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What K-Fed Really Wants from Britney

8/13/2007 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline tell TMZ $$$$ may really be at the heart of the tussle over the kids.

As we first reported, K-Fed is going back to court asking for more custody of the kids. Federline just agreed to a 50/50 split. Then, he turned around almost immediately and filed papers asking for 70/30. So why such a sudden change of heart?

It's puzzling that Kevin is suddenly alarmed, given that he's had absolutely no contact with Spears for almost three months. In fact, we're told she's begging him to communicate because of parenting issues but he won't play ball.

That brings us to the paperwork Federline filed. Sources say there are declarations from Kevin, both of his lawyers, Kevin's nanny and a nanny who interviewed with Britney in October, 2006, before the couple separated. In the papers, Federline's lawyer also included various magazine articles about Britney. Legal experts say good luck getting that into evidence.

Alli Sims, Britney's cousin, was served over the weekend. Kevin's lawyer wants to take her deposition. Now here's what's telling. Federline's lawyer also wants to take Britney's depo, but a source connected with Alli says the deposition notice Britney received is all financial -- in other words, the references are all about money, not the kids.

So does K-Fed want more custody just so he can get more cash? A Federline source says it's all about the kids and not money. Federline wants Britney under oath talking about whether she drinks and how she parents the kids.

Oh, and by the way: Kev's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking that Britney pay his legal fees for the hearing and preparation -- and that they're in the six figures.


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If she's not drinking around the kids, thus endangering them, that'll be a lousy legal argument. Do you know how many alcoholics still have custody and/or visitation? Plenty.

Why Kaplan isn't concentrating on Britney's insane behavior is beyond me. It has nothing to do with drinking. Get forensic psych evals on her.

Then have the court order forensic psych evals on Fed-Loser. Probably required for a custody modification anyway.

Then confirm that both poindexters know how to have sex but don't know how to parent, and give those two adorable little boys to parents who can raise them. Change their names to Sean and Jayden Smith and never let them know that a woman wearing a price tag on her boot and a wannabe rapper who's good at making kids were their natural parents.

Case closed.

2630 days ago


"Sources connected with the custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline tell TMZ $$$$ may really be at the heart of the tussle over the kids."


2630 days ago


Oh, please. Britney's done herself in, and Kevin was apparently smart enough to have listened to the advisors who told him to just sit back and wait for her to self-destruct. He's no great shakes, but she's handing him the cannon shot to aim at her, so she has only herself to blame for the legal mess she's in. The poster who stated that it's basic procedure for a petitioner to ask the Court to have the other side to pay his/her legal bills is absolutely correct. Further, it's also standard for any parent who's asking for primary custody to also ask for an increase in child support-- this reflects the expenses for the additional time that the children would be spending with that parent. Any attorney who didn't ask for this wouldn't be doing his/her job! Fair is fair-- if this were a mother suing a wealthy father for primary custody & increased support, I doubt everyone would be calling her a "gold-digger".

Britney's demonstrated that she doesn't think she has a problem, when she clearly does-- so her denial is only going to further endanger those kids. I for one hope their father gets them, and keeps his word to give them as normal an upbringing as possible.

2630 days ago


Well........Duh.............of course it's about the money. This lawyer did not fail to mention his 6 figure salary. He has not seen the kids in 3 months..............Why does he need child support. His lawyer has a folder filled with articles printed about Brittnay? WHY?
This guy is leading a smear campainge against Brittnay. And all you haters on this site are falling right into the palm of his hand. He dosn't even have to pay you. You are doing for him for free.
It's about time someone started printing the truth. Hang in there Brittnay. Do yourself a favor Brittnay, stay out of trouble and Why don't you stay at home for a while.

2630 days ago


Why should she have to pay his lawyer fees? This is something he wanted & initiated so, he should be responsible.

Geee. Why isn't he fighting Shar for custody? its amazing.

I do think Britney needs to get out of the spotlight and just be a mom for a while but damn K-Fed... you can't be serious.

2630 days ago


I would like those magazine article accepted as evidence. K-Fed lawyer as to suponae those magazine to reveal thier sources and call each of them to testify.Britney will know how are the brat around her

2630 days ago


i think its sad that hes milking his kids for extra money. she is done with this loser and he should move on instead of trying to get 70/30 split (something i have never heard of in custody) news paper articles to support your case?? thats just pathetic and sticking brit ith ur legal bill? jeez, ur the one who wated to start this fight yet u dont want to foot ur own bill? what a douche~!

2630 days ago


Oh, this is gonna get good!
Can't wait to watch the destruction!
I watch this loser and car races at the same time.
Loved the laughter from the loser in the last part of the video.
She just don't get it!
Good for us race fans!

2630 days ago


Don't be distracted people. These are all very normal legal undertakings that are involved in a custody battle. K-Fed's attorney is doing his job by representing the best interest of his client.
Brit's finances are at issue and so is her parenting. Ultimately the courts will do what is determined to be in the best interest of the children.
I'm sorry to judge, cause I love Brit, but maybe it would be best if someone else cared for her 2 boys until she can get some things worked out. No mother (no matter her age) should be doing 1/2 the things she is photographed doing over the last year.
K-Fed (whatever you think about him) is the biological father and is well within his rights. If K-fed were the biological mom & Brit the dad, he would already have them at home and away from Brit.

2630 days ago


Why should K-Fed "fight Shar for custody"? She's not the one behaving like a drugged-out alcoholic skank, so his children with her aren't in need of an intervention.

2630 days ago


Does anyone here think that the things mentioned in the article are the "entirety" of the evidence Federline has against Spears? Of course not. They had enough evidence BEFORE, which is the reason WHY Federline even signed the divorce papers. This is the course of action they'd planned out a long time ago, - Spears is just such a dope that she didn't see it coming, - I'm sure her attorney did, but you can't run when you client's "train" isn't even on the tracks. And, if an unfit father should "pay-up", why shouldn't an unfit mother? I'm sure Spears will have enough money left for screwing and drugs. After all, showing her ass (and other dilapidated parts) is free, - though, she should probably have to pay us for having to look.

2630 days ago

kim suck    

just shoot her!

2630 days ago


I don't see where K-Fed, is any better a parent or the lesser of 2 evils. Some of the biggest complaints agaisnt Britney as a parent are that she's frequent partier and drinker. K-Fed's been doing the same - drinking, partying and whoring himself at clubs. And since their original custody deal, he's had equal custody rights. And that hasn't changed his behavior. The only difference I've seen between them, is that TMZ has spent more time covering her antics then his. I've seen more of his partying and womanizing on other sites.

If he were truly a loving, responsible parent who is seeking more custody then Britney, with more monies requested, to cover the time he would spend raising their sons, I could see that. But that isn't the case. Not to mention, she is the one who earned the money to begin with. Since money is what he wants...not the well being of their kids, he should get a steady job and pay his own bills, including expenses for their children.

Nawlins -- Good question. If Britney has a sharp lawyer, he should be checking to find out where her ex has been spending the money she has been giving him since their divorce - to see if any of it went to his first ex and their children, as well as how much of it has actually gone to raising the boys or for his party habits.

2630 days ago


Were do you people come off saying she is a unfit mother? Because you read in it in you're 99 cent tabloid? Like the article says " GOOD LUCK GETTING THAT IN AS EVIDENCE"

2630 days ago


Ha ha.. she can pick 'em..

2630 days ago
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