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What K-Fed Really Wants from Britney

8/13/2007 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline tell TMZ $$$$ may really be at the heart of the tussle over the kids.

As we first reported, K-Fed is going back to court asking for more custody of the kids. Federline just agreed to a 50/50 split. Then, he turned around almost immediately and filed papers asking for 70/30. So why such a sudden change of heart?

It's puzzling that Kevin is suddenly alarmed, given that he's had absolutely no contact with Spears for almost three months. In fact, we're told she's begging him to communicate because of parenting issues but he won't play ball.

That brings us to the paperwork Federline filed. Sources say there are declarations from Kevin, both of his lawyers, Kevin's nanny and a nanny who interviewed with Britney in October, 2006, before the couple separated. In the papers, Federline's lawyer also included various magazine articles about Britney. Legal experts say good luck getting that into evidence.

Alli Sims, Britney's cousin, was served over the weekend. Kevin's lawyer wants to take her deposition. Now here's what's telling. Federline's lawyer also wants to take Britney's depo, but a source connected with Alli says the deposition notice Britney received is all financial -- in other words, the references are all about money, not the kids.

So does K-Fed want more custody just so he can get more cash? A Federline source says it's all about the kids and not money. Federline wants Britney under oath talking about whether she drinks and how she parents the kids.

Oh, and by the way: Kev's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking that Britney pay his legal fees for the hearing and preparation -- and that they're in the six figures.


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So the sources you're refering to are on Britneys payroll????

2636 days ago


#50 Janice is an idiot. Britney is an unfit mother. But he's no better. I feel sorry for kids with parents like these losers.

2636 days ago


i feel sorrier for kevin than britney, i can tell you that much. i'm not a k-fed fan but at this point i say give him the kids. i don't think people realize that being able to have children is a gift (i dont have kids and i dont want any but even i know that lol) and there are plenty of women who would do anything to have a child and can't. and here is this trashy whore with two perfectly healthy children (at least they were healthy) and she's too stupid to know how to take care of them. either that or she doesn't care. and i believe the latter- she truly is a selfish person, someone who has had everything handed to her and someone who has never heard the word "no". everything that happens to her she does it herself

2636 days ago

TMZ reader    

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Federline is after money. I was saying that on here last week. He's an opportunist!

2636 days ago


How can anyone call Britney a spoiled brat? Did she not have a role in earning every penny she has? it's not like it was handed to her on a silver platter from mommy & daddy. She is within her rights to protect her livelihood and that of her kids to keep that gold digger from taking more money to support lifestyle he would not ever have been exposed to if not for Brit. He didn't much to support her career while they were together, so why should he been entitled to anything more than he has gotten? Brit is no angel, but i do think that she is severely depressed from dealing with all his crap during their relationship. She's definitely on a rough road right now but if the media would leave her the hell alone we might see a different Bri!

2636 days ago


Janice thinks Brittney is the PERFECT MOTHER in her posting #50, and yet in her posting # 31 she rails against the Brittney haters and ends it with this piece of advice for Britt.....

"Do yourself a favor Brittnay, stay out of trouble and Why don't you stay at home for a while."


Someone is struggling with her dual personalities

2636 days ago


Brit is not the perfect mother but then again who is? She is young and very mixed up but honestly what has she done that no other young mother has? I had my children close together when I was young and had to learn as I went.Looking back I didnt always make the right decisions but my kids are fine. I cant imagine going through this as hard as it is with all the cameras following me I wouldnt be able to think at all so I would probably look stupid too. Granted she does seem like she is asking for all the publicity. I dont see where she has abused her children by giving them sweets and leaving them with a babysitter. We have all done it but its easy to criticize others

2636 days ago


Well, everyone told her not to marry that gold digging loser- then she was stupid enough to breed with him. He got his 2 golden tickets and she will continue to get screwed without having to clean up after.Those poor kids.

2636 days ago


I usually don't comment on gossip sites (although I must confess I read them.) The Britney Spears fiasco is the only situation where I really care about what happens. My 2 cents: Britney Spears is a poor, inept parent. Period. It's not that she doesn't love her children, it's that she can't help making poor decisions about their care and well-being. For example, why are the children with her when Britney knows full well that hordes of paparazzi will be waiting for her? Why does she repeatedly engage in attention-seeking behaviors such as swimming in her underwear when she knows this will only generate more negative attention? From my perspective, this is not the behavior of a person with her children's best interests at heart.

I don't think Spears is a bad person and I certainly don't think Federline is a great parent either. However, there's a lot to be said about the fact that K-Fed has been able to simply parent his kids and remove himself from the media spotlight for the past several months. At the least, he's a whole lot smarter than Spears who doesn't have the common sense to realize that all publicity really isn't good publicity. When you look bad as a mom, you just look bad.

2636 days ago


Britney needs a REAL Man to take over - not this pathetic loser K-Dead!
This girl has been mistreated by this a--hole too long! And the press and public is eating it up! He has been after her money from the get-g0. Her mom should have stayed out of her first marriage - it would have been better than this one - - he was from her area and her ways. K-Dead is a real loser and he should start taking care of Shar's kids - he didnt before he married Brit - now she is paying for all of it. The real sorry thing is the beautiful kids. I agree - this whole dysfunction family needs HELP!!!

Her actions is making Kevin look like a winner - but he sure isn't.

2636 days ago


Why should Brit have to stay home? She should be able to go out when she wants, go to the store in peace, shave her head, smoke etc. It hardly makes her a bad parent! The only thing different than any of us on the board and her, is that everything she does is captured on film & shown to us only with the negative face forward, never the positive. As for K-Fed, no one cares about the loser so no photogs are ever "chasing" him, I wander what cameras shoved in his face every hour of the day might reveal! As a young mom, she has a lot to learn, but thinking that she should have all her money & kids taken away b/c she's not handling stress very well is ludicrious. All she needs are anti-depressants and a better support system away from the public eye! Give the girl some peace!

2636 days ago


It's funny how when K-Fed goes after money, he's a "gold digger", but when a woman goes after a man, she's getting what she deserves from a deadbeat dad.

You can't have it both ways, people.

2636 days ago


told ya mr loser only,wants cash$$$$$$$$$$

2636 days ago


I've never seen K-Fed alone with the kids and I've never seen him express any interest in the kids outside of court. If he was more concerned with the kids than Brit's money, we'd see paparazzi photos of K-Fed taking the kids to the park, swimming and other typical behaviors of a father who truly has his kids' best interest at heart.

2636 days ago
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