter years ago. She craves the attention otherwise she would't go to the trendiest restaurants and clubs, and would move back to Louisiana with her boys, be a good mom, and let all the media frenzy die down. She LIVES FOR THIS.

Plenty of other stars have found a way to be left alone - they lead normal lives, don't go out of their way to be seen or flash their asses in cameras and they are by and large left alone. She's a media whore, so don't blame the "johns" who partake in her services.

2596 days ago


Where and when did she get the idea that all those stupid hats look good on her?
dumb dumb dumb

2596 days ago

Kitty Angel    

God!! I wish SOMEONE would take this girl in hand and get her cleaned up and straightened out before her life is totally in ruins!!

2596 days ago


Are there any mirrors at Brit-Brit's house?

2596 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Unfortunatly, all the signs, and patterns are there. I give her another six months and she'll be dead, for what reason, who knows.

2596 days ago


Many female celebs shaved their heads bald and then embraced their baldness while waiting for the hair to grow. Britiney needs to do the same. We all know what she did; there is no need to deny it or hide. The wigs and weaves are ruining her natural hair and preventing healty growth.

2596 days ago


TMZ why are you driving Brittney Spears into the ground? What you are doing is not right. If business is that bad for you, you need to shut the web site down.If anything happens to her it will be your fault. You put those unemployed thugs on the street for $20.00 to hound her to death with a camera in her face.
Thanks, Concerned

2596 days ago


Another non-news bit in order to throw stones at someone who is clearly down. Way to go TMZ.

2596 days ago


Why can't you report on something news worthy? Who cares what Britney does? How about how many troops were killed in Iraq today? How many were wounded? How many were brain injured for life? How many innocent people died? How are we going to stop this illegal war? Why can't we get congess to Impeach Cheney and Bush? Rove left, one down. Direct your brains and energy's towards something that has purpose and meaning. Forget about Britney and maybe she will just go away.

2596 days ago
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