Brit's Former Assistant Found ... and She's Talking!

8/14/2007 3:01 PM PDT
While K-Fed's lawyers were tying to reach Brit-Brit's former assistant Shannon Funk at home, she was having a girl's night out with OK! magazine staff in NYC. And in the continuing saga of Brit's fantastic train wreckical life, we've learned that it's Shannon who's the source for the juicy new tell-all from an "unnamed employee" that the mag is featuring this week. Confidentiality agreements be damned!

TMZ spotted Funk, who worked for Spears for an all-too-brief three weeks before being fired by the demanding diva July 25, out in the Big Apple on Sunday night with OK! senior reporter Shauna Bass and photo director Maria Collazo. Of course, Funk was the assistant who was with Spears at her chicken-grease-smearing, public-peeing debacle of a photo shoot with OK! a few weeks back. That's irony, mmmkay?

Sources tell TMZ that K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan placed several calls to Funk's mother's home in the past few days an effort to track her down. Kaplan's hoping that her testimony, along with the testimony of Spears' other ass-istant/cousin Alli Sims, will prove that K-Fed should have full custody of the couple's two kids, Jayden and Sean.