Dawson Still Talks to His Joey

8/14/2007 12:12 PM PDT
Dawson and Joey may have ended life apart at the end of "Dawson's Creek" -- tear -- but, unlike their smarty pants, extremely angst-ridden fictional counterparts, the real life D & J are still on speaking terms.

TMZ cameras spotted the main "Creek"-er himself, James Van Der Beek, after another dinner at Nobu (on Malibu's Cross Creek Road) with his wife, when talk quickly shifted towards his former co-stars. VDB said he still talks to Katie Holmes from time to time (she speaks?) and even let a huge secret slip -- Katie got married!

Switching from the Creek to "Varsity Blues," aka, "Ah Don't Want Yer Lahf," James played it cool -- while wifey cracked up -- when asked how Ali Larter pulled off that infamous whipped cream bikini. His reply: "Trade secrets brother, trade secrets!"