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Vince Chases After Paris After Hours

8/13/2007 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrian Grenier was spotted making a late-night visit to Paris Hilton's beachside home last night -- and though the ex-jailbird's in the documentary Adrian is shooting these days, the cameras weren't anywhere in sight.

Not the case with TMZ's lenses, which were outside Hilton's Malibu pad on Sunday night as P came home solo, wishing the paps a good night before disappearing inside. Moments later, another car pulled up to the driveway, carrying Adrian and his own entourage. The group seemed surprised by the number of photographers snapping their pics as they went into Hilton's abode. Wait, this is Paris Hilton's house?

No word if Grenier actually pulled off a Vince Chase "hit it and split it" special -- but he was seen leaving about an hour and a half later.


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I might have to stop watching Entourage, I didn't know Adrian was that desperate.

2630 days ago

simon birch    

first tmz your video player sucks....but to the real issue...who cares who next to punch an already worn out hole in paris hilton...she should be past due for a retread on the ole pink taco. the threads are worn thin and come on....I hear that denture cream gives it some grip so it will feel young again...not that you can do anything with the smell...mabe janitor in a drum...will cure the smell and any germs from the long list of in-and outs the ole ho has had...

2630 days ago


Ok, so that's Notch #5,200,001 on Paris' bedpost. Most people order pizza delivery, she orders, well, that's obvious.

2630 days ago


Paris said she was going to turn to "the lord" when she got out of jail, has she done that, Paris said she would be working with charities to assist them, has she done that. You see folks you can say anything you like to make yourself look sympathetic in the eyes of the public. The reason is quite clear. NO ONE is RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THEY DO IN THE USA. Do what every you want, drink, drive, kill someone, you don't have to pay the price for it, simply LIE to everyone. That's the message that is coming out loud and clear here. Absolutely nothing has been accomplished in dealing with this grown woman who is mentally il.

2630 days ago

Dr. Know    

DUH - IT WAS TO DO DRUGS. NEWS FLASH: PARIS HILTON IS A DRUG ADDICT! She has people over to her place after the clubs so they can continue to do drugs, but in a non-public place where they can get naked if they want to (which they often do), and be even more inappropriate than they are in public.

Wake up, people - Paris is a drug addicted whore who propagates a false public image so she can make millions of dollars off of the people.

She's dumb, but she isn't so dumb that she doesnt realize that she would never be successful if the public (you know, the ppl that actually buy her "products") knew who she actually was.

2630 days ago


He's too smart to be with that scank.

2630 days ago


Hanging outside paris hilton's house? Nice job. Maybe that's going a little too far? Celebrities do deserve some privacy, even lame ones like paris hilton.

2630 days ago


Why would Vince bag Paris when Amy Sedaris is available?

2630 days ago


i hope he doesn't give his girlfriend Herpes, she had better watch out. Paris is a freak and everybody knows it.

2630 days ago


No wonder Paris is so twisted, with cameras on her every minute.

2630 days ago


Adrian please get a life AND NOT PARIS HILTON! HE IS WORTH SO MUCH MORE!!!!

2630 days ago

I call bullshit    

Paris wants to make it look like there is something going on with Adrian because he spurned her advances a few weeks ago and she is trying to save face.

2630 days ago


You mean someone has to chase Parasite? LMAO Vince should take a slow, stroll on the cautious side.

2630 days ago


This is a new low even for Adrien. DAMN hope he wears a condom!!!!

2630 days ago


what a bad couple. isn't she about 2 feet taller than he is? he is very short.

2630 days ago
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